Data Types In JavaScript

JavaScript data types are kept easy. While JavaScript data types are mostly similar to other programming languages; some of its data types can be unique. Here, we’ll outline the data types of JavaScript.

Rest Parameter and Spread Operator

Two different concepts with the same syntax. Rest Parameter and Spread Operator. A Rest Parameter is used as the last argument of a function declaration. It is enabling the user to specify any number of parameters. Arguments is an Array-like Object; we cannot directly apply Array-functions to it. We have to make use of the Spread Operator to unfold the Arguments Object in an Array first.

Working with JSON

Working with JSON Objects and their representations is a crucial part of developing in JavaScript. They also come with powerful built-in functionalities that I rarely see in action. Two essential functions are replacing and reviving.

What is JavaScript? All you need to know as a beginner?

JavaScript 101. What is JavaScript? All you need to know as a beginner? JavaScript is a programing language that helps us to create a dynamic website easily. It can be considered as a tool that gives up the power to manipulate anything on a website( DOM manipulation) such a changing text, images, etc on certain actions being taken the user. HTML and CSS are markup languages that allow us to describe and define elements within a document(static website), but JavaScript is the one according to me which puts life and soul to the website we are creating by allowing us to communicate instructions to a machine.