Louis Jones

Louis Jones


This Weird Skill Helps You Learn to Code Faster

Follow the science and learn to code faster with this unexpected skill that can literally increase white & gray matter in the brain.  

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This Weird Skill Helps You Learn to Code Faster
Meghal Raval

Meghal Raval


VSCode Has Dev Tools & Console

How would you like to have your entire web development experience, all of the tools you need, completely inside VS Code?

In addition to our code and terminal we now have a browser, browser dev tools, and... wait for it, the console!!

You can now solely use VS Code for tweaking CSS values, debugging JavaScript with break points, and viewing the browser CONSOLE!

⏱️ Timestamps ⏱️
00:00 - Intro
00:22 - The Old Way
00:50 - New Setup Demo
01:20 - Why Microsoft Edge?
01:51 - Back to the setup
03:47 - Too Much?
04:40 - CSS Workflow
06:03 - Enable Auto-Reloading
07:53 - JavaScript Debugging Workflow
10:23 - The Console!
11:08 - Is It Good??

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VSCode Has Dev Tools & Console
Erna  Herzog

Erna Herzog


9 JavaScript Array Tips You Should Know

Arrays are an integral part of JavaScript that you will be using all the time in your web development career. Here are 9 JavaScript array tips I use on a daily basis that help me build websites and apps.

What are your favorite tips for arrays in JavaScript? Let us know in the comments!


Introduction: 0:00

Duplicate an Array: 0:09

Merge Arrays: 0:39

Filter Unique Values in Array: 1:07

Array Items Matching a Condition: 1:49

Check if Every Item in Array Matches Condition: 2:24

Check if Some Items in Array Match Condition: 3:09

Intersection of Arrays: 3:35

Difference of Arrays: 4:28

Sort Items in an Array: 5:28

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9 JavaScript Array Tips You Should Know
Sam  Richards

Sam Richards


Software Developer vs Software Engineer - The Difference

Software Developer vs Software Engineer - The Difference

Is the difference between software developers and software engineers? Do software developers and software engineers do different work?

#learntocode #softwaredeveloper #softwareengineer

Software Developer vs Software Engineer - The Difference
Sam  Richards

Sam Richards


1 Trick to Get Software Engineering Job (fast & Free) with No Experience

How to get a software engineering job faster than a bootcamp and cheaper than being self-taught. The trick to getting a software engineering job fast and free is to enroll in college for the purpose of qualifying for software engineering internships after 4-8 months, which means you don’t have to finish your degree to get a software engineering job.

Contact: https://supersimple.dev/feedback
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supersimple.dev

0:00 Intro
0:24 Interning After 4 Months of College
2:26 The Trick
2:47 My Personal Experience
3:35 How Good You Have to Be
4:33 What to Do After
5:06 Don’t Have to Finish 4 Year Degree
5:30 Downsides
6:39 Conclusion

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1 Trick to Get Software Engineering Job (fast & Free) with No Experience
Sam  Richards

Sam Richards


How to Prepare for Software Engineer Interviews (2021)

A complete overview and guide on how to prepare for software engineer interviews that involve coding, algorithms, LeetCode, and other technical questions.

Written guide: https://supersimple.dev/interview-guide
Business logic problems: https://leetcode.com/list/5kbfgffs/
Recursion problems: https://leetcode.com/list/5kj54sng/
Grid iteration problems: https://leetcode.com/list/5kj91dsr/
Runner technique problems: https://leetcode.com/list/5kj9st1j/

Memoization problems: https://leetcode.com/list/5kjov0im/
Dynamic programming problems: https://leetcode.com/list/5kjoda07/

0:00 Intro
0:27 2 Types of interviews (LeetCode vs normal)
1:24 7 Types of questions
1:48 1. Algorithm problems
2:48 How to find algorithms
4:13 Most common algorithm tricks
6:24 Memoization and dynamic programming
7:22 Coding vs whiteboard & hard LeetCode interviews
8:37 2. Practical coding
9:33 3. Systems design
11:22 4. Past experiences
12:37 5. Behavioral interview
14:10 Trick to behavioral interview
14:52 In-person interview vs screens
15:16 6. Phone screen
17:16 7. Take home assignment

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How to Prepare for Software Engineer Interviews (2021)
Brandon  Adams

Brandon Adams


Top Coding Languages to Learn From Home as a Beginner

Learn about the top coding languages to learn from home if you are just starting out in software development. We’ll walk through a few different language options and discuss what programming languages are good to start with and why. #sponsored #coding #softwaredevelopment #learntocode

Thank you Coursera for sponsoring this video!

Coursera’s Python for Everybody Specialization (Affiliate Link)

Coursera’s Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization (Affiliate Link)

TikTok for programming tips on the go

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What is a Framework? https://youtu.be/HXqBlAywTjU
What is a JSON Object? https://youtu.be/nlYiOcMNzyQ
What is an API? https://youtu.be/T74OdSCBJfw
What are API Keys? https://youtu.be/1yFggyk--Zo
Using APIs with Postman https://youtu.be/0LFKxiATLNQ

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GitHub | https://github.com/blondiebytes

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Top Coding Languages to Learn From Home as a Beginner
Sam  Richards

Sam Richards


BEST JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners for Getting A Job 2021

Build a full app in this JavaScript tutorial, designed to help new programmers get into the tech industry. Exercises, code, cheatsheet: https://supersimple.dev/courses/javascript-beginner-course-20201
0:00 Intro
1:20 What is programming?
2:18 Intro to Javascript
6:54 First project setup (Google Tasks)
8:18 Intro to HTML
10:48 Javascript variables & values
13:59 HTML structure & div element
16:49 The Document Object Model (DOM)
22:53 Functions
27:43 Arrays
31:14 Loops
33:03 HTML attributes & button clicks
34:26 Creating a todo using a text box
38:51 Re-rendering after data changes
44:47 Javascript variable syntax (let & const)
46:01 Adding a due date to each todo
47:57 Objects
52:22 Adding a delete button to each todo
55:27 Setting up the delete button
1:03:01 Return value of a function
1:05:32 Boolean values
1:08:05 If-statements
1:12:33 Array filter & deleting a todo
1:14:25 Debugging type errors
1:17:47 MVC architecture
1:24:48 Why is MVC important?
1:28:55 What is a Javascript framework?
1:30:56 MVC practice (save & retrieve)
1:39:42 Functions as values
1:41:42 Arrow functions & closures
1:44:39 Conclusion

#javascript #learntocode #techjobs

BEST JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners for Getting A Job 2021
Sam  Richards

Sam Richards


Git Branching and Merging - Detailed Tutorial

Learn Git branching and merging and use it with GitHub in the feature branch workflow. Branching and merging are powerful features of Git and GitHub that allows teams to work simultaneously in a project. Once you learn branching and merging, you’ll be at a professional level of Git and GitHub.

Part 1 of this Git and GitHub tutorial:

Part 2 of this Git and GitHub tutorial:

Git and GitHub cheatsheet:

0:00 Branching
1:42 Branching example
11:31 Merging
19:23 Merge conflicts
27:26 Feature branch workflow
37:51 Update local repository after merge
40:27 Merge conflicts in feature branch workflow
48:52 Resolve merge conflicts on our computer

#git #github #learntocode #codingtutorial #webdeveloper

Git Branching and Merging - Detailed Tutorial
Sam  Richards

Sam Richards


I Got into A Bay Area Tech Company!!

I have been doing software engineering interviews for the past month and I’m joining a Bay Area tech company as a senior software engineer! I also give an update on what’s going on with the channel now that I’m starting a new job with a Bay Area tech company.

0:00 I’m joining a Bay Area tech company!
0:39 What will happen with this channel
0:56 Thanks for your support!
1:14 Why I teach coding
1:32 What’s next?

#learntocode #bayareatech #caliorbust

I Got into A Bay Area Tech Company!!
Sam  Richards

Sam Richards


How to Learn Programming Languages in 1 Day (using Google)

Programmers can learn new programming languages in 1 day using Google. I’ll use a language I’ve never used before to code a project, and show you how I use Google to learn new languages fast.

2048 game: https://play2048.co/

Contact: https://supersimple.dev/feedback
Behind the scenes: https://www.instagram.com/supersimple.dev/
Latest updates: https://twitter.com/SuperSimpleDev

0:00 Intro
0:40 Setup
1:14 How to break down problems
2:17 Reference points
2:59 Use Google to search for features
5:06 Use Google to search for errors
8:04 More examples of breaking down problems
10:35 Conclusion

#learntocode #python #javascript #codingtutorial

How to Learn Programming Languages in 1 Day (using Google)

Working with NumPy | Even More Python for Beginners - Data Tools [27 of 31]

Working with NumPy

pandas provides DataFrames and tools for working with tabular data. But once the need for labels and column names is removed, there are tools which can offer better support - such as NumPy. We’ll highlight how to work with arrays from NumPy, and show off where NumPy arrays are the appropriate tool for the job.

#numpy #microsoftdeveloper #learntocode

Working with NumPy | Even More Python for Beginners - Data Tools [27 of 31]

Drag & drop feature with React Beautiful DND library + Video

If you ever think about making your web application more interactive or managing data in your app, you may find the drag & drop a useful feature.
Drag & drop is a common feature of modern web applications these days, making the web pages more interactive. There are a bunch of libraries available for programmers to implement this feature in the form of React components. Among them, the react-beautiful-DND is a useful library to make a react component draggable and droppable easily, working with simple javascript concepts. In this article, we will utilize this library to create our draggable component and droppable items. So, this article is yours if you are curious about how to apply the react-beautiful- DND library to create drag & drop functionality. Also, if you find a video tutorial more engaging way to learn, this YouTube video is for you.

Read full blog post from here: http://pezeshkzade.com/blog/drag-drop-feature-with-react-beautiful-dnd-library-video/?preview=true&_thumbnail_id=194

#reactjs #javascript #draganddrop #learntocode #reactnative

Drag & drop feature with React Beautiful DND library + Video