Speech to Text using AWS Transcribe, S3 and Lambda

Create a Lambda function using python to trigger AWS Transcribe whenever a new file is uploaded to the input S3 bucket. Send an email with the transcription job details when the transcription is completed using S3 events.

Creating Custom Activation Functions with Lambda Layers in TensorFlow 2

In this tutorial, we'll learning to create a simple custom ReLU activation function using lambda layers in TensorFlow 2. If you are still wondering about it then this article is for you.

AWS API Gateway to Lambda Tutorial in Python | Build a HTTP API

API Gateway is an AWS service that allows you to build HTTP or REST APIs. In this video, I walk you through how to create a HTTP endpoint, followed by how to create a Lambda function. Finally, I show you how to connect the Lambda function to the API Gateway endpoint!

Automated AWS Elastic IP monitoring with Shodan

Automated AWS Elastic IP monitoring with Shodan. Our solution - a lambda function crawls all the existing Public IPv4 addresses from AWS services and checks them with Shodan for security.

.NET Core 3.1 + AWS Lambda - Deploy a .NET Core API and SQL Server DB to Lambda and RDS

How to setup an AWS environment from scratch and deploy a .NET Core 3.1 API to AWS Lambda that connects to a SQL Server database running on AWS RDS (Relational Database Service) and sends email using AWS SES (Amazon Simple Email Service).

How to stream AWS CloudWatch logs to LOGIQ

How to stream AWS CloudWatch logs to LOGIQ. You can easily stream your AWS CloudWatch logs into LOGIQ, thereby letting you monitor your AWS resources applications along with everything else you’re watching with LOGIQ.

Java Lambda. Lambda Is A Short Block Of Code That Is A Function Do Not Have A Name

Lambda was added to Java in version 8. Lambda was added to Java in version 8. Similar to Python lambda is a short block of code that is a function do not have a name. Like functions they can take in arguments and returns a value. Unlike Pythons lambda Java has its own way of using lambda. Like in Python lambda functions are typically used in higher order functions or functions that take in another function as an argument.

Load Test Your Serverless Apps

Load test your Serverless apps.The goal of load testing is to ensure that the architecture and system design works for the amount web applications of traffic expected. The serverless application would be to overloading the system with too many requests in a short period time. This article explains an approach to run load tests for serverless application using “Artillery Core”

Serverless Framework vs. AWS CDK

Serverless Framework and AWS CDK are infrastructure-as-code tools that complement one another. Tagged with serverless, aws, cdk. Serverless Framework vs. AWS CDK. CDK, Terraform, or Serverless Framework?

Create a Serverless Backend on AWS with Lambda and Aurora | Step by Step Tutorial

In this video, I show you how to create a completely serverless backend using an AWS Lambda function and RDS Serverless instance.

Serve images with AWS Lambda and Node.js

Serve images with AWS Lambda and Node.js - Write the Node.js Lambda handler in image the virtual editor or on your local machine and deploy code to AWS. Change the amount of time that Lambda allows a function to run before stopping it. The Lambda function from this tutorial lives on Git .

Energy Monitoring With AWS Services and Go

Energy Monitoring With AWS Services and Go. AWS services to build and deploy a personal solution for monitoring electricity usage. In this part, we’ll look more closely at the Golang-based lambdas.

Best Practices for Deploying Kubernetes Workloads in the Serverless Era

Best Practices for Deploying Kubernetes Workloads in the Serverless Era. Keywords : AWS, Lambda, EKS, k8s, Lambda Layers, Secrets Manager. We’ll deployment a simple hello world job using a lambda function with strategies having workloads limited access to the kubernetes cluster.

Working with AWS DynamoDB using Lambda and C#

DynamoDB is AWS NoSQL DB Service. The term “service” here means that Amazon takes care of the hardware, patching, and scaling. NoSQL Database is good for fast storage, which can easily scale horizontally. Also, it’s good in the case that your data doesn’t have a fixed set of fields. When each record seems like a document (that’s why Microsoft named his NoSQL DB DocumentDB). Billing for DynamoDB depends on few factors, such as read and write capacities.

A Guide to Python Advanced Features

Python is a simple but expressive and powerful language. If you have learned the basics of Python, such as basic data structures and functionalities, then it's time to learn the complex features now. In this tutorial, we'll learn guide to Python Advanced Features.

AWS Cloud Front Functions

AWS CloudFront Functions. They can do wonders on the content we serve through the Amazon CloudFront. What is CloudFront Function. Lambda, Lambda @ Edge, CloudFront Functions, CloudFront CDN distributions and the Origin. The AWS console and go over to the CloudFront page.

Serverless Image Processing with AWS Lambda and S3

Serverless Image processing with AWS Lambda and S3. Creating image thumbnails with Lambda service whenever an image is uploaded on Amazon S3. The image to the API Gateway (the open source image processing software). A Step by Step tutorial of using AWS Lambda.

How to Build A Serverless S3 Object Lowercaser

Learn how to build a serverless S3 object lowercase. The solution for us making up being create a serverless to avoid S3 bucket object key lowercase. Leveraging S3 bucket event notifications uppercase and AWS Lambda to automatically lower case all object keys in a bucket.

How to Set up Selenium in Visual Studio for Automated Browser Testing of Web Apps

In this Selenium C# tutorial, we are going to help you set up Selenium in Visual Studio and run your first Selenium C# example script. Let's explore it with us now.

Automatically Trigger Lambda Functions | Fit-DevOps

Automatically Trigger Lambda Functions | Fit-DevOps. Lambda functions can be triggered based on the events either synchronously and asynchronously. In this guide, We will learn how to trigger lambda functions using the Cloudwatch events.