SpaceX Eyes Indian Telecom Market With Satellite Internet

The biggest competition of Starlink will be cellular networks.

Google Shuts Down Loon

Recently, Loon made TIME magazine’s best 100 inventions of 2020 list. So, what exactly went wrong?

AI, Balloons & Internet: How Deep Reinforcement Learning Is Helping This Company

The team working on Loon wrote in their blog that though the reinforcement learning was promising for Loon, they were unsure about deep RL.

How to build a Peer-to-Peer Rental Marketplace

Learn how to be a part of the rapidly growing online rental industry. Get insights into the top P2P rental niches and the features required to start a rental...

Learn IoT In 5 Hours | Internet Of Things | IoT Tutorial For Beginners | Intellipaat

🔵 Intellipaat IoT course: this Internet Of Things full-course video, you will learn everything a...

The Future of the Internet - What are Gs and How Long will They Count? -

A peek into the History and Future of the internet with brief insights on how the changing technologies have paved the path and changed the lives of humankind.

Are the days of Internet Freedom Numbered?

That ideal world is one where there is widespread support for an open Internet that ensures that publicly available information is equally transmittable from - and accessible to - all people and businesses.

Correlation between Happiness, Internet Usage, and Mathematics

In this article, we attempt at formalizing this intuitive approach into few more concrete steps using happiness data, internet usage per population, and mathematics proficiency among the 15 year-old students.

The Future of Image Formats on the Web

WebP, AVIF, JPEG-XT. We got some good news relatively recently — Apple has, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, finally announced support for the WebP format, ...

Watch out Chrome, Microsoft Edge is All set to Have an Edge on you

How to stay unique and still give a hard time to competitors? Well, we can learn something about it from Microsoft. With “Meet Now” (a new video-calling feature of Microsoft Edge), you can begin a video call with almost 50 people.

Networking Basics

In this article, we will be covering Networking Basics. Oh yes, let’s jump right in!

Did you know you could write scripts with webservices? You do now.

There's a big hole in reusability on the web. An entertaining statistic - not the most accurate but still fascinating - was generated by Simon Wardley from a Twitter poll. He calculated that basic user registration had been written over a million times. The average developer had written user registration about 5 times. I'm sure you've built it a few times yourself.

The History of the Internet: Pioneers, Milestones, and References

Tim Berners Lee invented the web, and Vint Cerf invented the internet. Many relevant milestones happened during this decade. ... From 1993 to 1994, the World Wide Web had gained a dominant market share. Mosaic was the first web browser to allow web pages to include both graphics and text.

Recognizing the Internet as a Basic Human Right

Network Neutrality, which literally protects freedom of speech, has become a controversial concept in the U.S.

The 90–9–1 Rule in Online Engagement

So here I share my research about what is contribution inequality among the online community known as “90–9–1 rule”, why it exists and what to do about it.

How the Web Works: A Guide to Web Development

A Guide to Web Dev Jobs. Step 1: Determine what kind of web dev you want to specialize as. The first step to looking for work is to determine what kind of web developer you want to be. Step 2: Determine what work environment is best for you. Step 3: Start building a portfolio of your awesome projects and skills.

How Does the Internet Work?

Today is really hard to think about the world without the Internet. Most of us use it every day but there is a handful that really knows how it works. I’m here to help change that because information is power.

New Browser from CCleaner: Hot Or Not?

If you are thinking of browsing the Internet privately and securely on your Windows computer then its time you rethink about your web browser.

Here's How To Fix Your Ethernet If It's Not Working

If your WiFi is working properly but your wired ethernet connection isn't, here's a bunch of things you can do:

What’s Wrong With Data on The Internet

Soon after it first appeared, the internet became an indispensable part of the modern man’s life. Suddenly, people gained access to the wealth of diverse pieces of information no other source could offer. Nowadays, we use the web for collecting...