How to Play YouTube Audio From Your Alexa

Build an Alexa Skill to play audio from YouTube videos. Have you ever wanted to ask Alexa to play the audio of a YouTube video? Just say “Alexa, Ask Hey Tube to play Whitesnake” and listen to a great Whitesnake track from YouTube. In this article, I will show how to build a Custom Alexa Skill to connect your Amazon Echo device to YouTube.

Keras Custom Layers - Lambda Layer and Custom Class Layer

In this article we will study the concept of Custom Layers and we will see some examples to build our own custom layer. Leran how to customize layers in keras - Keras Custom layers using two methods - Lambda layers and Custom class layer. learn their implementation & example

AWS Lambda Now Supports Node.js Version 8.10!

A best practices walkthrough of how to write efficient Node.js 8.10 code on AWS Lambda. This is packed with examples of how to re-write your existing Node.js 6.10 code as well!

What Is Lambda Expression?

Lambda expressions have often been the subject of mystery for developers. Here's a short explanation on what they actually are. Let's find out what is Lambda Expression exactly and how, why, where and when is it being used

A deno runtime for AWS Lambda

A deno runtime for AWS Lambda. Deploy deno via SAM, serverless, or bundle it yourself.

How to automatically process data with AWS fargate

How to automatically process data with AWS fargate when upload on AWS S3. In this story you will learn how to automatically process your data in a Machine Learning pipeline on AWS.

Saving 95% on infrastructure costs using AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda vs. AWS SageMaker for realtime machine learning inference. Disclaimer: I am the developer behind Model Zoo, a model deployment platform focused on ease-of-use.

The Gems of Python — 7 Features You Should Know

You most likely have heard great things about the Python programming language — English-like syntax, easy-to-learn, highly versatile, and the Swiss army knife of programming. Python is easy to learn, and the language combines ideas from functional, structured, and OOP paradigms, making it an extremely powerful and dynamic language. Where other languages take numerous lines of code to accomplish a task, Python often can do the same using a single-liner. Such is the joy of programming in Python. And beginners and experts alike are learning new tricks every day.

How to Install Python Packages for AWS Lambda Layer

A guide on how to build Python Packages for AWS Lambda Layers using Docker containers. When I first heard about AWS Lambda I was quite confused about what it was and tried to use it to train a simple ML model but was hit with a hard 5 minutes execution limit. Fast-forward a few years, I believe Lambda has evolved a lot and so have people’s understanding of event-driven systems and serverless compute. It has become part of many modern applications and data architects.

AWS Lambda — Sending Slack notification

In this article, we are talking about Incoming Webhooks with AWS Lambda.In addtion, we'll learn more about how we can send the slack message from AWS Lambda using Incoming Webhooks.

Exposing HTTP API Gateway Via AWS CloudFront | Detailed Guide

AWS has saved a lot of money for their customers who were looking for a simple proxy to expose serverless application by releasing HTTP API Gateway. In this blog, we will learn how to serve HTTP API Gateway via AWS CloudFront as it by default does not support edge optimised endpoint

Deploy Your C++ Lambda with Docker

In this article we will explore how you can use your C++ runtime with Lambda Functions. AWS Lambda allows us to use our app in a serverless architecture. As an addition to all the available runtimes in AWS Lambda.

Low Code Serverless Integration With Kumologica

Kumologica is one of the early players in this space which is bringing the benefits of the traditional low-code integration platforms to the new world of FaaS. By now, you may have noticed the trend in IT to reduce the size of existing things (projects, teams, releases, hardware, services). It seems like yesterday when we were talking about the need to break the monolith into microservices and we are already talking about encapsulating your logic into functions.

Serverless Integration of JIRA Using Kumologica

We will create a “Contact Us” HTML form that is present on most of the websites and integrate it with Jira Service Desk using the Kumologica. In this article, we will create a “Contact Us” HTML form that is present on most of the websites and integrate it with Jira Service Desk using the Kumologica Designer flow running on AWS Lambda.

Orchestrating Puppeteer From Lambda With Zero Lines of Code

In this article, we will look into the details of how to use the Kumologica Puppeteer node to capture website content. In this article, we will look into the details of how to use the Kumologica Puppeteer node to capture website content. For those who are not familiar with Kumologica, let me give a quick overview. Kumologica is a free low-code development tool to build serverless integrations.

Splunk Logging in Lambda Using Low Code Approach

In this article we will see how application logs can be sent to Splunk from lambda using Kumologica Splunk node.

AWS Serverless Application Lens 

The whitepaper on AWS Serverless Application Lens is a treasure trove of information on how to correctly design a serverless application on AWS. However, if you are short on time and want a gist of the whitepaper, this article aims to provide that for you. Although in order to become an AWS serverless ninja, the whitepaper, especially the links included in it are highly recommended.

Invoke AWS Lambda with Another Lambda Function with Nodejs

In this article, I will show you how to invoke a lambda function from another lambda function.

Deployment of Web Apps with CloudFront, S3, Lambda and Cookies

If you host apps on AWS there are managed services helping you release changes gradually avoiding risky “big bang” deployments. For…

Lambda Authorizers to the Rescue

How to reduce unnecessary toil on AWS API Gateway. To combat this potentially hazardous scenario, Lambda Authorizers come to the rescue. Authenticate how exactly you need to, as long as the lambda returns either false , or a role with the correct permissions you wish to gran