Functional One-Liners in Julia

Functional One-Liners in Julia. Practical everyday tricks to improve your functional programming skills in Julia. Julia makes is really elegant to work with functions such as map, filter and reduce.

How To Use Modules In Julia

A quick lesson on how modules and imports work in the Julia language. In order to add a package in Julia, we will use Pkg. You can do this by either importing Pkg into Julia with using, or just using the Pkg REPL that can be accessed by pressing ] in the Julia REPL.

Julia Visualization Libraries: Which Is Best?

Julia Visualization Libraries: Which Is Best? An overview of the visualization libraries commonly used in the Julia language

JuliaHub: The Greatest Approach To Putting Together Packages And Documentation

JuliaHub: The Greatest Approach To Putting Together Packages And Documentation. How JuliaHub automates all of the things programmers hate to do.

Learning Julia —the simplest of beginnings

How to do functions, for loops and conditionals — using FizzBuzz. In this post, we’ll create a function to solve the overly popular FizzBuzz programming challenge.

Installing a persistent Julia environment on SageMaker

Get the most out of SageMaker by persisting your Anaconda environments across restarts. SageMaker is a great environment for data scientists to explore new languages and methods without having to worry too much about the underlying infrastructure. As long as you don’t need to customize the existing environments, everything looks great and just works.

Visualizing COVID-19 data using Julia

Julia is fairly well-known in the world of scientific computing. Following the release of a stable 1.0 version in 2018, it has gradually matured into a highly powerful general purpose programming language.

The Meaning of Functions in Julia

When I first learned about the Julia programming language, there were a few things that gave me the "wat" moments. One of those surprises involves both the naming and meaning of functions.

How Julia Uses Multiple Dispatch to Beat Python

There is a lot of hype about Julia. Beyond speed, Meta-programming and multiple dispatch are a few of Julia's useful programming tools that ...See for yourself

How to Learn Julia When You Already Know Python

Julia is a newer, award-winning programming language that is simple to learn like Python but executes as fast as C. Don’t believe it? It’s really true. (Click here for a multiple language speed comparison.)