Kubernetes is an open-source platform designed to automate deployment, scaling, and operation of application containers, across multiple hosts and/or clouds.

12 Factor App with MicroProfile and Kubernetes

The 12 Factor App approach is for defining a clean contract between the application and running environment. This article takes a look at this methodology.

Infinite Scale: Deploying and Scaling Laravel on Kubernetes by Leo Sjoberg

Figuring out how Kubernetes ties into Docker, how to deploy Laravel on Kubernetes, and ultimately, configure autoscaling.

How to Autoscale the DNS Service in a Kubernetes Cluster

Learn how to enable and configure autoscaling of the DNS service in your Kubernetes cluster. Cluster Autoscaler — a component that automatically adjusts the size of a Kubernetes Cluster so that all pods have a place to run and there are no unneeded nodes. Vertical Pod Autoscaler — a set of components that automatically adjust the amount of CPU and memory requested by pods running in the Kubernetes Cluster. Addon Resizer — a simplified version of vertical pod autoscaler that modifies resource requests of a deployment based on the number of nodes in the Kubernetes Cluster.

Event Driven Architecture for Microservices, Cloud-Native in Kubernetes

Quick Guide to Event Driven Microservices Architecture Tools, Best practices for enabling EDA for Cloud-Native in Kubernetes

How to Create these ConfigMap and Secret Volumes in Kubernetes

Learn how to create these configMap and secret volumes in Kubernetes and how to use them in pods. Kubernetes ConfigMap and Secret as Kubernetes Volumes. Demo of using ConfigMap and Secret as Kubernetes Volumes | Kubernetes ConfigMap | Kubernetes Secrets | Kubernetes Volumes

Cloud Native Apps with .NET and AKS

Cloud Native Apps with .NET and AKS. Learn latest features and support for building enterprise-grade solutions with C#, .NET Core and Azure Kubernetes Service. See how we make .NET the most productive platform for building microservices.

How to Enable Big Data Applications on Kubernetes

Discover how to deploy Big Data on Kubernetes with Apache Hadoop , Apache Spark and Kafka with Best Practices and Tools . for implementation

How to Deploy a simple NodeJS App on Kubernetes

In this article we will deploy a simple NodeJS Application on our Kubernetes cluster.

Docker & Kubernetes Demo in 15 mins: Package & Deploy Your First App

This is a quick hands-on tutorial on Docker & Kubernetes. I cover how you can package your application (written in Go) using Docker & deploy to a local Kubernetes cluster.

AWS a DevFriendly Alternative to YAML for Managing Kubernetes Clusters

Cloud giant Amazon Web Services has launched an open-source framework, cdk8s, that provides developers with a way to define and manage Kubernetes-controlled applications and resources, using familiar programming languages, rather than the current default, YAML.

How GitOps Raises the Stakes for Application Security

The rise of GitOps comes from the industry’s increased adoption of Kubernetes. As organizations and teams shift towards Kubernetes…

The New Stack Context: Is Kubernetes the New App Server?

Welcome to The New Stack Context, a podcast where we discuss the latest news and perspectives in the world of cloud native computing. For this week’s episode, we spoke with Tina Nolte, vice president of product, for Kubernetes management service Spectro Cloud, about why we shouldn’t think of containers/Kubernetes as just another form of virtualization.

Enabling Developer-Friendly Security in Kubernetes for GitOps

DevOps. GitOps. DevSecOps. Organizations need to increase the automation of these processes to improve application quality.

A Security Checklist for Cloud Native Kubernetes Environments

Slowly and steadily people are starting to believe that containers and Kubernetes are now as secure as physical and virtual machines.

Private Azure Kubernetes Service Clusters with Azure Private Links?

.. and How to securely access private AKS clusters over a bastion? Terraform code included!

Deploying and Running applications on Kubernetes cluster

It’s what you use to scale, roll out, and roll back versions of your applications supported by Containers , Developers and Cloud platforms

Change in Kubernetes Secrets by restarting dependent pods!

So you have updated a K8s Secret to accommodate some change but all the dependent pods hold on to the old value unless restarted! How to…

How To Deploy a Resilient Nodes Application on Kubernetes from Scratch

Learn the basics of containers and Kubernetes. We will go through the entire process of packaging a Node.js application into a Docker container image and then deploying it on Kubernetes. The end result will be a resilient and scalable Node.js deployment. How To Deploy a Resilient Node.js Application on Kubernetes from Scratch

Zero Trust Services in Kubernetes

In this webinar we will take a look at some of the most important techniques used to create Zero Trust services in a Kubernetes environment. This talk will cover concepts ranging from container image hardening to pod specification runtime constraints and from network policy to platform centric security. Upon completion, attendees will have a detailed understanding of some of the key mechanisms in Kubernetes tool chains available to facilitate Zero Trust computing.

Using Bash for templating configuration files in Docker containers

Using environment variables instead of configuration files is pretty standard practice for the modern application development process…