Top 5 Ways IoT is Turning the Healthcare Industry Upside Down

Almost every aspect of our lives now generates data. Smartwatches track every step we take and detect every beat of our heart. The…

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Leveraging IoT & Related Technologies in Real Estate & PropTech - Mobinius

As various industries started embracing digital technologies, we started coining buzzwords. For example, there was ‘fintech’, ‘adtech’, and ‘insurtech’ that referred to how sectors like financial services, advertising, and insurance we gearing up for change by embracing digital tools and technologies. Over the last few years, real estate and property management – among one of... View Article

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Role of Industry 4.0 in Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 services are the chief drivers that bring changes in digital transformation.Check out its core industries that are making digital transformation possible.

Industrial Revolution 4.0: Top 9 Technologies in Detail

Industry 4.0 calls for the most revolutionized tech breakthroughs that are perfect and marking several industry 4.0 market trends.

GE's Predix - Your Platform for the Industrial Internet of Things(IoT)

GE has been making waves not for its innovations in electrical products but for its endeavour into the very fast growing Industrial IoT.Hire IoT Developers.

PropTech Industry 2020: Top 10 Trends and Technologies

Proptech industry is moving up at a very fast pace. We have explained the different trends and technologies in the Proptech industry for exponential growth!

Role of IoT in Increasing the Efficiency in PropTech

IoT has revolutionized the property sectors making it more efficient to buy sell rent and develop real estate properties. PropTech industries have invested immensely in the development of IoT technology.