Zombie Nouns, Abstracts, and Weak Verbs and How I Survived Them

Zombie Nouns, Abstracts, and Weak Verbs and How I Survived Them

My 5 Biggest Fears as a New Developer

Being new is scary! This is how I work through my anxiety and get the work done anyway. My 5 Biggest Fears as a New Developer. Being new is scary! This is how I work through my anxiety and get the work done anyway.

How I got my first UK tech job as an African Immigrant.

I shared this experience on a close Facebook group and seems to inspire a lot of people, so I decide to share it here and hope it… But all these are not enough to break into the UK tech ecosystem. As a new immigrant, you have this curse placed on you zero UK experience.

4 Steps to Actually Finish your Side Project

We’ve all seen the graveyard of abandoned projects folders. Desperately competing for attention but failing in the glow of a new adventure or app that will change the world. I use to do that all the time, now I finished 4 apps, and 2 other projects within the last year by applying the following steps.

From Philosophy Major to DevOps Engineer

How I went from a non-STEM major to DevOps engineer at a Fortune 100 company. Many of my engineering colleagues are surprised to hear that I have a bachelor's degree in philosophy. Those on my team with STEM degrees often tell me it's ..

How to Start Your Programming Journey

The meaning of programming can be vague for many people and it may confuse others. First, we need to know what does programming means? It is simply to give instructions to the computer to do a certain task, and we use a programming language so the computer can understand what do we want exactly.

What I Learned From Not Accepting My (Bossy) Nature

What I Learned From Not Accepting My (Bossy) Nature. Accept and work with what your natural traits are instead of suppressing yourself.

5 mistakes that got me rejected in many interviews, and everyone should learn from them!

Interviews are one of the most important activities that decide whether a candidate is fit for the position or not, and yet so many of us commit common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

How I Managed to Changed my Career from Support IT to a Data Scientist

This article will share my journey to become a certified data scientist, even starting my career as support IT person. I will be sharing how I started and continued my journey, even being busy with my nine to five schedule.

Thoughts on Finding a Data Science Project

Thoughts on Finding a Data Science Project. Sometimes you need to let a project go to someone else at work, and that’s okay.

Overwhelmed as a Data Professional? Here is How to Keep Up

In this article, I share several techniques and an actionable template to organize the content that we consume and make room for new creative ideas in our busy lives as data professionals.

Teaching Yourself to Code? Focus on Getting in the Reps

Teaching Yourself to Code? Focus on Getting in the Reps. How to get in more, better-quality practice to make remarkable progress

What I’ve Learned as a First Time Webinar Speaker

Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills. In this blog, I want to share some of the lessons I’ve learned that improved my public speaking skills.

Machine Learning Techniques in 5 Minutes

In this article, I will help you introduce different machine learning algorithms with their usages, their key factors, and their limitations. We will also see some of the essential metrics that assist in validating the algorithms.

Why My Project Lacks Recognition On The Platforms

Imagine having a brand new car without a plate/registration number! What do you think will happen to the car? If the car is involved in negative situations for examples;

Lessons Learned from Writing 38 Programming Books

What sharing my knowledge has taught me. Unless you’ve spent a couple of decades coding, you may not remember the days when some of the most important information about frameworks, APIs, and even programming languages was as scarce as semicolons in a

My Way to Big Data Engineering

How I screwed things up to end up being on the right path. It’s been quite an adventure since the dawn of my big data engineer career. I started out differently compared to a typical path.

A Rough Copy: Four Things I’ve Learned While Writing My First Book

Forget your doubts, remember your passion, and write with confidence.Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been prolifically writing on here the way I once did. I miss it, but I have another project I’m working on and I’m almost done. I’m writing my first book! It has been a crazy, intimidating, and pain-staking process but I just finished my first draft. Now, I’m working on “beefing” up my word count.

How I Learned to Write By Writing

Trust yourself enough to speak your inner truths. I was an English major long before I learned how to write well. From early childhood through K-12, I read a lot and always participated in language and writing activities — spelling bee champion in elementary school, creative writing and newspaper class in jr. high school and AP English in high school. But I didn’t start out as an English major. I wanted to be a veterinarian or a sports medicine doctor.

Why an Observation From 1896 Could Make You Radically More Efficient

Many of us go through the education system without ever consciously assessing and improving our techniques for becoming more personally productive.