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How to Pay People In Ruby!

A coding question walk-through.Like most junior developers, I am looking for a job and looking for a job includes a lot of code challenges. Now, technically, after I made fun of the last code challenge I did, it did come up in an interview for a FAANG company. SO I may be jinxing myself. But this code challenge was a pretty practical example.

FAQs on Ruby and What is the difference between a class and a module?

Ruby 2.7.1 Mar 31, 2020.Ruby is an open-source pure object-oriented programming language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. The first version of the language (0.95) was released in 1995, and in 2011, version 1.9.3 was released.

Let’s talk about guesstimates

I HATE guesstimates. Yes, even though I’ve worked as a business analyst and I am good with numbers, I just can’t get my head around them

How to Tell Your Story In an Interview

In every interview, there are often two types of questions that are asked to every candidate — technical and behavioral questions.

The Amazon Business Analyst Interview

The Amazon business analyst job is a mix of technical data interpretation and business acumen.

Dynamic Programming Interview Questions: Maximum Profit in Job Scheduling

Find the maximum profit you can make from a given list of jobs. Dynamic Programming Interview Questions: Maximum Profit in Job Scheduling. Today’s problem is challenging — a classic problem you may have seen in your algorithms courses. For those of you who’ve already seen it, this will serve as a great comprehensive review. If it’s new to you, take your time to digest it all.

8 JavaScript Concepts to Learn for Tech Interviews

A cheatsheet to reference while you study. 8 JavaScript Concepts to Learn for Tech Interviews. Preparing for tech interviews can be stressful, especially for new developers (and during a pandemic no less!). Luckily, there seems to be a repeating number of key concept questions that can be studied and committed to memory like we used to do with index cards in school as kids. To get you started, here are 8 common questions for JavaScript tech interviews that you can learn and start practicing today.

Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst Interview: The Difference

Many of the readers here on Medium are looking to be a data scientist or data analyst, and are therefore interested in the interview process for each position. In my experience, I have interviewed with several companies for both roles. Below, I will detail the process for both roles and highlight where they are similar and where they are different. In this post, you'll see The Difference between Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst Interview

5 JavaScript Questions and Answers to Test Your Skills

Today we are going to continue learning our beloved JavaScript language, in this edition, we are going to test our skills by answering some JavaScript mini-challenges. Even though I’ll be giving the answer with an explanation at the end of each question, try to figure it out by yourself first, and then validate your answer against mine. Test and sharpen your skills with these 5 JavaScript questions and answers.

Machine Learning in Data Science Interviews

Machine learning questions are often the toughest parts of data science interviews, and for good reason. This post will highlight several example problems, general comments on machine learning, and what topics to study on the theory and application side. 5 challenging questions and topics to study

Dynamic Programming Interview Questions: Unique Paths

Dynamic Programming Interview Questions: Unique Paths . Dynamic programming is a method for solving a complex problem by breaking it down into a collection of simpler subproblems, solving each of ...

15 React Interview Questions and Answer

Prepare for React interview questions that are key to understanding and working effectively with React, We’ll look 15 React questions covering a range of knowledge that’s central to understanding and working effectively with React. For each question, I’ll summarize the answer and give links to additional resources where you can find out more.

Top 20 Interview Questions from HTML and CSS in 2020

You can enlist these 20 questions in your bucket. So we are starting with HTML questions.

Answering Tricky JavaScript Interview Questions

Answering tricky JavaScript Interview Questions - My talk will cover some basic JS subtleties, and hopefully fill in some knowledge gaps w/r/t: Hoisting and variable scope, Expressions vs statements, Undeclared vs undefined vs null, Equality comparisons, How to properly walk out if an interviewer asks you to do fizz buzz

A Concise Guide for Data Science Aspirants

Advice for beginners while applying for a job in Data Science and a glimpse of reality !

Top 5 Python Data Science Interview Questions You Need to Know

Data science has now transformed into a multi-disciplinary skillset that requires a combination of statistics, modeling, and coding. Along with the growth in data science, there has also been a rise in data science technical interviews with an emphasis in Python coding questions. This process has transformed from interviewers asking random coding questions to now focusing more of their questions around specific Python concepts. The five types of Python questions you’ll see on data science interviews

Frontend Developer Interview Questions (RealLife) don’t miss it!!

In this article, I want to share with you some of my past interview questions that focused on the front end area (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React)

3 Questions For Data Science and Software Engineering in Python

Python questions for data scientist and software engineers ... Without importing the Template class, there are 3 ways to interpolate strings.

Snapchat Coding Interview Questions

They are a wide variety of questions inspired by real programming interviews, with in-depth solutions that clearly take you through each core ...

Vue.js - Common Questions (and Answers!)

This guideline gathers questions that can be asked during a VueJs interview. Vue Instances vs Vue Components. Can I use Redux? Routing doesn't work after deployment! Can I host my Vue App on Heroku etc? My App State is lost after a Page Refresh! ES6 vs ES5?