What is Generics in Java?

Generic allow users to parameterize classes, methods or interfaces to support one or more types. This can be one of any class type, any child class of a specified generic type, or a parent class of a specified generic type.

20 Amazing Java Project Ideas That Will Boost Your Programming Career

So, the list of twenty Java projects for novice programmers is as follows. As promised, nothing complex, just simple everyday use of Java.

A quick introduction to Virtual Thread(Loom).

Virtual Thread makes the java program to be asynchronous. However, It has the feature of the synchronous programming. Why this is needed you can go through my previous blog. In this blog, I am going to explain how java achieves this through Loom.

Assocative array like implementation in JAVA

This blog entry provides an implementation of Dictionary interface as named index based Associative Array.

What is Set in Java?

To understand what a set is, let’s understand what collections are. A collection is a group of elements bundled into one instance. This can be a set, an arraylist, a linkedlist or a map. Each represents a different way to handle all these elements

Why to use Java9 when I have Java8?

The concept of JPMS i.e. Java Platform Module System came in Java 9. Its development was first started in 2005 and finally in 2017, this concept came under the project named Jigsaw.

Altair GraphQL Client For Google Chrome Browser

In this video we will download and install Altair GrapgQL client in Google Chrome browser. Just search for Altair GraphQL and you will get it.

Setting up OpenCV for JAVA.

Installation and setting up of your System for OpenCV with java. Hello guys, in this article we will discuss about how to download and install OpenCV in your system and configure it with your Java IDE. OpenCV is a cross-platform library used for developing real-time computer vision applications. It is useful in so many fields like medicine, security, transport, etc.

Important Libraries of OpenCV

OpenCV is a cross-platform library used to develop real time computer vision applications. OpenCV mainly focuses upon Image Porcessing, Video Capturing and analysis including Face detection and Object Detection. To work with OpenCV in java, A programmer should have a prior knowledge of Java Programming Language and JavaFX for GUI.

Strive to Upload Or Download Files using Spring Boot!!!

This article will dive through the steps to Upload or Download files of any format. The REST endpoints can be integrated with React js or Angular app or any other front-end framework that is used in your project. Interesting right ??

Predefined Functional Interfaces — Java 8

In this blog, I intend to cover a few important and fundamental predefined functional interfaces that are ubiquitous in the Java 8 world.

Find Difference Between Two Dates In Java 8

We will see how to find difference between two dates using Java 8. Many times we need to find difference between two dates in Java. Before Java 8 we need to rely on third party libraries like Joda-Time but with Java 8 we are no longer dependent on third party libraries.

An Overview of Hierarchical Data, Recursion and Java Streams

What do genealogy, organizational structures, DNS and federations have in common? At first glance, they seem to be extremely disconnected.

Java8 Optional API.What is Optional ?

Lets understand the use of Optional with a small real example in a production code to understand the real power of Optional Suppose you want to get the value from an environment variables and want to set a default value if value is not present instead of throwing NullPointer Exception.

The Concept of Date and Time in Java-8

Let's discuss the concept of Date and Time in Java 8. Well, it was already there then why again in java 8? That is because previously we have many issue

Explore The Evolution of Annotations in Java 8

Explore the evolution of annotations in Java 8 and how they are being used today! Annotations can be used anywhere in your code, i.e. within classes, methods, and variables. From Java 8, it can be used in type declaration as well.