JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate.

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The Most Elegant Python Object-Oriented Programming

Best practice of Object-Oriented Programming in Python. Very elegant. Using marshmallow for validating user input fields/attributes in backend ...

BYO Form Builder with Deno, React and JSON

Forms are an important part of web development. Learn how to build BYO Form with Deno, React and JSON. The idea about how I could build forms without needing to write any JSX. I wanted to take a format (like JSON) that could be produced by anyone and use that to generate out the form with validation.

What is Codable protocol in Swift?

The Codable protocol is used to go from a JSON data object to an actual Swift class or struct. This is called decoding, because the JSON data is decoded into a format that Swift understands. It also works the other way: encoding Swift objects as JSON. The centerpiece of this workflow is Swift's Codable protocol.

Handling Null JSON Arrays in Golang (Go)

One of the most frustrating things with Go is how it handles empty arrays when encoding JSON. Rather than returning what is traditionally expected, an empty array, it instead returns null.

Jackson, JSON and the Proper Handling of Unknown Fields in APIs

Jackson, JSON and the Proper Handling of Unknown Fields in APIs. How to proper deserialize json to java objects without facing UnrecognizedPropertyException when getting unkown fields or properties when consuming rest API

Using the Node.js File System Module to Edit and Create Files

JavaScript’s File System module provides a way to use JavaScript to access your computer’s file system.

Combine XML And JSON Requests Format | ASP.NET Core Web API

XML and JSON data into Processing. Format XML and JSON ASP.NET Core Web API. One API Multiple Format return Web API. ----------------------------------------

Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert In C#

The Newtonsoft.Json namespace provides classes that are used to implement the core services of the framework. It converts an object to and from JSON. In this blog, you will learn about Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert C#. Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert In C#.

How to create and validate JSON Web Tokens in Deno

In this Deno tutorial, we’ll see how to create and validate a JWT(JSON Web Token) in Deno. We’ll be using djwt, the absolute minimum library to make JSON Web Tokens in deno and Oak framework. What is JWT? JSON Web Token is an internet standard used to create tokens for an application. These tokens hold JSON data and are cryptographically signed.

How Does JSON Pipework in Angular?

Angular has some in-built pipes along with giving us a way to build custom pipes. One of the in-built pipes is JsonPipe. In this article, I would like to walk you through the implementation of this simple JsonPipe.

Jmeter-Extract data using Postprocessor Part-I

Jmeter is used to perform load testing. I have already discussed how it is easier and how can we use Jmeter in my earlier blogs. So let’s move some common pro

Implement an RSS feed from JSON to XML in Gatsby.js

A step-by-step tutorial on how to implement an RSS feed from JSON by converting it to XML and creating a static page in Gatsby 🚀

What is The Difference Between YAML and JSON?

Learn about the differences between YAML and JSON through quick and practical examples. What is The Difference Between YAML vs. JSON?

[HTB] JSON — Write-up

Welcome to the JSON box writeup! This was a medium-difficulty box and fun to play with. For the initial shell, you need to identify a…

What is REST API? An Overview | Liquid Web

What is REST? The REST acronym is defined as a “REpresentational State Transfer” and is designed to take advantage of existing HTTP protocols when used

How to build GraphQL API tutorial - Express.js course Lesson 1

In the first lesson of the Express.JS course, we'll focus on building a GraphQL API tutorial with typescript

How to parse JSON data with Python Pandas?

One-liner to read and normalize JSON data into a flat table using Pandas. How to parse JSON data with Python Pandas? If you are doing anything related to data whether it is Data Engineering, Data Analytics, or even Data Science, you would have surely come across JSONs. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is one of the most used data formats for exchanging data over the web. NoSQL based databases like MongoDB store the data in this format. Although this format works well for storing the data, it needs to be converted into a tabular form for further analysis.

How to secure ASP.NET Core with OAuth and JSON Web Tokens

Learn about how to secure your ASP.NET Core APIs with OAuth 2.0 and JSON Web Tokens without using third-party services like IdentityServer, Okta, and Auth0.

Working with JSON

Working with JSON Objects and their representations is a crucial part of developing in JavaScript. They also come with powerful built-in functionalities that I rarely see in action. Two essential functions are replacing and reviving.

Làm việc với JSON trong PHP

Làm việc với JSON trong PHP. Chuyển array thành json string $user = [ 'id' => 1 , 'username' => 'admin' , ]; echo json_encode($u...