IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE by JetBrains. It primarily supports Java development, but also supports JavaScript, Groovy, HTML, CSS, RSS, R, Haskell, PHP, Ruby, Python, Scala, Swift, Clojure, Kotlin, Hybris, Gradle and others.

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Productive Web Development in Java with IntelliJ IDEA, Spring Boot and Vaadin

We cover tips and tricks to help you become a more productive web app developer. We build a small web app using Vaadin's Java API and Spring Boot. We show you how to set up IntelliJ IDEA to automatically reload your app and browser as you develop and cover our favorite shortcuts and hacks for productive and enjoyable web app development in Java.

Creating your first Java Application with IntelliJ IDEA

In this Java tutorial, you will learn how to create, run, and package a simple Java application that prints Hello, World! to the system output. Along the way, you will get familiar with IntelliJ IDEA features for boosting your productivity as a developer: coding assistance and supplementary tools.

Using Java 14 with IntelliJ IDEA

Using Java 14 with IntelliJ IDEA. What's New in IntelliJ IDEA 2020? What's New in Java 14? Java 14 has a lot of exciting language features for us developers: Records, Pattern Matching for instanceof, Text Blocks, Switch Expressions

Top 5 Best Free Java Development IDE in 2020

Top 5 Best Free Java Development IDEs in 2020. Top Best Java Development IDE in 2020. Top 5 Best Java Development IDE in 2020. Free Development IDE in 2020. Best IDEs for Java Web Development.

Learn IntelliJ IDEA - Full Course for Beginners

IntelliJ is with no doubt the best IDEA for the JVM. Every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA is specifically designed to maximize developer productivity. Learn: Installing IntelliJ IDEA; Installing JDK; Exploring IntelliJ IDEA; Using IntelliJ Without Mouse; IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition; Setting Project JDK, ...

IntelliJ IDEA for Beginners - Learn IntelliJ IDEA from Scratch

IntelliJ IDEA for Beginners - Learn IntelliJ IDEA from Scratch. How to become an expert IntelliJ IDEA developer. Learn how to use all the features of Intellij IDEA 2020. Complete IntelliJ IDEA 2020 course for Beginners.

Build Spring Boot Apps using the Kotlin Programming

In this tutorial, you will build a Spring Boot application from scratch, using Kotlin as the main language. You will learn how Kotlin works with Spring and how to integrate the code with other Java libraries.

Object-Oriented Programming Using Java and Intellij

Object-Oriented Programming Using Java and Intellij: Object oriented programming in depth from beginner to expert. Learn concepts in practical and real way. oop and java

Essential IntelliJ shortcuts

IntelliJ has more than a 100 shortcuts, but there’s no need to know them all. The based on comparing the most used shortcuts used by my colleagues and me, should give you a headstart in becoming more productive with IntelliJ.

Java 12 and IntelliJ IDEA

Java 12 and IntelliJ IDEA. In this article, we’ll cover the pain points of using existing switch statements, define switch expressions, and explain why they are good for you.

Top 10 Essential Tools Every Java Developers Should Know

Top 10 Essential Tools Every Java Developers Should Know. A developer is only as good as their tools.

An Introduction to Refactoring with IntelliJ IDEA

In this tutorial, we're going to focus on IntelliJ IDEA, the JetBrains Java code editor. We'll see a few features offered by the editor to refactoring with IntelliJ IDEA.

Rename package in Android Studio

How do you rename packages in the new IDE Android Studio, based on IntelliJ IDEA?

IntelliJ IDEA generating serialVersionUID

How do generate this value in IntelliJ IDEA?

git with IntelliJ IDEA: Could not read from remote repository

Since a few weeks, I'm not able to pull or push from or to the remote repository. I thought it happend when upgrading to IntelliJ IDEA 14, but I can reproduce the problem with IDEA 13.1.5 as well.

How to prevent open last projects when intellij idea start

By default intellij idea open last project when starting. How to open intellij idea without openning last projects?