How to Use LeetCode effectively | Best Strategy to Solve LeetCode Problems

In this video we will talk about how to use LeetCode Effectively.

JavaScript Algorithms: Meeting Rooms (LeetCode)

Given an array of meeting time intervals where intervals[i] = [starti, endi], determine if a person could attend all meetings.

How To Merge Two Binary Trees In JavaScript

First we need to make sure the input, the given arguments for our function, that is two binary trees. And the output is a merged tree.

JavaScript Algorithms: Integer to Roman (LeetCode)

Today I am going to show how to solve the Leetcode Roman to Integer algorithm problem.

Binary Search — Find Upper and Lower Bound

This post will introduce one specific application of Binary Search, i.e., when you are asked to find the upper or lower bound, or more precisely, when you need to find the maximum of the smallest value or the minimum of the largest value.

JavaScript Solution to Maximum Depth of N-array Tree

For our last ‘She’s coding’ data structure and algorithm practice event, we chose to solve maximum depth of N-ary tree problem(link). We had interesting discussion about approaches to solve it. In the following blog, I’ll share the common solution to this problem.

JavaScript Solution of Trapping Rain Water

For my last technical interview, I was asked about how to trap rainwater. (Not really 🤪). It was a hard level Leetcode problem. I found it challenging, that’s why I’d like to write a blog about it. To make sure I understand the approach to solve similar problems in the future.

Leetcode Coding Challenge Using Lambda

Ability to register and sign in to the application. Present the problem (questions) Provide an interface for the end-users to write, compile and execute code.

JavaScript Solution to Number of Recent Calls

Number of Recent Calls is one of the leetcode questions that tripped us up. (As you can see how many downvotes it has.🧐) In the following blog, I’ll try to explain the problem and the example line by line to make it easier to understand.

Pyramid Maker

They are so magnificent, in fact, that many people today still believe that they were built by the aliens. So, today we are going to build them in code with recursion.

Power of Four - LeetCode Interview Coding Challenge [Java Brains]

In this video we will learn two different solutions to solve the power of four Leetcode problem

Dynamic Programming Made Easy

Imagine you have a bag of coins where each coin is of value 5 dollars and you have to find the total amount of money available in that bag, What would you do to find the total amount in the bag?

JavaScript Problem Solvers: Minimum Subsequence

Subsequences have always been a concept that trips me up a bit. I don’t know why. But as with anything, the more time I spend working with subsequences, the more I slowly learn and get more comfortable with them

Passing Your Senior Engineering Coding Interview

Love them or hate them, coding interviews are often a necessary part of getting a software engineering job. The format used to be writing solutions to algorithmic problems on a whiteboard.

Solving for Recursive Complexity

A few days ago I bumped into a question on LeetCode where I saw a bunch of people scratching their heads. It was question number 10 titled Regular Expression Matching.

How You Practice With Leetcode for Interviews Is Probably Bad

I’m writing this article because I never want to have someone put in 100s of hours into Leetcode and have them get this false sense of confidence that they can pass any coding interview.

Leetcode 88: Merge Sorted Array

In this Leetcode problem, we have to merge two sorted arrays into one.

JavaScript Problem Solvers: Count Negatives

CASE 012: Flattening The Matrix

How to Solve LeetCode 1539: Kth Missing Positive Number in JavaScript

A Step-by-Step Guide with Code Walk Through In this Leetcode problem, we’re told that we’re given an ordered array of positive integers that has some missing numbers as input, along with a number (k). Our task: find the kth missing number in that input array. Sounds more complicated than it is. Let’s get at it.

Essentials For Successful Software Engineering

Once in a while, I come across an extraordinary programmer or software engineer. When that happens, my first instinct is to observe the way they work and carry themselves. Here are some things I have noticed that many successful software engineers do.