MongoDB SSL with Self-Signed Certificates in C#

A simple guide on how to connect MongoDB SSL to your C# Application using Self-Signed Certificates for maximum security and availability.

We are all already addicted to AI

I have been on a 30-day challenge to improve my knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI), to understand how it works and how it impacts our lives, and this section talks about how not only have we already integrated it in our everyday lives, but in some cases already love it and depend on it.

10 Days With “Deep Learning for Coders”

My experience with the course and the book from “fastai”. I started Practical Deep Learning for Coders 10 days ago. I am compelled to say their pragmatic approach is exactly what I needed.

How are learning Curves helpful?

Evaluating machine learning models the right way. Learning curves are useful in analyzing a machine learning model’s performance over various sample sizes of the training dataset.

7 Free eBooks every Data Scientist should read in 2020

Learning a new skill doesn’t have to be expensive. You only need time and dedication to learn a new skill in 2020. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of 7 free eBooks that will help you learn Data Science and Machine Learning.

In Your First Programming Job, Attitude Beats Skill

In Your First Programming Job, Attitude Beats Skill. What I’ve learned interviewing dozens of junior developers

The Top 10 Data Science Books

The best Data Science and Machine Learning books this Fall. I will highlight the top 10 books for Data Science, along with their respective costs, and will share some information on and opinions on the main topics covered in each book.

How to Accelerate Your Programming Knowledge with Multiple Streams of Learning

In this blog post I argue that MSL is the approach to use when it comes to learning and skill-building.

Five myths about learning data analytics

Five myths about learning data analytics. It really shouldn’t: thinking that you can’t because you didn’t like math in school is one of five myths about learning analytics I’ve identified.

How not to be Overwhelmed with Data Science

How not to be Overwhelmed with Data Science. If your goal is to master all concepts and tools in data science, you will never get there.

Ditch Web Development, Cloud Development Is What You Need ☁️

The “Learn How to Code” Hype Train. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that “becoming a developer” is all the rage.

Three Month Plan to Learn Mathematics Behind Machine Learning

In this article, I have shared a 3-month plan to learn mathematics for machine learning. As we know, almost all machine learning algorithms make use of concepts of Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability & Statistics, etc.

Tips for Becoming a Software Engineer: Hands-on Experience

It is impossible for a trainee software developer to become a trustworthy professional in just one year. However, your first year in programming may bring you many valuable lessons and insights. What to expect if you are starting your way in programming? What tips does a novice developer hear from senior colleagues every day? That’s what we’ll talk about here.

Taking On Computer Science

ʺDon’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself. ʺ -Bill Gates

Meet Silq- The First Intuitive High-Level Language for Quantum Computers

Programmers have hit a goldmine with Silq, a new high-level programming language for quantum computing.

Why I Am Relearning Angular

Learning Angular basics was overwhelming, but not hard. A couple of Udemy courses and tons of youtube videos made it easy and fun to learn. Working at a startup, I got my hands on multiple projects developed in Angular and I had fun creating them.

12 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Data Science in 2020

12 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Data Science in 2020: StatQuest With John Starmer; CoreySchafer; Sentdex;; 3Blue1Brown; Krish Naik; Python Programmer; Tech With; TimBrandon Folt; Tiffin; HelloMayuko; 365 Data Science.

Deep Dive into AI (the final frontier)

Exploring some advantages and disadvantages of AI. After the first section, I was able to define AI, the second section led to the revelation that a woman helped spur AI, the third section gave me more resources to learn about AI, and this fourth section is a deep dive.

Learning to Code: Day 4 — Introduction to CSS

Hey everyone, it’s Monday and that means I’ve been working my shifts and been to the gym after so this post is coming in a bit later than usual, however I’ve been keen to get back into the coding all day so let’s jump in and learn something new!

5 great free resources to learn Python

5 great free resources to learn Python: Python for those new to coding; Python crash course for people with coding experience; Python exercises for all levels; Python automation book and course; Python free books.