The full-time job of keeping up with Kubernetes

In this article, we discuss where this pace comes from, how it's a key ingredient in Kubernetes' success and what it means for end-users

Common Errors To Avoid During A Technical Data Science Interview

Clearing interviews that test your technical prowess can be quite challenging, irrespective of how knowledgeable you may be.

Security is Everybody’s Job — Part 6 — The Second Way

The Second Way of DevOps is fast feedback. In security, when we see this we should all be thinking the same thing: Pushing Left. We want

6 Latest Job Openings For Data Scientists At IBM, PayPal, and More

Data Scientists help organisations by building applications and assist in solving complex business problems with raw and unstructured data.

How to Make Money Coding - 5 Ways Developers Make Money WITHOUT a Job

So how can you make money as a developer without getting a job. In this video I'll be showing 5 ways software developers make money from code. All these methods are some form of software engineer freelancing and anyone can follow them to start making money coding.

How to scrape Indeed Job Data Feeds for Free

Scrape Indeed Data such as - position , location, job type, description, company, etc and download Indeed data in CSV and JSON formats.

How to learn programming faster to get a job in 2020

Hey guys! Today's episode is a bit different from previous videos. In this short video, I am telling you 3 critical tips that will help you to learn programming or any technology in a faster and more efficient way. These days we have too many...

Five Tips for a Great career in Cloud Computing

Current Scenario Cloud computing is one of the topmost technological trends in both the US and India and professionals trained in this segment can expect very high salaries. However, getting into this field is not easier as one has to be equipped...

Top trends that are transforming the recruitment process in 2019

The year 2019 is going to be a remarkable year as far as the recruitment scenario is considered with new trends emerging in the HR domain. In light of the above statement, this article assumes significance and hence we have listed out some of the...

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the job market! Are you ready?

What is Virtual Reality? Simply stated, virtual reality (VR) is the simulation of a real-world environment, which is augmented by a computing device. This technology is booming the market like never before and several devices, notably mobiles...

Job Interview Skills in 2020

Job Interview Skills in 2020 will educate through the complete interview process that you will need to get the right job. Learn: When do you start looking for a job? How to get an interview call? Types of interviews? How to do well in interviews? Handling rejection Salary Negotiations; Selecting the right job

Tech Hiring Trends of 2019

According to a survey conducted by ‘CareerBuilder’, 69% of Hiring Trends of recruiters state that every job is essentially a “tech **[job]( "job")**” because some part or the other is heavily dependent on myriad...

10 Sureshot Ways to make the most out of your IT Job portal

So you have finally signed up on an online IT **[job]( "job")** portal and you want to make your dream IT career hit the road! But you can’t seem to get a head start despite applying for hundreds of listings on the IT...

Finding the Perfect IT Job through Online Job Portals

**[Job]( "Job")** portals are evolving every day with great search features, additional features, and user-friendly interfaces to make sure that you can land your dream IT job more easily. If you know the art of...

Best online job portals to find IT Jobs in India

Gone are the days of perusing over newspaper career editorials and hoping for references to come through from your distant relatives or acquaintances. In today’s digital era, with online job portals coming into vogue, your dream career is just a...

Hot IT Jobs in 2019 for Tech Professionals

It’s 2019 and technology professionals have a lot of reasons to smile for. Tons of super-lucrative IT jobs are flooding the current employment market. Whether you work in cybersecurity or App Development, 2019 is your year. Let’s take a look at...

10 Tips to Choosing the Right Job Portal for your IT Job

[**Job**]( "Job") portal is the order of the day if you want to give your IT career a much-needed boost! Online job portals connect recruiters and job aspirants with the right skills and experience. Top IT companies use...

The Hard Skills Companies Need Most in 2019

January is the month of motivation and productivity, as you make an effort to keep to your resolutions and stay at the top of your game! Most working professionals are always on the look-out for expanding their Hard skill, and...


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5 Things That You Never Say To Your Boss

A dream [**job**]( "job") is one where your workplace is like your second home and your boss is friendly and easygoing. But, even if that is the case, these are 5 things that you should avoid saying to your boss unless...