Develop an iOS 14 Widget in Flutter with SwiftUI

Damn, I really want to create an iOS 14 homescreen widget, but my app runs on Flutter. So I guess it’s not possible? 🤕

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14 Widgets

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 14 Widgets.Static vs. dynamic widgets, smart widgets, intent donations, and more

Apple Ripped Off Android — and Made Its Features Much Better

When Apple unveiled iOS 14 at WWDC, its yearly developer conference, the company showed off some big features coming to the iPhone later this year

Creating Lists with UICollectionView in iOS 14

Last year massive improvements like diffable data source and compositional layout were pushed to UICollectionView.

Understanding Grids in SwiftUI for iOS 14

SwiftUI was announced at WWDC 2019 and it paved a way for declarative programming for building interfaces. SwiftUI Grid comes in two different flavours, which includes LazyVGrid and LazyHGrid. As the name suggest, LazyVGrid is a Grid that flows in vertical direction and the LazyHGrid flows in horizontal direction.

iOS 14 IDFA changes & its effects on App Marketing

With the launch of iOS 14, Apple has hit the reset button on iOS App Marketing. The major changes for the iOS 14 updates cater to

What’s new with CoreLocation in iOS 14

What’s new with CoreLocation in iOS 14 New accuracy location authorization in iOS 14