Create Homemade Recipes of Your Favorite Products on iOS Using Fritz AI Studio

In this article, I’ll use Fritz AI Studio to create a model that can detect/classify products and propose a homemade recipe with a list of ingredients needed—all done in real-time on an iOS application.

How to Secure iOS Apps?

This is the mobile era and pretty much everything these days can happen from our smart phone. Thanks to millions of apps out there which help us in accomplishing anything we want. Whether it is maintaining your schedule (calendar) to managing financial information on the go, all things can be done by mobile apps running on our smart phones. Since these apps have access to so much of confidential information, as developer when we make an app we need to follow highest security standards so that information is not accessed by someone who is not entitled for it. 

Utilize the power of multiple Cores on iOS App

Concurrency is achieved when the app is capable to run multiple tasks at the same time. Latest A13 Bionic comes with 6 cores which means that it has the capacity to execute 6 tasks at a time. Yes, one core can execute at-most one task at at time.

Firebase + SPM + Xcode 12

We’ve been waiting for that so long. And we’re not there yet. As of September 18, 2020, what should we do if we want Firebase iOS SDK in our app and we want it as a swift package?

How to Make iOS App Secure From Screenshot and Recording?

Making iOS App Secure from Screenshot and Recording. One of the ways is to detect/prevent screenshot and screen recording action and taken an action or inform the user to take appropriate action.

Core Location — How to Display a Human-Readable Address Using CLGeocoder

In a previous post, I wrote about setting up Core Location in a UIKit application. I covered adding the usage descriptions to the Info.plist file, requesting location authorization, and pulling the location from the CLLocationManager.

Activity indicator in Navigation Bar (tutorial)

There are a lot of ways to show users that there’s some long-running process in the background. The most obvious and easy way is using a blocking progress view. Lots of libraries are on Github and MBProgressHUD is one of them.

Flutter: Medium-like Text Editor

Building a simplified version of the text editor used in the Medium mobile app.In the following tutorial, we‘re going to build a simplified version of the text editor used in the ‘New Story’ section of the Medium mobile app.

How to Make an iOS App Secure?

Best practices to make iOS App Secure. How to Make an iOS App Secure?When it comes to iOS devices there are more than billion active devices that use iOS apps on daily basis.

Swift UIImagePickerController

Swift UIImagePickerController, it will cover the setup and main properties of each media selection method. Hope this can help you learn more about media selection in iOS!

Train and Run a Create ML Style Transfer Model in an iOS Camera Application

Style transfer is a very popular deep learning task that lets you change an image’s composition by applying the visual style of another image. From building artistic photo editors to giving a new look to your game designs through state-of-the-art themes, there are plenty of amazing things you can build with neural style transfer models. It’s also can be handy or data augmentation.

How to do Swift Dependency Injection Property Based

Dependency Injection feel like a very complicated topic but in fact it is very simple. We as devs all try to follow design principle like SOLID so that our code is properly structured in a modular way and not a spaghetti code.

How to combine Enums Flexibility with Switch Statement

Enums are great way to handle different state for a finite set. The option to pass associated values in enums cases add even more power to it. Enums are very flexible when it come to Swift as compared to other languages, we don’t have to provide value for each case of enum.

Embracing the Dynamic Type

This time I want to focus on Dynamic Type in our iOS, iPadOS, and macOS projects. By implementing font scaling we can improve lives for loads of people with disabilities and impairments.

5 Steps to Setup Cloud Messaging using Firebase on iOS

The app request APNs for a device token. Then it sends that device token to FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) and in return receives FCM device token.

Mapview with SwiftUI

Finding places, navigating our way, or simply checking what’s around — these are essential things that smartphones can help with.

How to use RxSwift Traits

A trait in Rx world is basically a wrapped Observable or handy custom made observables that help us to do the same thing as we can do with raw observable with only difference that it might take more time with raw Observable. We will discuss some of them available for RxSwift.

Build Your QR Code Reader

The QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes designed by the automotive industry in 1994, but now widely used in many fields such as banking, industrial, commercial or social.

Xcode Command-Line Tools: Use Cases

In this brief tutorial, I’ll introduce you to some useful Xcode command-line tools and present useful use cases where you can leverage their potential.

Firebase Authentication - Facebook iOS

Facebook login is famous nowadays and Firebase provide authentication tools to create user by Facebook access token. Let’s see more here~! Firebase Authentication - Facebook iOS