Exploring Serverless Computing with Kubeless

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Setup Your Own Kubernetes Cluster with K3s

Installing Kubernetes. Install Kubernetes and Set up the K3s Server. When running the command to start the K3s Kubernetes API server, you will pass in an option to use the external datastore that you set up earlier. Confirm that K3s is Running. Save and Start Using the kubeconfig File. Check the Health of Your Cluster ...

Environment for Comparing Several on-premise Kubernetes Distributions

There are several Kubernetes on-premise distributions. A part of them are lightweight, another use more VMs or physical nodes. It’s hard to select the best free solution, so I created a make-based development environment on Ubuntu (and partly Windows) to compare them.

Setup a Private Git-Repository in Kubernetes with Gitea

Setup a Private Git-Repository in Kubernetes with Gitea. Should there be a need for a private Git-repository on your Kubernetes cluster, this is the right place to learn how to set it up. Gitea will be used as repository. By default, Gitea is configured as headless.