How to adopt Static Typing

In this article we'll learn How to adopt Static Typing . adding static typing can improve your code quality regardless of whether you like that or not. If you’re not a fan of static typing system, you could try

The JavaScript operator you are probably not using

It is not Bitwise, I promise! If you do a google search for the term javascript operators and click on the first result— this mystical operator will be nowhere to be seen. At least in September of 2020, you have to click on the fourth result and then do a search on the page for it, otherwise, it is really easy to overlook it as it is not included in any of the pretty tables.

Creating Firefox browser extensions-19

In this part, we will create a new addon called Delete Last Download. This addon shows the last downloaded item, and lets you open or delete it. If the user presses delete, the file is removed from disk and from the browser’s downloads history.

Routing in React without React-Router

I have been using React JS in my projects for quite some time now and am used to managing routing in my app using the react-router package. I have always been keen on having as little dependencies in my apps as possible, so, I always felt perturbed by the use of this particular package in simpler apps which did not have complex routes.

6 Ways to Add Items to an Array in JavaScript

There are various ways to add or append an item to an array. We will make use of push, unshift, splice, concat, spread and index to add items to array. Let's discuss all the 6 different methods one by one in brief.

How to Create a Year End Counter in JavaScript

Since new year is coming, it’s perfect time to create a new year counter in JavaScript. In this tutorial, you'll see How to Create a Year End Counter in JavaScript

Integrating TypeScript with Webpack

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to compile a TypeScript project using Webpack. This setup becomes necessary if you want to bundle TypeScript containing ES6 or the CommonJS module system imports and exports.

Avoid These Common JavaScript Mistakes

In this article, I will cover some of the most common JavaScript mistakes that beginners make with the intention of helping you avoid them.

Create a Line Through Effect with JavaScript

In this post we are going to create an amazing line through effect, with help of CSS and lots of JavaScript. So, head over to your terminal and create a folder LineThroughEffect. Create three files -index.html, main.js and styles.css inside it.

Favorite New Features in ES2020 - JavaScript tutorial

While ES2020 does not include as many features as they introduced in ES6, it has introduced a number of useful additions. In this article, I will discuss my favorite new features from ES2020. Looking at the top new features of ECMAScript 2020

Understand 10 JavaScript Concepts to Master coding

Every JavaScript developer should understand the basic concepts of this complex language. The below concepts are not all, but these are the common foundational ones you need to know to take a step forward. In this JavaScript tutorial, we'll discuss Top Top 10 JavaScript Concepts to Master coding

Getting Started With the JavaScript Fetch API

In the past, there were two ways to make requests. One was with XMLHttpRequest. The other was with jQuery, namely the ajax() method. Fortunately, JavaScript now offers a third way, the Fetch API. In this tutorial, you will learn all you need to know to get started with JavaScript Fetch API.

JavaScript Date: Building a React Hook For Date Selector

This week, I had to construct a date selector form in React that looks like this. As you can see, the user interface includes the surrounding month and date options in addition to the selected date. This means that I need to not only keep track of the current date, but I also need a way to conveniently figure out how many days are in the selected month.

[ Professor JavaScript ]: Introduction

Professor JavaScript is a JavaScript online learning courses YouTube Channel. Students can learn how to develop codes with JavaScript from basic to advanced levels through the online courses in this YouTube channel.

Using Fetch API In JavaScript

Fetch API is one word that i have always heard being thrown around. If you have never had to work with it or do not even know what it means, it seems like something big, something we cannot relate to, or even something extremely difficult. Oh well, that’s not true and i’m here to tell you that.

JavaScript Arrays: A Quick Overview for Beginners 

I am very fortunate and honored to be part of LinkedIn Learning’s instructor team, and in January 2021 my first course will be released on their platform: JavaScript Array Methods.

How to handle comparison corner cases

Before we start to get familiar with JavaScript corner cases, I’d like to make a distinction between Corner Case and Edge Case. We can say that Edge Case is an issue that can occur only at minimum or maximum parameters. Predicting it can be a significant task since those situations may be neglected or underestimated. For example, a PC at full power can overheat, and its performance may deteriorate a little.

Javascript Memoization: An Optimization technique

Javascript Memoization: Memoization is a programming technique in which expensive function calls are cached such that their repeated usage can be served from the cache instead of running the function again and again.

JavaScript Functions: A Brief Overview

This is a brief overview of JavaScript functions. I will discuss how functions are defined, as well as explain how functions are called in order to use them. Along with the provided examples, this will give you a better understanding of how to create and use functions in JavaScript.

Learning JavaScript: An Introduction to Classes Part 1

JavaScript has not always had the ability to create classical objects as can be created in languages such as C++ and Java, but you can now since the development of EcmaScript 6. In this article I’m going to introduce how to create classes in JavaScript, including how to implement constructors and accessor methods (getters and setters) I’ll cover other aspects of JavaScript classes in future articles.