The Fastest Ways to Teach Yourself JavaScript

JavaScript,  the language known for “running the internet,” is entrenched in the programming world. Here are a few of the best ways to learn JavaScript.

Top Web Development Tools for Building Business Applications in 2021

In addition, web technologies help to automate business processes within a company and enhance the overall working efficiency of employees.

How A Full Stack Framework Can Make An Impact In Your Business

It's been a year since the exhibition of QCObjects in the Web Summit and now a lot of people and companies are interested in placing QCObjects at the very core of its enterprise software solution. But why is it?

ReactJS: The Javascript Developer’s Guide

This article will walk you through the concepts you would need to know to step into the world of widely used ReactJS.

Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks: Trends and Prospects

The purpose of this article is not to suggest the best frameworks or libraries. Instead, I will look at the past, present, and future of these so that you can make effective decisions for your future projects. Besides, most of these are likely to be among us for the next couple of years.

How to adopt Static Typing

In this article we'll learn How to adopt Static Typing . adding static typing can improve your code quality regardless of whether you like that or not. If you’re not a fan of static typing system, you could try

Turn Your Static Website Into a Web App in Minutes With A Low-Code Framework

Introducing Remake. If you've developed products before, you know there are two huge traps you can get stuck in because building web apps the traditional way is so damn hard:

Why I love styled-components

Does CSS in JS makes sense? Everyone has probably heard about them by now, though many have been probably been scared off by hearing the words “CSS in JS”. I wouldn’t blame them, I was very pessimistic when I first heard that word combination.

Top 11 Essential React Libraries Every Web Developer Should Know to Build Sustainable Applications

In this article we will cover the Top 11 Essential React Libraries Every Web Developer Should Know to Build Sustainable Applications . If you’re React developers and you want to keep up with the latest trends in the field, this story is for you. You have a lot of options to choose from hundreds of libraries out there.

JavaScript Memory Management System

The main goal of this article is help to readers to understand that how memory management system performs in JavaScript. I will use a shorthand such as GC which means Garbage Collection. When the browsers use Javascript, they need any memory location to store objects, functions, and all other things. Let’s deep in dive that how things going to work in GC.

Let’s Clone React

I used to be crazy about React and Angular and other frameworks, and really the concept of the framework in general. But a lot of what you need to accomplish as a developer can be done with just vanilla JS/ES6.

Express or… ? How does a junior web dev decide on a framework?

Choice paralysis. Something we’re all familiar with, whether we recognize it or not. You’re faced with a choice, and when you have too many options it’s possible to freeze up as the brain tries to calculate and make a decision of some kind. It can happen at the grocery store when picking snack brands, arguably the most simple decision possible.

Top 8 Best Javascript Frameworks for Mobile App Development

It cannot happen that someone is on the way to start his business and has not planned for mobile application development to introduce his…