iOS is the mobile operating system running on the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


xamarin labelのeffectの一括設定

現在、xamarinでiosアプリを開発しています。 開発中のアプリ内には数百のlabelがあり、すべてのlabelに下線を引きたいです。 下線を引く処理をeffectで実現しようと考えてますが、すべての箇所にeffectを適用するコーディングは膨大となってしまいます。 アプリ内の全てのlab

XCUI Swift Mocking GraphQL RESTful Way

So how do we solve this problem?

How to Query Multiple APIs With ‘DispatchWorkItem’ and ‘DispatchGroup’

Building a simple search screen with ‘DispatchWorkItem’ and ‘DispatchGroup’ to make multiple async service calls to multiple sources

Let us make iOS MVC great again!

In short, anything that doesn’t belong to the lifecycle of your application shouldn’t be kept in the AppDelegate and must have its own controlled life-cycle through a separate object. To summarize, there are vari

Flexible Tooltips in iOS

When your designer comes to you and tells you: "There’s one more thing!".

UIViewController Lifecycle Behavior

The status bar should be light, because I’ve chosen blue as the primary color of the app. It also can be refactored a little further, as it’s shown at the bonus section.

Improving your App’s Accessibility with iOS 13

I know, iOS 13 has been with us for quite some time now, WWDC 2020 is just around the corner

How to Add Compiled Frameworks in Swift Package Manager

Swift 5.3 brings binary dependency or compiled frameworks to SPM

Implement the Key-Value Observation in Swift 5

Easily bind a model to a view

Optionals in Swift kind you can find at Five Guys

Think of optionals like peanut shells . The kind you can find at Five Guys

Intro to Push Notifications in Swift

Add push notifications to your app

Build bulletproof UI components faster in iOS

Storybook is a library for developing UI components in web applications.

iOS Touch Drawing Levelup

As you can see, drawing a line is actually quite simple, you just create a custom UIView and basically paste this code and that view is almost ready to serve as a drawing canvas for your user.

When to Use Strong References Over Weak References in Swift

Let’s avoid overusing weak references

Best eCommerce Web Development Company in Saudi Arabia - Yellostack

YelloStack is the best eCommerce Web Development Company in Saudi Arabia. Transform your traditional business into Online Store and increase your sales!

How to Add Native Code to a Flutter App using Platform Views on iOS

Step-by-step guide about how to add native code and native components to a Flutter app

Demystifying Struct, Class and Enum in Swift 5

They look similar, but are totally different

High Order Functions in Swift

Use the power of HoF to make your code elegant

Build a Simple Progress Bar You Can Add Anywhere in Your App

Build a Simple Progress Bar You Can Add Anywhere in Your App - Add this progress bar to any screen in less than a minute