Polar Bear and Her Cub

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Python Script That Sends Birthday Wishes to Your Friends

Python Script That Sends Birthday Wishes to Your Friends - In this blog, we are going to make a Birthday Wisher Script that sends birthday wishes to our friends at 12:00 clock sharp.

Predicting HDB Housing Prices Using Neural Networks

Predicting HDB Housing Prices Using Neural Networks. I will work on a deep dive into the data visualization aspect to derive deeper insights into Singapore HDB housing market for my readers.

Master Google Search in Few Minutes

According to some latest analytics from google, they produce 3.5 billion+ searches per day. They produce over 50,000 queries per second. If you go to google and search for health then 10 billion+ similar search results will appear on google. There is so much amount of data on Google, searching for the best data which we need sometimes can be very hard and painful. But there are some tricks using which we can make google searches more powerful and content friendly. Master Google Search in Few Minutes

What I Learned From Not Accepting My (Bossy) Nature

What I Learned From Not Accepting My (Bossy) Nature. Accept and work with what your natural traits are instead of suppressing yourself.

5 mistakes that got me rejected in many interviews, and everyone should learn from them!

Interviews are one of the most important activities that decide whether a candidate is fit for the position or not, and yet so many of us commit common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Human-Centered AI For Better Health Outcomes

Health care has come a long way and with the integration of artificial intelligence, ML and NLP, clinicians can derive insights from data faster.

Bayesian Thinking

Bayesian thinking considers not only what the data have to say, but what your expertise tells you as well.

The 1'000'000$ Question?

A seemly trivial question goes wild. But what are the odds you know the answer? It’s paradoxical. A question that is very important and/or difficult to answer. Sometimes used ironically.

Digital Transformation of the Global Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Digital Transformation of the Global Economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Advancements in treating COVID-19 and Data Network Effects.

I Asked GPT-3 What It Thinks About Impostor Syndrome

It answered promptly with valid arguments. I asked OpenAI's GPT-3 its opinion about impostor syndrome, and how to overcome it. It provided valid arguments and a way forward.

Life Expectancy and GDP

This report visualizes the data of the life expectancy of the countries across the World. Also, it tries to establish a relationship between life expectancy and GDP per capita of the countries.

How to learn Data Science from Beginners to Masters in just 1 year

The complete compilation of my checklist to learn Data Science for a Beginner to a master is just one year with time travel storytelling. Enjoy Learning!

Forming Good Learning Habits with Duolingo UX

The first time I learned about Duolingo was through a meme — the one where Duo (the owl mascot), would ‘threaten’ users with passive-aggressive notifications if they didn’t continue using the app.

How I became Kaggle 3X-Expert in Just 1 Month and a Master in 3 months!

Let’s talk about my story on becoming a Kaggle Expert in just one month of joining the platform and how I managed to bag multiple medals…

The next big revolution

Our lives will change forever in the near future. Surprisingly for some of you, this article will not talk about political matters but something far more important.

In 2020, Do Workplace Dress Codes Continue to Make Sense?

SCOTUS’ latest LGBTQ+ rights decision makes us question whether workplace dress codes can be part of a renewed commitment to equality.

How Visuals Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

It’s no secret: storytelling is crucial. Visual reports can enhance, not detract from, your organization’s story. These days, it seems like storytelling is the biggest buzzword in business.

Are coding Bootcamps worth it in 2020?

And the year is pretty much halfway through, but bear with me. Programming is a field full of opportunities and I have first-hand experience with Bootcamps during this year.

HR by spreadsheet vs. HR by algorithm

If you are human resources manager, your job is obsolete — you are no longer needed. It is only a matter of time before you are shown the door. The automation in human resources — the process of enhancing the efficiency of the HR departments by freeing employees from tedious manual tasks — is already here.