6 Essential Tips to Become a Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer is an engineer who can handle all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. 6 Essential Tips to Become a Full Stack Developer

How to easily send and receive data with an iframe

Iframes get a bad wrap for everything from security problems, to usability and SEO issues. Despite this, they are one of the tools at our disposal, and knowing how to use them effectively could open the door to new solutions to old problems.

Save Better Code Snippets With thiscodeWorks

The way code snippets are saved in thiscodeWorks is like a board — think Pinterest. When you visit your dashboard, you can straight up see all the snippets you've saved — and even filter them down by language, hashtag, or collection to make scanning easier.

Where To Learn Java For Android App Development

Java is a universal choice for programmers looking for a robust, easy-to-use coding language with cross-platform capabilities.

13 Reasons Why It’s High Time to Start Learning to Program

Given my experience as a software engineer and Java tutor, I’ve come up with many reasons, and, in this blog post, I am going to share them with you. Hope they will lead you to an informed decision.

Learning to Code: How to Boost Up the Process?

Learning to Code: How to Boost Up the Process? I also often recommend different online and offline resources to my students to make their learning process easier, more effective, and faster. And in this post, I will share a few tips with you.

Coding 101: Who is Json?

Json, or rather JSON, is an important acronym in the tech world. JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is frequently used by data professionals, software engineers, and folks in IT.

Google OAuth2/OpenID Chrome Extension Login System

Don’t build your own authentication system; leverage Google OAuth2 for your Google Chrome Extension. This is our unique Chrome Extension key. Copy and paste that into the “manifest.json” of the Chrome Extension you’re actually developing. (the folder you chose for the “Pack Extension” step)

12 Fun Challenges to Learn React Native

You want to learn React Native? Here's 12 exercises to that will help you do that.The post is inspired by a free self-paced workshop I've created. If you're interested in guided instructions, solutions, and extra exercises check it out!

Learning Python: The Prompt, Then Read Template

The most Python programs will consist of three steps — getting input into the program, processing the input in some way, and outputting the results of the processing. I’m going to focus on one part of that step — getting input into a program — by prompting the user to enter some data and then reading the data into the program. This is a mostly straightforward process except for some data conversions that have to occur when you are inputting numbers.

Ditch Web Development, Cloud Development Is What You Need ☁️

The “Learn How to Code” Hype Train. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that “becoming a developer” is all the rage.

Learning to Code: Day 4 — Introduction to CSS

Hey everyone, it’s Monday and that means I’ve been working my shifts and been to the gym after so this post is coming in a bit later than usual, however I’ve been keen to get back into the coding all day so let’s jump in and learn something new!

Building Your Own Programming Language

In this article, I will explain how an interpreter works. If you want read the code before, just check the tiny-lang repository on Github.

Learning C++: Overloading the Input and Output Operators

In this article I’m going to show you how to overload the input operator (>>) and the output operator (<<) so that you can use them with your class objects.

Learning JavaScript: Computing with Object Methods

JavaScript has a set of built-in methods you can use with your user-defined objects. In this article I’m going to discuss several of these methods and how you can use them in your JavaScript programs.

A Visual Guide to Python Slices and Indexes

Beginner guide to understanding Python’s slice object. If you’re unsure about how Python indexes and slices strings, this article is for you! First, let’s explore indexes. (Indices for the grammatically correct!).

Learning C++: Getters and Setters in Class Definitions

In this article will cover how to create and use getters and setters . One of the advantages of using classes for objects in C++ is you can hide the member variables by making their access private. Doing so…

Create a Email/Password Login System for Your Chrome Extension

Create a basic login system using NodeJS, Express, and Javascript This tutorial uses a boiler-plate Google Chrome Extension setup. If you want to know how to get that setup, Check out my write-up here:

13 Free/Low-Cost Sites to Supercharge Your Programming Self-Education

Although we still talk about programming as a standalone career, the dominance of technology in our lives makes it clear that coding is much more than a career path. In my opinion, computer science is more than a college major or a high-paid job; it’s a skill, essential for thriving in a modern-day economy. Whether you work in healthcare, marketing, business, or other fields, you will see more coding and have to deal with a growing number of technologies throughout your entire life.

The Top 16 Websites to Learn Programming in 2020

So, you’ve chosen the programming language to learn and decided to start browsing all over the Internet looking for a course that will satisfy your requirements. That’s where you may encounter a problem because there are tons of great resources on the web to help newbies learn coding from nothing. The question is: which one to choose?