Word Cloud Using Tableau, Python, and Google Word Cloud Generator

In this part, I figured out several ways to present and create a Word Cloud using different methods — Tableau, Python, and Google World Cloud Generator.

The reality of breaking into tech post COVID without a college degree

The factors and difficulty. The purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge and experiences related to getting a good engineering job without a college degree.

How I got my first UK tech job as an African Immigrant.

I shared this experience on a close Facebook group and seems to inspire a lot of people, so I decide to share it here and hope it… But all these are not enough to break into the UK tech ecosystem. As a new immigrant, you have this curse placed on you zero UK experience.

What To Expect In The First Two Years Of Data Science

This article is for anyone interested in understanding what types of work tasks they should expect from a career in data science. This article will review each of these four high-level categories of work, and then explain how the distribution of work among these categories will start out and then change over time.

What Should You Clarify Before Accepting a Job Offer?

Asking the right questions before giving a yes. There are some essential points you should clarify before accepting a job offer. It's easy to miss them at the moment and take a job offer straight ...

How to Get Data Science Interviews: Finding Jobs, Reaching Gatekeepers

In this post, I will share not only what to do (only 3 ways rather than 10) and how to do them to get interviews efficiently. You will find strategies, scripts, and other free resources in this post which will help you be methodical and organized in your job search.

Why I took an unpaid internship and my experience so far

Last week, I got an offer for an unpaid internship at a very early stage startup. Despite many of the posts I read on Reddit advising against taking an unpaid internship, I decided to take the position. I wanted to share why I decided it might be a good idea for me based on my professional experience and the current times.

How to Increase the Chances of Your CV Getting Shortlisted?

How to Increase the Chances of Your CV Getting Shortlisted? These tips below will help you pass this filter and get your resume shortlisted: Keep formatting simple. Simplicity is the best policy. The same rule applies to ATS, too. Use correct keywords. As stated previously, ATS talks in its own language. Avoid spelling mistakes.

Building a Job Recommender for Non-Technical Business Roles via NLP and Machine Learning

In this post we will be using datasets hosted by Kaggle and considering the content-based approach, we will be building job recommendation. A tutorial for a NLP recommendation engine using unsupervised learning .

How to Ace Home Assignments for Machine Learning Job Interviews

In this article, I aim to provide a clear picture of what is expected from a job applicant when asked to do a machine learning (ML) home-based coding assignment as part of the interview process.

Three must-know “Lists” questions for your next Python technical screening

In this post, we discuss three most commonly asked question types from “lists” in a python technical screening. These questions and their variants are common in a technical screening testing your knowledge on array handling and logical thinking.

Optimizing Number of your Job Interviews with Binomial Distribution and Python

Learn how to maximize the chances of getting a work offer by optimizing the number of interviews per month using a statistical approach and a bit of Python.

LinkedIn Job Trends

LinkedIn Job Trends. We could observe similarities between the types of jobs and also gain insight into the distribution of the categories or jobs.

My Observations of the Current Data Science Industry and Career Advice

In this blog, I’d like to share my understanding of the data science industry and give some advice to the friends who are keen to pursue a DS career.

The short story of a 8 month assistant programmer.

I will tell about my current situation with how I got to this situation. the programming course lasted only 3 months. There, what I learnt was HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, PHP, wordpress, GitHub, MySQL, which are mainly for front-end programming.

Use “Weak Ties” to Get Your Next Job

In April 2012, I (Laura) was yet again riding the Amtrak back to DC after two straight days of exploratory chats and interviews in NYC.

City Recommender System with Python [Part 3/3]: Deployment

Remember our objective? We are trying to create a recommendation system for cities in the US! Why? To better inform people of which cities they should be considering taking a job in, or moving to for any reason!

Hey Newcomers! Let’s Peek into Data Science Jobs

Hey Newcomers! Let’s Peek into Data Science Jobs. A full-rounded job safari guide for students entering the data field!

So, Do You Have Any Questions For Us?

OR: How to ask the right questions in order to find your dream company.

The Uncertainty in the Machine Learning Job Hunt

It will always be with you. That doesn’t mean you won’t succeed. In less than a year, I will be deemed worthy by my university of a Bachelors degree.