Bootstrap Tutorial 2020 - Getting Started

In this video, I'll be showing you how to quickly get started with Bootstrap. đź”´ Subscribe for more

Learning MySQL - Full Introductory Course

This video talks about how you can quickly install MySQL along with a web server and get started creating database tables. MYSQL Playlist - https://www.youtu...

Minions in Minikube - A Kubernetes Intro for Java Developers

For Java developers unfamiliar with Kubernetes, performing this fun project using Kubernetes, Minikube, and Docker should get you started with a minion army.

Beginners Guide to Get Started with Unit Testing in React Native

In this article, we will be looking at the basic principles of unit tests with a simple react-native Button component.

Write Code in Airflow Within Minutes

Airflow is a powerful and flexible workflow automation and scheduling system, powered by Python with a rich set of integrations and tools available out-of-the-box. In this article I will demonstrate how to use Airflow with Docker.

Quick Introduction to API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. In this modern technology world, we interact with APIs every day! For example, when you access a website like Expedia, Kayak, or any other travel booking sites to book your next vacation and you...

Explaining APIs To Your Grandma - A How-To Guide

If you’re a student studying Computer Science or someone who’s trying their luck getting into the software industry, one might often encounter the phrase API.

Object Oriented Programming in JavaScript

OOP is a widely used concept in programming. Almost all modern languages, except C language, follow OOP principles. The concept is related to classes and objects. Classes are the design or blueprint of an object, which defines the core properties and functions.

A Simple Introduction to Validating and Testing a Model- Part 1

Decoding the importance of validation set for everyone. In this article, we will be learning the importance of the validation set and the techniques used to split the original dataset into subsets (train, validation, and test). We will first understand how it works followed by the code for a better learning experience.

Advanced Keylogger using Python | Python Project

In this video, we will learn how to make an advanced keylogger using python. We will also clean the data and we will receive the logged data from the remote devices using email.

Building Full-Stack Reactive Web Applications - 01: Introduction and Setup

This is the first episode of the new Meteor & Svelte tutorial series. By using Meteor and Svelte you can build modern reactive web application with easy. Met...

Understanding XDP: An in Kernel Alternative To The Network Stack

Understanding XDP: An in Kernel Alternative To The Network Stack. Xdp provides a bare metal packet processing at the lowest level. The xdp programs are written as an ebpf program that will be attached to the driver hook. This is similar to dpdk but unlike dpdk the interface will not be detached from the driver.

Introduction to Pandas for Data Science -part 01

Data science is the process of deriving knowledge and insights from a huge and diverse set of data through organizing, processing and analysing the data. It involves many different disciplines like mathematical and statistical modelling, extracting data from it source and applying data visualization techniques.

Introduction to GraphQL #1

Reading Time: 2 minutes This is an introductory blog which consist some GraphQL basics and comparison with REST and SOAP It provides an understandable description of data and gives more power to the Client to ask for the exact data that they need.

Embeddings in Machine Learning

Embeddings are a basic method to encode label information into a vector. Remember one-hot vectors? No? Well do you remember unit vectors from math class?

No Fear of Machine Learning — classify your textual data

This article builds upon my previous two articles where I share some tips on how to get started with data analysis in Python (or R) and explain some basic concepts on text analysis in Python. In this article, I want to go a step further and talk about how to get started with text classification with the help of machine learning.

Introduction to Docker

Docker is one of the tools that revolutionized how we deploy applications and how we also distribute them. It’s also a technology in high demand and high consideration, loved by the vast majority of its users, and it’s a great skill to have in your curriculum. Using Docker we can create a container that will wrap an entire application. More than that: it can wrap entire applications, and it can be saved to an image to be easily replicated.

Regular Expressions: A Quick Intro for Security Professionals

RegEx is a powerful tool for creating string-based search queries based on a combination of constants and operators. ChRegex is the most underrated security skill that can help you accomplish these tasks. This article is going to break down the most useful RegEx tips and show you how to use them to automate complex tasks.

Introducing Myself | Hacker Noon

I have stumble upon this site looking for some solutions for my Django problem, and I loved it. I decided to signup and share my views on technology and apps development. I'm like 5 years experience PHP and JavaScript developer, although in that time I have developed one Angulajs mobile app.

Hello World-Implementing Neural Networks With NumPy

We will implement an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) using NumPy in Python. This is not necessarily a theoretical introduction to ANNs nor the Gradient Descent Algorithm. This article will focus on the lower level explanations about the code and the algorithm itself.