Monte Carlo Pricing in Python

A guide to the notion of securities pricing with code .Monte Carlo Pricing in Python

Python and Linux I/O Redirection for Managing Investments

Get a daily table of the results of your Investments using a Linux VM on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

How to identify Japanese candlesticks patterns in Python

Japanese candlesticks are one of the most important tools for a discretionary or quantitative trader.

Portfolio Optimization With SciPy

Portfolio Optimization With SciPy. Use Python To Calculate The Optimal Portfolio With Constraints

The SuperTrend Indicator in Python — Coding and Back-Testing Its Strategy

How to code it, back-test it, and evaluate it on FX Trading. We will introduce the intuition of the SuperTrend indicator, code it in Python, back-test a few strategies, and present our conclusion.

Algorithmic Portfolio Hedging

Algorithmic Portfolio Hedging. Python and Black-Scholes Pricing for Dynamic Hedges

A false sense of security

A false sense of security. False sense of security definition is - a feeling of being safer than one really is. How to use false sense of security in a sentence.

How to pick uncorrelated stocks for an investment portfolio in Python

How to pick uncorrelated stocks for an investment portfolio in Python. A simple Python code to pick the lowest correlated stocks from S&P 500. We are going to focus on selecting those stocks that show an absolute value of the linear correlation nearly equal to 0.

Introducing TMS: a Trading Market Simulator

In this post, I introduce the Trading Market Simulator (TMS): a simple simulator I have developed to get data from Alpaca and simulate a stream of live market data, so you can test your trading strategies on data from any day of your choice in no time.

A Simple Indicator to be Added to your Trading System.

Presenting a Simple Indicator Idea that should be included in your Trading Framework. One way to simplify your trading is through a trading plan that includes chart indicators and a few rules as to how you should use those indicators.

Technical Pattern Recognition for Trading in Python.

In this article, we will discuss some exotic objective patterns. I say objective because they have clear rules unlike the classic patterns such as the head and shoulders and the double top/bottom.

The Science of Portfolio Optimization

How to use Data Science to {re}allocate investments. I decided to implement some products, including pricing estimators, algorithmic traders and the idea that I will present in this post: a portfolio optimizer.

Constructing a Killer Investment Portfolio with Python

Constructing a Killer Investment Portfolio with Python.

Find Highly Correlated Stocks with Python!

Find Highly Correlated Stocks with Python! Learn how to use Python to identify similarities in stock movements

Risk-Adjusted Return With Python

We have taken a sample of price points for two asset classes, compute the returns and then proceeded to compute the Standard deviation and mean using Python provided formulas before doing the computation ourselves and matching them up.

Modelling Drawdown With Python

Modelling Drawdown With Python. In this article, we have drawn on the analysis done on US Equity market data between 1926 to 2018 to compute the maximum drawdown.

Algorithmic Trading Using Logistic Regression

Learn how to implement an automated machine learning strategy with the goal of finding the optimal stocks for algorithmic trading.

Decentralized Data Storage and Enhanced Privacy and Security with Blockchain

Everyone has noticed stories in the media of massive data breaches that compromise the privacy and security of individuals. For example, Marriott Hotel’s recent breach or the infamous fappening/celebgate that saw celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence have their iClouds hacked. These events reflect the inherent vulnerability of centralized data storage to digital attack and theft. 

Bitcoin Alternatives: How to Choose the Right Crypto

Once your grandparents start asking you what Bitcoin is, you know it’s become pretty popular. And while Bitcoin certainly has plenty of upsides, many people are wondering how they can invest in other cryptocurrencies to get ahead of the curve and possibly become rich.

As Bitcoin Grows, So Do Crypto Scams

The amount that Bitcoin has grown in recent years is staggering. In around a decade or so, it has gone from a relatively unknown asset to an incredibly popular and valuable cryptocurrency that has made front-page headlines across the world. It has shown a lot of promise and potential in both finance and tech.