Top Web Development Tools for Building Business Applications in 2021

In addition, web technologies help to automate business processes within a company and enhance the overall working efficiency of employees.

Deep dive: Create and publish your first Python library

The complete guide for the creation of a Python library, from zero to CI/CD pipeline and automatic documentation generation.

Top Software Development Tools | Software Development Frameworks & Libraries

Grab the top Software Development Tools, Frameworks & Libraries in the form of an infographic alongwith real-life application examples.

What are the 10 most popular standard libraries in python?

Nowadays, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in AI and Machine Learning. Python is known for its useful libraries and packages that make programming possible even for people without a software engineering background

Code-First Configuration Library for Kotlin

Kotlin and Python are my favorite programming languages. After publishing Kofiko configuration library for Python, I decided to work on a port of it for Kotlin. Actually the porting to Kotlin took significantly more effort, for many reasons.

Top 11 Best Tools and Libraries for Data Visualization

The article discusses “top 11 best tools and libraries for data visualization” and the use cases where they can be used efficiently.

Top 11 best tools and libraries for data visualization

Top 11 best tools and libraries for data visualization. The article discusses “top 11 best tools and libraries for data visualization” and the use cases where they can be used efficiently.

You don’t always need to not reinvent the wheel

This is the story about how I created my own schema validation library: Schemy. I was writing a tiny API for a small app with a few friends. The packaged application weighted around 9 KB. I know, right? I told you. It was small.

The Easiest Way to Print Documents With Javascript — Print.js

Print.js was primarily written to help us print PDF files directly within our apps, without leaving the interface, and no use of embeds. For unique situations where there is no need for users to open or download the PDF files, and instead, they just need to print them.

The Easiest Concept Between a ‘Library’ and a ‘Framework’

If you have experienced in Software Development Industry, you may have wondered or heard this question at least once. It’s also commonly asked on the programming job interview and I find many people struggling with this question.

The Top 5 Java Libraries for Maximum Productivity

Using these libraries will increase your productivity and leverage the work someone else has already done!

Top 15 Angular Component Libraries In 2020 - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Know the top 15 angular component libraries to use in 2020. Which Angular component libraries is best for your app development?

Top 5 JavaScript Libraries to Create an Organizational Chart

Take a look at these recommendations for five application with varying levels of customization and capabilities that can help you build your organizational chart.In this article, we’ll review five JavaScript libraries that allow you to create online organizational charts. To make this info useful for different categories of readers, we’ve gathered together libraries with different functionality and pricing policy.

Top 12 Most Used Tools By Developers In 2020

Frameworks and libraries can be said as the fundamental building blocks when developers build software or applications.These tools help in opting out the repetitive tasks as well as reduce the amount of code that the developers need to write for a particular software.

Say No To Bulky Codes

A captivating walk through Java Libraries and Frameworks. To become a good Java developer, just knowing Java syntax is not enough. There is so much more to work out to become a better Java developer.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Tools and techniques to accelerate your Python NLP projects. Natural Language Processing (NLP): Don't Reinvent the Wheel. Tools and techniques to accelerate your Python NLP projects.

Want a More Usable Angular Library?

Try this and your teammates will enjoy using your angular library.

My deploys module

Description of high-level API module at AlexBerUtils project

How to Setup a Virtual Environment With Different Python Versions:

A complete step-by-step tutorial from start to finish. A virtual environment allows your projects to operate independently from the main Python environment. It provides an effective way to prevent version conflicts between dependencies of different projects.

Python Libraries(NumPy,SciPy,Pandas,SciKit-Learn,Mathplotlib,TensorFlow..)

Python library is a collection of functions and methods that allows us to perform many actions without writing our code. Each library in…