Angular and legacy JavaScript integrations

How to make your Angular SPAs speak "well" with legacy libraries .Angular and legacy JavaScript integrations

A Semi-Deterministic Approach for Directing Your Legacy Code Modernisation and Tests (1/2)

Assessment for EU legacy code and software modernisation ... Guillaume Colin de Verdière explains the method and actions taken by this ... Code Viscosity: a simple metric to evaluate code legacy ... this metric with values chosen to test the code Viscosity that reflect exemplary use cases based on some real situations.

How to safely extend your legacy code?

Working with legacy code can be a barrier to Agile and DevOps, but you can ... The team acquired a project from another part of the organization. ... Developers may not know how the existing code base works but must still fix defects or extend ... How many static analysis violations do you have and how severe are they?

Cloud-Native. Be or not to be?

Problems arise when we discover that the applications that we wrote for running in our datacenters are costly, require big efforts to operate, and perform worse than applications designed from day one for the cloud.

The Secret Guide To Choosing Between Monolith And Microservices

Monolith or microservices? Both architectures have pros and cons, and each particular case should be investigated. UppLabs had a project with a concrete goal — optimization of application performance by migration from a monolithic system to the new microservices’ infrastructure. We came up with a solution that we’re happy to share with you in detail.

3 Hidden Costs of Maintaining Legacy Software

Most companies that‘ve been in business a while are dealing with some form of legacy systems & it come at great cost; not just financially.

How to Decouple a Legacy System

There are many articles explaining how to make a good design and what rules to follow. In this note we will see a concrete example on how to convert a legacy design into a better one.

Dealing with code written by ‘The Others’

What do you feel when you read a poor piece of code? And more important, how do you consider the author? Respect makes a huge difference.

Reviving a legacy codebase with React Native

For the last few months I’ve been helping revive a React Native application after a year long period of inactivity.