Multi-Cluster Kubernetes

Multi-Cluster Kubernetes: Managing DigitalOcean Kubernetes and Amazon EKS with KubeSphere. KubeSphere is an open-source distributed operating system for managing cloud-native applications.

The Essential Guide to Kubernetes Virtual Clusters

The Essential Guide to Kubernetes Virtual Clusters. Virtual clusters are Kubernetes clusters that run on top of other Kubernetes clusters and don't need any extra resources.

Deployment of Webapp over AWS-EKS cluster

Amazon EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) — Allows you to use Kubernetes on AWS without installing and managing your own Kubernetes control plane. Deployment of Webapp over AWS-EKS cluster.

How to make sure Kubernetes autoscaler not deleting the nodes which run a specific pod

I was running a Kubernetes cluster(AWS EKS one) with Kubernetes Autoscaler so that Cluster will autoscale according to the resource request within the cluster. Also, the cluster will shrink no of nodes when the load is reduced.

Understanding the Connection between Minikube's Profile and Kubectl's Context

I discuss the sparsely documented bridging concept that causes Minicube to behave like Kubernetes. If the Minicube profile is the same name (string) as the kubectl context, the kubectl operates on the Minikube instance (cluster). The minikube ...

Google Cloud: Configuring Kubernetes Cluster in GCP and Deploy Container

In this Tutorial, We are going to understand, how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster and deploy containers with such an ease with Google Cloud. 1, In the GCP Console, on the Navigation menu click APIs & Services. 2, Scroll down in the list of enabled APIs, and confirm that both of these APIs are enabled.

Ingress with Treafik on K3s

Ingress with Treafik on K3s. This post is a tutorial on how to expose a website hosted with nginx by using the K3s built-in ingress controller “Traefik”.

Everything You Need to Know About Tekton and Reusable Pipelines

The advent of Cloud and Container technology ushered a new era in distributed computing at “planet scale” which was unheard of and unimaginable just a decade ago. Another interesting movement was brewing up a decade ago which bolstered delivering these complex solutions at high speed and accuracy, DevOps.

How to Isolate Security Credentials for Kubernetes

How to Isolate Security Credentials for Kubernetes | Secrets Effectively. This is one of the numerous posts by TechCommanders in a series for studying for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam.

Easy and Fast Adjustment of Kubernetes CPU and Memory

Assigning and Managing CPU and Memory resources in the Kubernetes can be tricky and easy at the same time. Having done this task for numerous customers, I have decided to create a framework zone.

The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Personal K3S Cluster

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can setup a complete k3s cluster which is completely compatible with upstream Kubernetes and has added functionality for simple deployment on Virtual Machines.

Modify Helm 3 Release Manifest

You can ask Helm to re-try the upgrade (under some circumstance, you might need this technique to force Helm to retry) but Helm can never recover from this error unless you manually modify the latest release manifest and update the “API version” to the one that is supported by your cluster.

Kubernetes for Beginners — Part 01

There are many concepts in Kubernetes such as Deployments, Services, Resources, ConfigMaps, Secrets, ReplicaSets etc. But all these concepts are based on YAML. Through this tutorial series, I will discuss each and every concept in Kubernetes.

Understand ConfigMaps = Configure a Pod to Use a ConfigMap — CKA Exam Preparation Series

We need to configure applications and that need a reference to some special bits such as our API Keys, secret keys, and some tokens. Our project like a website or app might be tunable using configuration settings. For example: We can have a PHP.ini file or we can have environment variables and flags that change logic in your app.

Understand the Kubernetes API primitives — CKA Exam Preparation Series

In this post, we will explore API and interact with it by sending the REST requests without using kubectl. When we are using Kubernetes we can have multiple API versions on different API Paths, such as/API/v1 or /APIs/extensions/v1beta2.

Implement etcd backup and restore — CKA Exam Preparation Series

This is one of the numerous posts by TechCommanders in a series for studying for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam.

Learn how to Secure a Kubernetes Cluster — CKA Exam Preparation Series

This is one of the numerous posts by TechCommanders in a series for studying for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam. Become a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)!

Kubernetes Cost Savings By Reducing The Number Of Clusters

Reducing the number of clusters can save a lot of cost without affecting the stability of your system. Finding the right answer to this question is as not easy as having many clusters has advantages and disadvantages compared to running only one or a few clusters, as discussed in this article.

Kubernetes Architecture Explained in Brief

Kubernetes has become the most sought after orchestration platform because of its overwhelming features, including scaling, auto-deployment, and resource management across multiple clusters of hosts.

How to Troubleshoot a Kubernetes Cluster- CKA Exam Preparation Series

So, in this post, I will help you to understand the internal working of Kubernetes and give you some tips which will help you to navigate issues in Kubernetes.