The 6 Things I Did at My First Software Engineering Internship That Made Me Stand Out

Below six things helped me to become a full-time software engineer. Get the Basics Clear. Even before you start your internship, research the tech stack you'll be working on, and start learning it. Always Carry a Notebook. Ask Questions. Offer to Help. Communicate Proactively.

Reflections from a 2 time Amazon UX Intern

Nearly two and a half months ago, I wished my coworkers goodbye and concluded the second of my two UX internships at Amazon. Today, I’d like to share a bit about my experience interning there and why I won’t soon forget it.

Why I took an unpaid internship and my experience so far

Last week, I got an offer for an unpaid internship at a very early stage startup. Despite many of the posts I read on Reddit advising against taking an unpaid internship, I decided to take the position. I wanted to share why I decided it might be a good idea for me based on my professional experience and the current times.

Why I left an internship only after 5 days of joining it.

It all began when my college informed us that they want an Internship certificate. So my reaction is What? I don’t want to do that tedious stuff, rather than I should do a startup.

Takeaways from My First Data Science Internship

Takeaways from My First Data Science Internship. Random little things that I learnt during my internship (P.S. these are not just technical things)

Making the most out of your first data science internship

Making the most out of your first data science internship.

My Data Science Internship Experience

I was grateful to still have an internship with GSI Technology at all. Now, a quick three months later, it’s almost over! So to wrap-up, I thought I’d share some of my takeaways from my data science internship at GSI.

My Tech Journey and how I made it to ‘‘Learnable-20 Internship'’

Written as it transpired, not filtered or fabricated as most people will do, because I told myself that “I won’t despise the days of my little beginning” no matter the level I will get to in the future, because my story can motivate someone so why not keep it real…

How to Be Successful in Your Data Internship

Top data professionals offer advice for interns on how to maximize their opportunities. How can you make the most of an internship experience?

Summer 2020 Internship With the Angular Team

Let’s take a look at the great work developed during this cohort on the Angular Team!

Interviewing for Data Science Internship. How to Prepare.

How can you improve? For data science theory, I recommend getting a good mathematical understanding of the most common algorithms. There are two books that I usually recommend: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, and First Course in Machine Learning.

10 Pro Tips for Incoming Computer Science Students in 2020

Curated advice from a college student who’s made all the mistakes before

Are Unpaid Internships Worth It?

When I was starting out in the field of UX, I had very little “real world” experience. It was the one piece of feedback I kept hearing from recruiters after countless interviews.

How Cloudflare Uses Cloudflare Spectrum: An Intern’s Project at Cloudflare

As part of my onboarding as an intern on the Spectrum (a layer 4 reverse proxy) team, I learned that many internal services dogfood Spectrum, as they are exposed to the Internet and benefit from layer 4 DDoS protection.

5 years, 5 managers. Craft.

Pulling from personal experiences and lessons learned in the past five years, I’ve collected stories and traits from each design manager I’ve had.

Cancelled Internships — Where to Go Next? Learning from My Experience.

I want to share my own experience with the roadblocks introduced by COVID-19, and offer opportunities to continue your career development, no matter where you are.

Interviewing Advice from a Facebook Director

I must say, beforehand, that I’m not a director. The advice here comes from some of my conversations with this person in the summer of 2019, when I was a teeny tiny 19-year-old intern.

Leetcode : Maximizing an Effective Experience

I’ve heard a lot about Leetcode and decided to give it a try. A dozen problems in and I’m finding it a hub of interesting, fun and complex…

10 Tips for a Successful Internship

Thoughts on Getting the Most out of a Summer Data Internship. As I am venturing through the last four weeks of my internship, I have reflected a lot on what I’ve learned.

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Analytics Intern

“What is the day-to-day really, truly like in marketing analytics?” I’m over halfway through my summer internship as a marketing automation and analytics intern at a company in the Dallas.