Google Announces A Week-Long JournalismAI Festival

Google on Monday announced a week-long JournalismAI Festival to address key challenges of using AI in newsroom.

‘New York Times’ Ben Smith Talks Slack, Newsroom Politics, and Tech Regulation

‘New York Times’ Ben Smith Talks Slack, Newsroom Politics, and Tech Regulation. Plus, why Twitter is a double-edged sword

Taking the Leap

Before the weighted blanket of enforced isolation came down around our heads, I was being weighed up to participate in a student media conference where I was due to speak to young journalists about the trials and tribulations of going freelance. This made me feel somewhat fraudulent since writing makes up perhaps ten percent of my freelance income, but whether it’s writing or graphic design (or any of the other things I do) there’s plenty that I’ve learned over the last four years which can help you in jumping out of contracted work and into the weird, stressful, hilarious and brilliant world of freelancing.

How Analytics Is Being Used In Data Journalism

Data and visualisation have become the latest techniques for telling stories in media, thanks to intersections between journalism and computation.

‘Park Downhill’ and Other Essential Advice for Science Writers

When it comes to science writing and communication, there are few writers as skilled at their craft as Ed Yong. He’s something of a science writing prodigy. His writing spans topics ranging from the microbes that inhabit our bodies and orca conservation to language genes and most recently, the current global pandemic.

What Is Happening With Google in Australia?

Google just made an appeal to the Australian public. The ACCC has responded in kind. What does this mean for Australian users of Google?

Where’s My Damn Cancer Cure?

Every few weeks, there’s another news story about how we’ve got a promising new drug for cancer. Here’s why we haven’t cured it yet.

A Letter from President Nabiha Syed

My dad brought home a computer when I was 3 years old. He hoped that it would teach me things — and it did. I learned to spell in English by playing _Reader Rabbit and the Fabulous Word Factory_. Thanks to free AOL 30-day trial CDs, the computer...

What Can Machine Learning do for PR?

Namely, industries where human intuition is still of prime importance such as journalism or PR (public relations) are particularly difficult to quantify. To be certain, PR has metrics. However, it’s not quite clear what measures like outlet circulation/UMV or social shares for company content actually equate to in terms of business value.

Science as handmaiden to a flood of excrement

“It’s only March 2020, and so much has already happened!” I’m listening to a three-month-old comedy show in the background and thinking to myself, just you wait.

How to Interpret and Calculate “X Times More Likely” Statistics

People who smoke are 15–30x more likely to get lung cancer. Black men and women are 1.9x more likely to die from a COVID-19 related reason than their white counterparts.

The One-Page Visual Investigation Bonanza

The One-Page Visual Investigation Bonanza - How to tell visual investigative stories in a single page? A guide for journalists.

Microsoft News Service’s AI Reporter Decision Backfires

Last week, Microsoft’s News service MSN laid-off contract-based news curators and replaced them with AI, sparking a debate on the fate of jobs in the face of automation. However, the decision of using AI backfired when one of the AI curated articles misrepresented an interviewee. As appeared first on The Guardian, an early rollout of…