Getting Started with Playwright with Jest and TypeScript

Learn how to configure Playwright to use Jest as its test runner and use TypeScript for writing tests. Also covers how to debug tests in VS Code. Playwright is a newish end-to-end cross-browser testing tool from Microsoft. I usually use Cypress for these kinds of tests on SPAs, but Playwright is quickly gaining traction, so I thought it was time to give it a try.

A Beginners Guide to Learn Mock Fetching in Jest

A Beginners Guide to Learn Mock Fetching in Jest. I am writing this post to show how to mock and test fetch with jest-fetch-mock. let's suppose that you are using Jest and you are comfortable with “async/await”.

End-to-End Testing with Jest and Puppeteer

Learn how to integrate Jest and Puppeteer in your project for End-to-End Testing.

Mocking TypeScript Method Overloads with Jest

This article explains how to mock TypeScript method overloads with Jest. Mocking overloaded TS methods with Jest is not hard per se, but you have to know how to do it. Method overloading is a very familiar concept for any developer used to Object-Oriented Programming.

Angular 9 Testing: Why We Chose Jasmine Over Jest and Mocha

There are many test frameworks available for testing JavaScript applications. Among them, Jest, Jasmine, and Mocha are the most popular frameworks. A comparison between Jasmine, Jest and Mocha, for Angular component testing. Angular 9 Testing: Why We Chose Jasmine Over Jest and Mocha

TypeScript Testing Tips - Mocking Functions With Jest

Tips for mocking functions using TypeScript and Jest. Jest was originally built for JavaScript. Jest is a popular testing framework that covers all aspects of testing including mocking, verifying expectations, parallel test execution and code coverage reports. It's also light on configuration so there's a lot to like.

Asynchronous JavaScript Testing with Selenium and Jest

I will explain how to write test automation with Selenium using the Jest framework as Asynchronously in JavaScript. Selenium is the most used web application testing framework in the field of QA and especially in test automation projects. The Jest that I’m going to explain today is a testing framework that is maintained by Facebook that loves to use and known as well by many software developers who can write JavaScript.

5 Tips to Perfect React Testing Library Queries

5 Tips to Perfect React Testing Library Queries: Using screen debug, query by text, query by label text, query by role and within. My strategy to retrieve any element with the Testing Library API. Testing Library provides lots of tools to help query the right element to test.

Jest With Typescript

The test-driven programming approach has become many successful developers’ essential building block to deliver high-quality code. Mocha and Chai are a prevalent testing tool in the Javascript/ Node.js domain in the last few years

An Easier Way to Generate Recoil Tests ft. Chromogen

Imagine if there was a way to simplify this process, so that as a developer, you could just sit back and watch those green checkmarks appear automatically. With Chromogen, you can!

Simulate Browser Interactions with Testing Library’s UserEvent

Testing Library's UserEvent Library builds on top of Testing Library's FireEvent API to better simulate browser interactions and makes it even ...

Bisecting as a troubleshooting technique, and how Git makes it even better

Before I move on, if you prefer to jump right to code examples I have created an Example Repository with instructions in the readme for trying it out. The rest of this article will be my longform explanation about my debugging techniques, git bisect, and an example of when it is useful. I’ve also got something really cool at the end of the article.

How to Unit Test Express Middleware

The key aspect of effective unit testing is define boundaries of the business logic to be tested.

Starting Out with Jest

As I have done a couple of backend testing blogs with RSpec and Ruby on Rails. I have decided to do a couple on frontend testing with Jest. To begin with, I was looking at frontend testing and wasn’t sure whether to start learning Jest or Mocha. I found a great blog explaining them both and would highly recommend reading it as it briefly discusses both of them. Starting Out with Jest

Beginners Guide to Get Started with Unit Testing in React Native

In this article, we will be looking at the basic principles of unit tests with a simple react-native Button component.

How to test Web Workers with Jest

Learn how to test Web Workers with Jest. Webpack-bundled Web Workers are not supported by Jest so we have to mock the worker in order to test it!

Unit Testing With Jest in Javascript

I decided to spend today learning the ins and out of using Jest and creating test cases so that I may add unit tests to my projects.

Write Integration Tests (and Mocks) with Jest and Supertest

In this article, we are going to discuss how we can write integration tests using Jest, Supertest and in process of writing integration tests, we often require mocking npm modules and dependencies, so we will also mock these npm modules and dependencies for smooth and complete testing.

How to Integrate Jest and Puppeteer for End-to-End Testing

Learn how to integrate Jest and Puppeteer in your project for End-to-End Testing. Jest is a JavaScript testing framework maintained by Facebook. Puppeteer is a Node library created by Google, which provides a high-level API to control headless Chrome.

Modern Angular

Learn how to modernize Angular with the latest linting and testing tools, upgraded CLI, computation caching, and more with