How To Get Started With Machine Learning: A Tutorial For Beginners By A Beginner

I Learned Machine Learning in a Weekend, here's how I did it and the steps that I would recommend to take if you want to do the same!

Overview on Azure DevOps

Lean Devops with our Online DevOps Course. DevOps Online Training or DevOps Training Online is aligned with Devops Certification or DevOps engineer certification.

How Can We Practically Learn Power BI Sitting at Home?

Learn Power BI with igmGuru Online Power BI Course which helps you to Master in Data Visualization. Enroll for Microsoft Power BI Online Training and certification.

Best Way to Teach Kids to Read

A simple, step-by-step program that will help parents teach their children to read in just 12 weeks. Children as young as two or three years old can learn to read using this effective program.

10 Intro Books On AI To Bring You Up To Speed

Snippet: Here are 10 intro books on artificial intelligence to kickstart your AI journey.

Update Document in MongoDB Part-2 | Update & UpdateMany Methods | Asp.Net Core

LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBEIn this tutorial, I will discuss the basic query or command of MongoDB Database. We will learn how to update documents fro...

Java Online Classes - Learn From Home

As a part of this [Java online certification]( "Java online certification") course, you will master the design patterns in Java and all the Java basics.

IISc Announces A New PG Programme In Deep Learning

This 10-month executive program is designed for aspiring and practising AI/ML professionals who want to build expertise in deep learning.

Free Online Resources For Kids To Learn Robotics In 2021

Learning robotics opens up a wide range of career opportunities for kids in future. In this article, we will share the best eight resources for kids to learn robotics.

Best Schools For Robotics Engineering In India - Analytics India Magazine

Students fascinated by robots and are willing to understand the mechanism behind them, exploring a career in robotics engineering could be fruitful.

IIT Madras Launches Online Courses In Advanced Programming

IIT Madras collaborated with GUVI to launch courses in advanced programming for students and working professionals.

Free docker lab 105 (Operating docker container)

In this video we will be discussing docker lab 105. Operating docker container You can practice docker without installing on your local computer. Link for la...

Free docker lab 104 (Creating Docker image with Dockerfile)

In this video we will be discussing docker lab 104. Creating Docker image with Dockerfile You can practice docker without installing on your local computer. ...

Free Kubernetes basic labs get hand on practice

We have created Kubernetes labs for new users, you can practice them free of cost using play with kubernetes Kuberenteslab 101 Building single master cluster Kuberenteslab 102 Pods with kubectl...

Learning Machine Learning In Preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

This article will explore reviews and other relevant materials on ML and AI courses. I have ranked them based on my own experience. Also, I included all the useful materials that I remember, links to some websites that I found very helpful.

CBSE & Intel Set Guinness World Records For Delivering Virtual Lesson

The CBSE and Intel India has created a Guinness World Records for taking an online class on AI for a maximum number of attendees in 24 hours.

CSS Basics for Absolute Beginners

The best thing about CSS is that it allows you to make global changes throughout your website thereby maintaining a consistent appearance. It means that you don’t have to change each and every page individually, instead, CSS helps you to change every instance of a particular element in a single go, saving you loads of time!

Python Max Int | What's the Maximum Value of int Data Type in Python

When it comes to python max int or what is the maximum value of integer in python, this query doesn't apply to the python programming.

Azure Management Tools

You can configure the Azure resources by utilizing a broad range of tools and platforms. These tools range from the command line, language-specific Software Development Kits (SDKs), developer tools for migration, and many others.

How to Learn Programming Effectively in 2020

How to Learn Programming Effectively in 2020 In this video I will talk about how to learn programming efficiently and effectively. Some of my favorite resources online include freeCodeCamp, and if you want to know how to learn programming quickly, their website offers heaps of great courses to do this.