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How Do I Talk to Someone At QuickBooks

While #QuickBooks does offer #live_chat as a way to get assistance, they also have a #phone_number. In total, there are three ways to get in touch with them. The best phone number for QuickBooks is their customer service phone number, and you can get the details and use the free call-back service provided on their website. Therefore, the query as to speak to a live person at Quickbooks is addressed, but in case you are still in doubt, you can follow the procedure below.

Dial phone Number (Quickbooks Support)
Press 1 Speak to a Quickbooks.
Press 3 "speak to a live person at Quickbooks "again in the search bar.
Choose I still need a human, then click Contact Us.
Select Get a callback or Send a message to start a conversation.
Our representatives are available from Monday to Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 7 Am to 4 pm PSTPacific Standard Time.

How Do I Talk to Someone At QuickBooks
Dexter  Goodwin

Dexter Goodwin


Rety: “Live” Coding without The Stress


“Live” coding without the stress

What is this?

Rety is a library that allows you to record the edits you make on one or more pieces of text (usually code) and replay them later to recreate the same typing flow.

This is particularly useful for orchestrating live demos that run without your presence.

It does not come with any particular UI, the UI is up to you. The UI you see in some of the demos in these docs is not part of Rety.

Here’s an example of using it together with the Inspire.js Live demo plugin to do live demos during a talk:

<iframe width="100%" style="aspect-ratio: 560 / 315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZuZizqDF4q8?start=436" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Background & Motivation

I love live coding as a teaching tool, and over the years it has become part of my trademark speaking style.

When combined with some kind of interactive preview, it allows the speaker to demonstrate not only the final state of a coding snippet, but how you get there, and what the intermediate results are. Live coding is to programming what a blackboard is to math or physics.

However, it does create a unique challenge: My live coded slides don't make sense without me. This may be acceptable for a conference talk, which is usually recorded, but not in other contexts, such as teaching a university course, where all instructors need to be able to teach all lectures, and students need to be able to quickly refer to examples shown.

I didn't want to remove live coding from my slides, as I truly believe it is the perfect implementation of the "show, don’t tell" teaching adage, so I thought instead: what if I could record my live coding, and make it replayable? However, doing so manually seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. And thus, rety was born (pronounced like the "rety" in "retype").

After using it extensively for my course at MIT, I started using it during actual conference talks as well, as it was strictly superior to actual live coding: It offered the same progressive development which is the primary benefit of live coding, but none of the fumbling, delays, or mistakes that often come with it. You can watch the first conference talk I did with it, at CSS Day 2022 here (first live demo at 7:15).

Rety is designed to work well with the code editors of Prism Live and CodeFlask but it should work with any <input>, <textarea> or even compatible custom elements.

Basic Usage

To record edits on a textarea (myTextarea):

import Recorder from "https://rety.verou.me/src/recorder.js";

let recorder = new Recorder(myTextarea);

recorder.addEventListener("actionschange", evt => {
    // recorder.actions has been updated
    // evt.detail contains the new (or in some cases changed) action

To replay an array of actions (actionsArray) on a textarea (editor) with default settings:

import Replayer from "https://rety.verou.me/src/replayer.js";

let replayer = new Replayer(editor);

Instead of importing directly from the CDN, you can also use npm:

npm install rety


Rety consists of two classes, residing in correspondingly named modules: Recorder and Replayer.

Recorder class

The Recorder class allows you to record actions on one or more <input>, <textarea>, or any recorder-compatible control.

let recorder = new Recorder(source);

To record actions from a single editor, source can be a reference to that editor. To record actions from multiple editors, pass in an object literal with identifiers as keys and references to the elements as values.


let recorder = new Recorder({
    css: document.querySelector("textarea#css"),
    html: document.querySelector("textarea#html")

The identifiers can be anything you want, e.g. to record actions in a multi-file editor environment, the ids could be the filenames.

Call recorder.start() to start recording and recorder.pause() to temporarily pause recording.

You will find any recorded actions in recorder.actions.

recorder is a subclass of EventTarget, meaning it emits events. You can listen to the actionschange event to respond to any change in the recorder.actions array.

Most changes to recorder.actions will be new actions being added at the end of the array. However, there are few cases where instead of adding a new action, the previous action is modified instead. This happens when the caret moves around or the selection is modified without any other action between changes. To preserve all caret changes as separate actions, you can use the preserveCaretChanges option:

let recorder = new Recorder(source, {preserveCaretChanges: true});

You can also provide options when calling start():

recorder.start({preserveCaretChanges: true});

Constructor: new Recorder(editor [, options])


preserveCaretChangesfalseIf true, will not coalesce consecutive caret position changes
pauseThreshold2000The delay (in ms) between consecutive actions that will cause a pause action to be inserted. Use 0 or false to disable pause actions entirely.
pausesundefinedSet to "ignore" to not record pauses entirely.
pauseCapundefinedSet to a number of milliseconds to cap pauses to that duration.
keysundefinedKeystrokes to record, see How do I record custom keystrokes that don’t produce output?

To record custom keystrokes (that don’t result in output), you’d use the keys parameter with strings like "Ctrl + Shift + E". You can specify one or more keystrokes as an array. By default the keyup event is monitored. You can specify a different event by using an object instead of a string, e.g. {key: "Ctrl + Shift + E", event: "keydown"}.


recorder.start()Start listening to edits
recorder.pause()Temporarily stop listening to edits

Properties and accessors

recorder.actionsThe array of actions recorded so far.

Replayer class

The Replayer class allows you to run a single action or a sequence of actions on an <input>, <textarea>, or any replayer-compatible control.

Constructor: new Replayer(dest [, options])

dest is the same type as the first argument to the Recorder constructor. To replay actions on a single editor element, dest would be a reference to that element. To replay actions that span multiple editors, dest would be an object literal that maps ids to editor elements.


delay140Delay between consecutive actions when runAll() is used
pauses"delay"What to do with pause actions? "delay" will just pause by that amount of time, "pause" will pause playback, "ignore" will discard them. You can also provide a function that decides which of these keywords to return based on the action specifics
animated_selectiontrueShould selections be animated or happen at once?


async replayer.runAll(actions)Run a sequence of actions. Returns a promise that resolves when all actions have ran or the replayer has been paused. If another sequence of actions is currently being played, it will stop it first, then replace the rest of its queue.
async replayer.queueAll(actions)Just like runAll() but instead of replacing the queue, it will add the actions to the existing queue.
async replayer.next()Runs the next action in the queue
async replayer.run([action])Run a single action (except pauses, since this is pretty low-level and does not handle timing).
replayer.pause()Finish the action currently executing (if any), then pause.
async replayer.resume()Resumes playing the current queue.

Properties and Accessors

recorder.queueContains the actions that have been queued up for playing, but have not been played yet. Can also be set, and the array it is set to will be (shallowly) cloned.
recorder.pausedtrue if the Replayer is paused or stopped, false if playing, undefined if the Replayer has not yet been used in any way.
recorder.playedArray with actions that have already been played from the current queue. These actions have been removed from the queue.


How do I record a demo from an arbitrary page, e.g. a live coded slide?

Drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar: ⏺ Rety. Then, when you’re ready to record, press it. It will insert a button at the top right corner that you press to stop recording. When you stop recording, it will log the actions it recorded in the console, for your copying convenience. It will log them in two ways: both as an object, as well as a minified JSON serialization. Unfortunately, it does not yet allow customizing recording options.

What is the browser support?

Generally: all modern browsers. No IE11 or pre-Chromium Edge. More details:

  • Recorder makes heavy use of evt.inputType so it supports browsers that support that
  • Replayer makes heavy use of document.execCommand(), which limits Firefox support to Firefox 89+.
  • Both are written with well-supported modern ES features, such as private members. Since these generally have better support than evt.inputType, I did not bother transpiling.

What about unit tests?

I’m still trying to decide what's the best testing framework for mocking interactions with a textarea. If you have suggestions, please weigh in!

Where is the minified version?

This is currently a tiny codebase, so minifying is more trouble than it’s worth. No, it makes zero difference if you save one KB. If in the future the code grows enough that minifying adds value, there will be a minified version.

If you really can’t live with a non-minified asset, you can always use the generated version by jsdelivr.

I want to record actions from a custom element, not a built-in <input> or <textarea>

Recorder will work fine with any control that meets the following requirements:

  • Implements selectionStart and selectionEnd properties
  • Implements a value property
  • Emits input events with suitable inputType properties
  • Emits select events when the selection changes

I want to run actions on a custom element, not a built-in <input> or <textarea>

Replayer will work fine with any control that meets the following requirements:

  • Implements writable selectionStart and selectionEnd properties
  • Works well with document.execCommand() (the actions used are insertText, delete, forwardDelete, undo, redo)

How do I record custom keystrokes that don’t produce output?

When constructing Recorder objects, you can pass in a keys parameter, which is an array of custom keystrokes to record. These keystrokes can be specified as strings, like Ctrl + Enter or objects (like {key: "Ctrl + Enter", event: "keydown"}), if you also want to specify an event (other than keyup which is the default).

Recorder will then record key actions that match this keystroke. Replayer does not need to be taught about custom keystrokes, it replicates any key action it finds.

Download Details:

Author: LeaVerou
Source Code: https://github.com/LeaVerou/rety 
License: MIT license

#javascript #live 

Rety: “Live” Coding without The Stress
Nat  Grady

Nat Grady


Elemon: Live-reload Electron Application During Development


elemon is a tiny module that tries to provide a simple and yet efficient live-reload tool when developing Electron applications. You just need to pass the app and BrowserWindows and the name of the files that are associated with them as a parameter to the elemon function after your app is ready. Please check out the example below to see how you can easily use it to watch your app and cleanly reload it upon any changes. If the changed file is the main app file, then it relaunch the app and exit the current instance. If the changed file is a file that is associated with a browser window, then that window will only be reloaded.

In fact, setting up a clean live-reload tool when developing an electron application is super simple by using the Electron API. The api already comes with whatever you need; just add a watcher (like chokidar or whatever watcher you like) and you are all set.


npm i elemon --save-dev.



refs {Object} object that takes references to app and browser windows objects and resources

  • app {Object} main app object
  • mainFile {String} main file name
  • bws {Array<Object>} array of browser window objects and their resources [{bw:, res: []}]
    • bw {Object} BrowserWindow object
    • res {Array<String>} array of any file name that is somehow associated with this browser window
      • if you want to watch all files in dir, or if you want the bw to be reloaded on any changes and not necessarily changes on specific file(s), leave the res as empty [].


Suppose it is the app file structure:

  |    |__win1.html
  |    |__win2.html
  |    |__win1.js
  |    |__win2.js
  |    |__style.css

then, in the main process file where usually app and browser windows are created:


const {app, BrowserWindow} = require('electron')
const path = require('path')
const url = require('url')
const elemon = require('elemon')

let win1, win2

function createWindows () {
  win1 = new BrowserWindow({width: 800, height: 600})
    pathname: path.join(__dirname, 'views', 'win1.html'),
    protocol: 'file:',
    slashes: true
  win1.on('closed', () => {
    win1 = null

  win2 = new BrowserWindow({width: 800, height: 600})
    pathname: path.join(__dirname, 'views', 'win2.html'),
    protocol: 'file:',
    slashes: true
  win2.on('closed', () => {
    win2 = null

// ... and other usual stuff ... //

app.on('ready', () => {

  // this is all that you have to add to your main app script.
  // run your app normally with electron, then it will be reloaded
  // based on how you define references here
    app: app,
    mainFile: 'main.js',
    bws: [
      {bw: win1, res: ['win1.html', 'win1.js', 'style.css']},
      {bw: win2, res: ['win2.html', 'win2.js', 'style.css']}

If you want to make sure that you don't get undefined error when you build your app, you can use elemon along with electron-is-dev like this:

npm i electron-is-dev --save

const {app, BrowserWindow} = require('electron')
const isDev = require('electron-is-dev')

function createWindows () {
  // ...

app.on('ready', () => {

  if (isDev) {
    const elemon = require('elemon') // require elemon if electron is in dev
      app: app,
      mainFile: 'main.js',
      bws: [
        {bw: win1, res: ['win1.html', 'win1.js', 'style.css']},
        {bw: win2, res: ['win2.html', 'win2.js', 'style.css']}

That's it. Have fun writing your Electron applications.

Author: Manidlou
Source Code: https://github.com/manidlou/elemon 
License: MIT license

#electron #live

Elemon: Live-reload Electron Application During Development

Gilbert Elena


Game Recording Software Allows To Record Your Game In HD Quality

Game recording software is a type of programme that allows you to record your gaming in high definition. You can post your clips on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and others using these apps. These programmes can be used to store videos in formats such as MOV, MP4, GIF, and others. Many of these tools can also be used to capture live streaming.

Visit: https://smartphonecrunch.com/game-recording-software/

#game #recording #software #desktop #videos #streaming #live


Game Recording Software Allows To Record Your Game In HD Quality

7 Scripts To Develop Live Video Streaming Apps - Streambiz

7 Scripts That Will Help You Build A Live Video Streaming Application. Live Video Streaming App can Be for Live Events or Individuals to Use it for Fun and also Earn Money Online.

StreamBiz is one of the most exclusive offers for you who are looking for the best live stream video app builder. Are you looking for a video host app for your company, educator Institute, or events? Download Now. Click here! StreamBiz is a unique app presented by BSETEC to fulfill your requirement for any time of video streaming creative business plan online. Maybe you are the best marketer in your company who has got the opportunity to present your brand more lively on social media apps. However, if you want to excel now in these times with a personal video app for your business idea, then you should start without any worry. Take the free live streaming script app called StreamBiz available on Google playstore or the Apple store. Get the latest features and technology support for free

Now Here are the 7 Best Scripts for Live Video Streaming Apps 

1. StreamBiz Live Video Script

Build a Bigo live clone or a periscope clone, all you need is Streambiz free video app script to allow the creator to build an exclusive unique video app that can be used for a particular crowd or can be used by anyone to present online. The script is available on Google Play or Apple Store easily without any technology or sign-up interaction. Use this in media, technology, education, sports, corporate, or the government. The app itself is a proud technology provided by one of the excellent and leading technology companies BSETEC

2. Zoom Clone Script

Live video streaming script apps have become more important than any other application, Zoom app is the most suitable for all just like StreamBiz high technology suite for video app development. Zoom video app, mostly used for live conferences, the scream script is now available on our website. It has some amazing features that you can apply while creating a video stream app for your company or business. The feature includes a user can start a video session on zoom and share with others, also anyone can have a personal chat room, group chat, recording of the meeting, and set an extra miles sample for others in the video app script clone business. 

3. Periscope Clone Script Live Streaming App

Periscope is a broadcast live video sharing platform for the targeted audience who are logged in already and for everyone who wants to join and watch hosted videos on periscope. Also, it allows streaming a live moment that can be shared with anyone on any social media app. Periscope is a good app for speakers and educators, business professionals who cover a huge audience at one moment can easily use this, and similarly if you want to clone this app, we have a free live streaming script for video making apps


4. Live TV Stream Script

Interestingly this app script is famous and empowers the user to create a live stream video app. It Is compatible with any desktop and mobile app. The user can easily watch the stream and share it with others on social media. One can have a full panel control to edit, filter, and do lots more. The script can be cloned easily with a live stream script. It has transaction options for all the viewers. And this helps the businessman to earn money through the paid version of the video stream for various events. 

5. Castasy Video Streaming App 

The App is famous and can be used for multiple purposes, we can clone this type of template, and yes. It is very easy and convenient. Anyone can use cactasy so bring a huge new set of video streaming apps in the market with the best features that can be very unique and different for everyone. To clone this app contact our experts now BSETEC

6. Gentle Ninja Meerkat Turnkey App Script

This app script is making a special noise. Yet very interesting, it can be cloned with our free open source code online. The app has features that allow the user to log in via social media, live re-streaming, scheduling, follow up, get the entire management admin panel, and much more. One can just start using our free live streaming script and build the most exclusive video app in less time. 

How Live Streaming has Helped Small Businesses to Grow?

7. Bigo Live App 

The Bigo live app can be cloned easily with the help of a Streambiz, a very useful and smart option that allows the end-user to log in, like, follow and share. Play interesting games and get the best options to earn money online. This is way different than other applications like zoom or periscope. Contact our experts for more details. 

Live Video Streaming App can Be for Live Events or Individuals to Use it for Fun and also Earn Money Online.


Ask us all about live video streaming app cloning, free advice with 100% technical support, free download at https://www.bsetec.com/periscope-clone/ 


#bsetec #bigolive #clonescripts #livestreamingscript #live video #streaming  #apps #live video streaming app #create a live streaming video #live streaming php script #periscopeclone #streambiz 

7 Scripts To Develop Live Video Streaming Apps - Streambiz

Be Like Bigo Live: Create Your Streaming App - Streambiz

 Bigo is a well-known live streaming app with users from more than 150 countries. The app has both live-streaming as well as short video platform,Be Like Bigo Live- learn Create Your own Streaming App using Streambiz BSETEC
We are in the midst of a pandemic, and the whole educational system, the film industry, business houses, and a variety of other industries have all come to a standstill. The ability of a product to reach its clients online has never been more crucial than now. Live streaming app allows people to share their knowledge, learn new skills, and enjoy a real-life experience while sitting on their sofas. With the advent of technology that responds to the demands of society, everything is digital, whether it is teaching, conducting conferences, or even exercising.

Read How to make a live streaming app like bigo live?

What kind of platform Bigo Live is? 

BigoLive is a multibillion-dollar business that offers users a streaming social networking app with extensive functionality and features and Its success is dependent on the social attachment that users get during the engagement process (video-chatting). It does not have advertising, but its monetization model is quite effective because users may utilise both soft and real cash once within the game.

Why is live streaming platforms all the rage these days? 

People are more restricted to their houses and addicted to their digital gadgets in the Covid-19 era and that has made them an avid consumers of content. So, it makes them more addicted to video content over static content. Then the next thing is live streaming, which is attracting So, to add that human aspect, our Periscope Clone Script, StreamBiz gives you a traditional live streaming platform where you may go live in front of thousands of people. It has a lot of features and is regarded as one of the best live streaming scripts. 

What features are included in the StreamBiz clone script's feature-rich clone script?

Developing your own live streaming website or app will be quite expensive. Our Periscope clone script, on the other hand, will be incredibly useful in your app/web development process and will not break the bank. 

  • Go-live Streaming– The "go-Live" function of the clone script allows the user to educate, perform performances, hold meetings, and conferences through live-streaming or broadcasting. It makes everything as simple as ABC, and anyone may use it by just clicking on their displays.
  • Live Comments– Another fantastic feature of StreamBiz is that viewers of the live broadcast may make comments and responses in real time, expressing how much they like the session, asking questions to clarify any worries, or simply offering love.
  • Live Gifts– A very unique feature of our Periscope clone Script is that viewers who are watching the stream may send you a gift in the form of coins if they like your broadcast or if you're conducting a charity event. This function can assist you in obtaining several financial rewards, both for yourself and for your organisation.
  • Withdrawal of the gift– Once your live streaming session is finished and you have a good number of coins, you may contact the app's owner or the Admin to withdraw the amount that the viewers have presented you.
  • It takes less time to develop– Because a clone script is a copy of another website/app, it takes less time to create. With our Live Plus clone script, you may get your website or app up and running in a matter of days.

Summing up 

If you want a whole new way of attracting your target audience, if you want to become one of the biggest players in the industry by disrupting the rules and starting your own live streaming platform like Bigo, then you're at the right place! BSETEC is here to solve your streaming needs with StreamBiz! Contact BSEtec today. 

#live stream app # how to create app like bigo live #bigo live online # periscope clone #bsetec 


Be Like Bigo Live: Create Your Streaming App - Streambiz

The future of live streaming in the business of entertainment

The entertainment industry is rapidly becoming dominated by technology and people no longer rely only on television and radio for entertainment. The way we view major events has evolved in the digital era. Whether it's a new rocket launch into space, a prominent musician performing, or the year's great Superbowl, there will undoubtedly be cameras broadcasting everything live on the web.

Nowadays, the bulk of viewers watch live streams but, when the COVID-19 pandemic halted all event gatherings in 2020, the slow move to digital media intensified rapidly.

Since then, we've seen a huge increase in home entertainment. Periscope live streaming services of all types were extensively used to help people get through a difficult period. During the pandemic's peak, Netflix reached just shy of 200 million active users on its video live streaming platform, a new high for the company. Other live streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Hulu, also witnessed significant growth. As soon as stay-at-home directives were implemented, the media rushed to adapt to the internet platform. Needless to say, the video streaming industry is on its way to becoming much bigger, with a predicted value of $149.24 billion by 2026.

Learn Become A Successful Entrepreneur With A Video Streaming Platform Like BigoLive clone

How can you utilize live streaming app for your business?

  • Hosting a Q&A session– Periscope clone script Q&A is the most engaging of all live broadcasts, bringing a personal touch and a human aspect to the proceedings. The audience may ask the expert on the other end of the screen a range of questions about the brand, and the expert will respond with answers that are pertinent to promoting the brand. This not only aids in brand identification but also aids in brand awareness.
  • Behind the scenes– Bigo live clone script People enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes with your brand. It might be a performance, a product introduction, or a celebration, for example. By displaying what is going on in the background, you may get a sense of how the brand operates on the inside. Who works there, for example.
  • Launch new items– Introducing new products in a live video session is a sure-fire method to attract a large number of visitors, as many people will get familiar with you through your product, and you will be able to earn direct purchases through your best live streaming app script. It informs people about your company and how they may profit from it.
  • Host live competitions and giveaways– Contests and giveaways encourage individuals to post their profiles and links on social media, which helps many companies thrive. Hosting the giveaway 'live' may help the business reach a far wider audience, and the life dynamics will be incredible. It will offer the brand a slight boost in recognition.
  • Choosing a relevant topic– In order for people to trust your brand, you must keep in mind what your audience is looking for. Choosing a particular topic that resonates with their requirements will help you create a rapport and relationship with your prospective consumers.

Read How to Promote Your Business With Live Video Streaming


If you want to build a live platform for your businessStreamBiz is the Bigo live clone app script – inspired by BSEtec's Periscope clone – that can take your business from good to outstanding. Please contact BSEtec for further details.

#live streaming PHP script # bigo live app clone # periscope clone script #live video #video streaming app #streambiz,bsetec, clonescripts

The future of live streaming in the business of entertainment

The live streaming boom isn't slowing down anytime soon | StreamBiz

Live Streaming App Development Estimate — Focusing on the native live streaming app development, you'll have to choose a platform your first version then.Define Your Audience And Their Needs · 

"Never before has the world taken video and live video so seriously," said Luria Petrucci, a live video strategist in a streaming consulting business.

Since the epidemic, she claims she's worked with "thousands of individuals who never planned to utilise video or live streaming PHP script," but who were forced to "get over their anxieties" of standing in front of a camera and going live by the pandemic.

The statistics demonstrate that the live streaming craze is real. Users of Amazon's live streaming site Twitch watched 1.1 billion hours of video when the US lockdowns began, then Twitch exceeded that record with 3 billion hours the following quarter.

People enjoy putting on their favourite television show, curling up on the couch, and watching it. For live streams & broadcasts, more individuals are doing the same. People are normalising the experience by treating live internet streaming like any other television programme. In March, YouTube claims that users spent 250 per cent more time watching live videos on their TV displays.

    Know “Easy Ways to Work Live Streaming Into the Company Budget”

Periscope clone App - Streambiz allows you to do the following:

  • Avoid losing consumers by enlisting the help of those who will not be able to attend your event.
  • Be socially responsible by prioritising the health & wellbeing of your consumers.
  • Gain a new audience by offering a service to those who are stuck at home.

Because companies may benefit from bigo live app clone beyond events. It may be utilised by a variety of people, not only gamers and Q&A sessions.

  • Educators
  • Speakers
  • Influencers
  • Instructors of physical fitness
  • Yoga instructors
  • Filmmakers and musicians
  • Artists of the visual arts...

to reach out to a traditionally in-person audience in a novel, coronavirus-free way. 

    Read ”How to Make Money Via Mobile Live Streaming Apps?”

How to launch your Live Streaming / video streaming Platform with StreamBiz?

  • PLAN AHEAD: Having a full-fledged strategy for how you want to set up a live streaming clone script may be quite beneficial in getting the platform set up the way you want.
  • HAVE CLEAR GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Setting goals and objectives are critical for the development of any organisation, and having a goal is the greatest way to achieve success.
  • DEFINE AN AUDIENCE: Who would you like to serve? What type of audience are you aiming for? What age group do they belong to? What do they do for a living? Before you begin your growth, you should ask such questions.
  • HAVE A BUDGET: Budgeting and knowing how much money you have to invest may help you figure out what you can spend it on and whether you need to contact investors or stakeholders to boost your budget.

And finally… 

Choose StreamBiz, the best Live streaming script, by BSEtec- 

The live streaming script by BSEtec is a crisp clone of Periscope and has a great interface and extremely customizable features. So, contact BSEtec today and go on with your LIve Streaming platform development. 


#live streaming PHP script #bigo live app clone# periscope clone script#live video# video streaming app


The live streaming boom isn't slowing down anytime soon | StreamBiz
Praveen E

Praveen E


Top 6 Best Youtube Live Alternatives for Video Streaming

Live streaming video has been among people in recent times and the future of the internet lies in video. When it comes to video streaming there is one platform that is well known to everyone and that is youtube. This platform service is very big as there are millions of users and views per day. Even Though live streaming Youtube live has some advantages it has some restrictions too. Businesses mostly prefer other alternatives than youtube for professional uses

Live video streaming has kept people more engaged than any other media content. Statistics state that in the next few years more than 75% of website traffic will be in the form of video. Live video Streaming content is being watched by 63% of people aged between 18-34 as it is expected to be above 80% in a few years. Nowadays anyone with a webcam and internet has the ability to broadcast live video content.

YouTube live streaming comes with benefits as it is a free and social platform. YouTube Live Streaming is used to maximize target audience reach. Users can easily post comments, like and subscribe. YouTube Live Streaming is suitable for B2C (Business-to-Consumer) users.

Youtube live streaming has restrictions on video monetization, content to be displayed and ownership of video content and one major drawback is that youtube is one of the most blocked websites in the world especially in educational institutions and businesses. Youtube being a google product collect the data to understand user behaviour so it is better to choose a youtube live alternatives to protect privacy and to have full control over the video

Webnexs Live

Webnexs Live is the best alternative live streaming platform to Youtube live as it is suitable for any users from beginners to professional broadcasters. It is being used by businesses for professional use such as conference meetings and live events. This platform offers solutions for both live streaming and Video on Demand.


  • Monetization of video content
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Broadcast monitoring
  • Unlimited input source
  • Low latency without any delay
  • Video player customization
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • 18*5 stellar customer support
  • Content delivery network
  • Compatibility to stream on any device


Flicknexs is a live streaming solution that is also considered to be the best alternative for youtube live. This platform is suitable for any kind of business model and idea. Flicknexs provide end to end video solution with full control over the content


  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • In-depth analytics
  • Multiple device support
  • Video player customization
  • Video monetization options
  • Both website and mobile app support


Muvi is another great YouTube alternative live-streaming platform focused on OTT media. Muvi allows its users to multi-screen video and audio streaming, It allows users to easily monetize their videos and audios. This platform also focuses on Video on demand service
Muvi is a simple solution that does not require any coding knowledge and it provides an in-built Video CMS that is managed by Muvi’s end only.


  • White-label Streaming
  • Analytics
  • Video Monetization options
  • Security options such as DRM Encryption technology
  • Video CMS
  • Content Delivery network
  • Websites and apps support for both TV and Mobile


Brightcove was founded in 2004, is one of the oldest platforms in the live streaming market. Brightcove is an ad-free live streaming platform. It also supports video on-demand service
IT provides features such as monetization and global content delivery. Brightcove pricing packages are expensive. These platforms are mostly used by larger companies and especially by content writers. If you are willing to pay a higher amount to monetize your live streaming, then Brightcove is the best option


  • Global content delivery.
  • Ad-free Streaming
  • Transcoding feature
  • Multi Bitrate live streaming


Dacast was started in 2008, a YouTube alternative offers live video streaming and VOD solution. It is mainly used for professional use like live events and conference meetings. This platform offers secure live streaming with authorized password access. Provides customer support for premium users


  • Ad-free streaming.
  • Encoding features
  • Advanced Video analytics.
  • Global content delivery Network
  • Zoom live stream integration
  • Low latency
  • Multi bitrate streaming
  • Monetization of videos


Panopto is a leading YouTube alternative live stream platform for schools, colleges and universities. Panopto allows streaming, recording, sharing of video content. Its features and accessibility are best focused on educational institutes.

This platform is mainly used by professors for online lectures and for some businesses to conduct training courses. This platform mainly concentrates on e-learning. Therefore, they provide vital tools for generating “internal YouTube” and integration with learning management systems. It includes an option for video organization in the library


  • Global content delivery to end-users through Content delivery networks
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Video customization
  • White label streaming
  • SSL Protection
  • Compatible with any device


Even though youtube is the most popular live streaming platform but due to its limitation in some features and the availability of competitive and alternatives live streaming solution with advanced features such as monetization, security feature and full control over the video has made people shift to other video streaming platforms

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Top 6 Best Youtube Live Alternatives for Video Streaming
Meryem Rai

Meryem Rai


Top 7 Best Fitness Streaming Platforms for VOD and Live Streaming in 2021

In this article, you will take through what you need to take care of before choosing a best online fitness platforms and then how to build a VOD fitness streaming platform to stream your live fitness classes.

The Demand For Fitness Live Streaming Platform is driven by recent upheavals disrupting the fitness industry leading to dramatic changes in the way they traditionally operated. The Regulatory framework for social distancing to overcome the pandemic has come as a challenge for fitness and wellness industries to continue regular operations.

An innovative approach to evolve within the given guidelines is to leverage existing technology-reach. The solution has been the launching of fitness streaming services.

Table of Content:

List of Best Fitness Streaming Platforms for Gyms and Fitness Studios

1. VPlayed

2. Contus VPlay

3. Zype

4. Uscreen

5. Muvi

6. Brightcove

7. Livestream

Forrester Research identified that 1.8 million words corresponded to one minute of video.

Efforts to move fitness sessions/classes to the online platform are both effective and a Win-Win situation for fitness Centre owners and users.

At the time of the launch, it used the only easily available platform for such streaming services, YouTube to launch TigerFitness videos.

However, lately, there is no dearth for such streaming platforms with the arrival of multiple video-supporting platforms – VPlayed, Contus Vplay, Zype, Muvi, and many more.

World’s Top 7 Best Online Fitness Streaming Platforms To Stay Healthy

It would be an understatement to say that the worldwide fitness video on demand (VoD) streaming services market is flourishing gradually. Here we have best 7 stellar companies who have built their successful online fitness platform which are streamed with next-generation catch-it all daily course of fitness.

List of Best Video Streaming Platforms for Fitness Lovers

VPlayed – Online Fitness Streaming Platform
Popularity of live streaming for gym streaming workouts and packages for home workout services. Hence working out at home and office using pre-recorded and live stream classes are no longer new. VPlayed customized platform for delivery of HD video streaming for multi-disciplinary fitness.

Contus VPlay – Launch Your Own Fitness Video Service
Contus VPlay is listed as one of the Top streaming fitness platforms supporting video-on-demand platforms for help with digital libraries for multiple mediums to monetize for TV channels, online broadcasters, web and mobile media.

Zype – Best Platform to Stream Fitness Classes
Calling itself the complete fitness streaming online infrastructure, Zype is a unique digital video distribution as well as management hub. The platform supports video streaming operations allowing devs to bring VOD online in any market with a fast turnaround.

Uscreen – Build a Fitness Streaming App
Top fitness streaming online service, Uscreen specializes in providing instant access to fitness subscribers and students. It allows experts, fitness gurus, and specialists to take their workouts online. The platform gives the studio owners the technology platform to live stream to support full-fledged video-on-demand libraries that allow every individual or business to Create/Build a fitness streaming platform for their own brand.

Muvi – Fitness Video Streaming Software
Monetization of fitness programs is possible for trainers and gym studios with professional video production such as Muvi. This platform for live video streaming for training supports on-demand videos including launching own brand coaching as well as training for connected TVs, mobile for custom support.

Create the best on demand fitness streaming services, such as Apple Fitness Plus, Peloton, CorePower on Demand, Sona Fitness, DailyBurn, Practice with Clara, YogaGlo, and many more, to target like-minded fitness enthusiasts and make the most money.

Live video streaming for training is an unexplored but high revenue-earning platform but will be driven purely by Quality content.

Publishers including fitness studios, personal trainers, and professionals in this spectrum of services can reap unbounded benefits with top-quality. An Online fitness platform is a perfect solution for an industry struggling to survive given the sudden upheaval.

To read full article about top fitness streaming platform providers click here.

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Top 7 Best Fitness Streaming Platforms for VOD and Live Streaming in 2021
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Alex Sam


How to Build a Live Video Call App? [April, 2022 Update]

Have Dreams of Building Your Own Branded Live Video Calling App?

“ The Real-time video communication market will grow from $1.7 billion to $2.5 billion by 2025”  

This is image title
So, here in today’s fast-paced digital environment, quick communications is something that all people look forward to. Well, video communications are one of the fastest modes of communication in present virtual times. Real-time video conversations tend to bridge the gap between your business and customers. Have you been thinking of building a video calling app for your business? In this article, we are going to discuss how to build a live video call app with top notch APIs and SDKs. Keep reading and stay with us.

Get to Know the Interactive Video Call APIs to Scale your Business

You must perform market research before selecting your video call API. Make sure that your call API addresses all your requirements and should be highly flexible and scalable to produce real-time video experiences. It should be able to provide you with a live video calling experience and that too in high definition. Also, the API should be able to conduct live broadcasts that can be streamed directly on social media channels like YouTube and Facebook.

Want to Make A Live Video Call App : Let’s Explore the Features!

Lets Know the Best Features of an Efficient Video Calling API

Given the growing relevance of digitalization, communication patterns have witnessed a significant change. Gone are the days when physical presence was essential for building meaningful business relations. A video call app can help you build the right relations with your customer. However, building it from scratch can be a long procedure. Here comes the role of a Live video chat API. Let’s discuss some of the best features that make an efficient API.
This is image title

1. Video Call Recording

This feature allows you to review your conversations for quality check and audit purposes. You can record video calls with customers for comprehending feedback and working for better customer satisfaction.

2. Online Active Speaker

This feature helps an active speaker in a video session to be differentiated from the rest of the participants. With this function, the most active talkers will be displayed on the screen for better understanding of the topic being discussed.

3. Breakout Chat Room

With breakout chat rooms, you can create small one-on-one video chat rooms for relevant business discussions. So, basically you can split the participants of a larger video chat group to form various small chat rooms

4. Dashboards

A dashboard feature can help you manage all your video chat activities at one place. With this feature, you can gain useful insights on your video call performance and other important parameters concerning customer satisfaction and experience.

5. High End Security

Privacy is one of the major concerns for any business activity. Most of the well-structured video chat APIs are end-to-end encrypted and provide for a safe and secure communication platform. So, all the media sharing and conversations are protected and communication privacy is ensured.

6. Global Media Areas

Leveraging video conferencing for boosting business productivity is now becoming a fast-paced trend. With this feature, you can host media traffic in your preferred locations in order to abide by local regulations.

7. Participant Pinning

This feature allows you to pin one or more video participants on the screen. It does not matter whether they are active talkers or not. You can view a specific participant by pinning them to your screen. This way, you can adjust the layout of the screen according to your own preference.

8. Live Video Streaming

It allows you to connect with your customers in real-time and offer them the best customer service and experience. Also, a live video chat helps you boost your sales process. Most importantly, live video streaming helps you connect with a wide range of audience at the same point of time and expand your business reach.

9. Controlled Participation

This is a great API feature as it tends to protect privacy and security. In this, the host of the video meet has full authority on the allowance of user participation. One can only be allowed to participate in the video chat if the host confirms.

10. Screen Sharing Options

One of the top ways for conducting successful business operations. Screen sharing option helps in collaborating with team mates better. During a video call, the whole screen can be shared or a single window.

11. SIP Interconnectivity

This advanced API feature allows a video call participant to enter the chat room as a voice caller. The user should have a SIP endpoint. A PSTN or mobile number can also work.

12. Network Adjustability

With this feature, video quality will automatically adjust according to your network status. This ensures that your meetings are not interrupted by bad networks.

13. Waiting Room

This feature ensures that participants wait till the time the host lets them join the call. With this feature, there are less chances that an unknown or unwanted person will join the chat.

How to Integrate Video Call APIs & SDKs - An Ultimate Extract!

Where every business is looking out for some advancement in terms of going digital in technology to run their business - It's live video call conferencing that stands apart from others ensuring business efficiency and continuity. 

Yes! The implementation of this technology in a variety of industries has transformed their business to the next level.

Well, incorporating a live video chat with video conferencing technology into any third party application requires the below basic components :

  1. Credentials of Video SDK Account - It is necessary to obtain the credentials before using the video SDKs and its services, to proceed with video call integration in Android, iOS or web apps.
  2. Server Application - Since it runs at your application server it uses third party account credentials to obtain access to any video services.
  3. Client Application -  When it’s about a client application, the video chat websites for android or web app makes use of third party SDKs to capture, publish, subscribe and execute the real time communication data. Now, let's have a detailed study over the key steps needed to attend a video conferencing in a mobile or web app starting from creating a room
  4. Creating a Room : The process starts with creating a meeting room,
  • First the Instruction are provided to video SDK by the server application
  • Now, SDK verifies the provided credentials and creates a new room
  • Later on, the video SDK reverts back with the Room SID as it's the unique identifier, this can be used in latter API requests.

5.  Client 1 gets an Access Token : As already said, it is very integral for a client to get an access token for connecting to a meeting room. It is mostly achieved with the HTTP request from the client app wherein the application server uses video SDK account credential to generate a secure access token. It also ensures that the client has complete control or access over the data as who and all are authorized to join the video meeting room.

6.  Client 1 gets connected to the Meeting Room : Moving forward, here client 1 connects to the room via video SDK connect interface and verifies the access token. If the validation gets successful, a signaling connection gets established between the client and the room. Now, the client can become a participant in the room and can go ahead with subscription and/or publish media tracks that they obtain from other participants.

7.  Client 2 connects to the Meeting Room :  Once the above process has been executed, the client 2 gets an access token from the application server, to get connected to the room and becomes a participant.

Well, this above process has been explained with regards to simple one-to-one communication use-case. However, the video SDKs facilitate group video chat iOS with multiple features like data tracking, multi-user rooms, screen sharing, recordings, etc. All this in turn is effortlessly possible with the integration of video conferencing technology into any existing solution.

Let's move on further as how multiple use cases have been leveraged with video conferencing technology

Explore the Key Terms of Video Call APIs & SDKs, Every Business Demands!

The popularity of utilizing video calls for business is gaining pace in almost all industries. And this is the reason, all industries are looking forward to building a one-on-one video chat app for interacting with customers and boosting engagement. In this section, we shall talk about how different industries or sectors or business areas leverage the power of video chat API.

1. Customer Relationship Management

Effective communication strategies are essential for expanding your customer base. And this leads to higher conversions and a boost in overall business sales. With real-time video interactions, businesses can take a close look at customers’ challenges and help them resolve all issues that they might be facing with the product/service. Such personalized attention can fill all gaps between your business and your customers.

2. KYC Support

When you integrate video chat APIs in KYC processes, it becomes easier to maintain compliance, alleviate fraud and accelerate customer onboarding. Video-enabled KYC can be adopted by payment gateways, financial companies, banking institutions, and others.

3. Live Business Broadcasting

Video call APIs can be leveraged for live broadcasting to convey business messages to a large chunk of audience at the same time. The best part about highly advanced APIs is that it allows you to record such live streaming videos for future propagation among your audience. This helps in expanding your business reach and visibility.

4. Business Collaboration

Video APIs have features that support group video calls. These help you collaborate efficiently with your team, business partners and customers. Such instant connection opens the door to new business possibilities and growth.

Video communication can work wonders for your business in given virtual times. And efficient video chat APIs can help you build the right live video call app for your business. It can enable you to conduct one-on-one video chat with your customers and boost engagement. What are you waiting for? Make way for top-grade communications with efficient video chat apps.

Good luck with your video interactions!

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How to Build a Live Video Call App? [April, 2022 Update]
Stuti .

Stuti .


Top 4 Live streaming API & SDK Providers And Comparison | 2021

Top 3 Live Streaming API & SDK for Live Streaming App & Web

Live Streaming API

“The Live Streaming Market Will Grow From USD 245 Billion By 2027 Globally”

In recent times, Live Streaming markets and their providers have marked themselves into the rare category of companies and markets that have fared well during the global pandemic! Live streaming sites have gained significance in light of emerging social media platforms and affordable data consumption plans.

According to researchers, the Live Streaming market will grow from USD 245 Billion by 2027 globally. This is huge! Statistically drafted, the market assumes a boost within a very short period because major tasks can be done with the help of live streaming, rather it is a company summit or a huge political gathering. Live streaming makes it easy, affordable, and accessible.

Live streaming software allows users to present a live feed of events. It has recently been used by social media influencers for raising awareness, news broadcasters for debates on interesting topics, educational platforms for teaching students, and more.

Why Live Video Streaming is The Next Big Thing for Business?

Live streaming has grown so much that over 47% of the global viewers are streaming more live streams every year. Why is live streaming important? It is hard to argue about the advantages of live streaming in a digital space where customers are looking for an authentic brand experience and real-time connections. Moreover, the significance of live streaming has doubled in the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic where businesses are shutting down and looking for alternative solutions to drive their business forward.

Let’s understand the live streaming API

What Are Live Streaming API?

“Live Streaming API” (Application Programming Interface) allows applications to invisibly talk to each other in real-time. Live Streaming Video API is a broader term. It describes a group of similar APIs that work for videos. Like any API, they too provide access to a specialized service that can be built into an application

Live Video Streaming API

A video streaming API provides 3 core service:

  • Storage: The API provider will usually store a copy of the master videos.
  • Encoding: Follows Video compression, to make it viewable over the web.
  • Delivery: Video delivery is optimized through CDNs making users get the best experience.

It essentially takes care of the backend technical decisions letting you focus on building the product. These APIs do not require the use of a specific player or CMS, giving you full control over both.

  • Live Streaming can be used with the following use-cases
  • Education Industry
  • Gaming
  • Events
  • Retail Industry
  • Social Media Platfoms
  • Telehealth Sector

The uploading, or the broadcasting, starts once, & then the video plays for as long as the activity or event goes on.

A live video streamed can be viewed even after the live broadcast ends. However, a message on the video thumbnail will inform the users that the live stream has ended, and they’re only watching a recap or recorded version of the event or activity that was live-streamed.

For a live stream to run properly & smoothly, it is important to ensure that the video which is being recorded, live, goes to the streaming server in the right video format to get smoothly processed.

The streaming server then sends the video file across to the online video player, which streams the video in the right format. Now the users can finally watch the live stream.

The entire process of live video streaming can be divided into three parts.

Recording & encoding: The entire video is recorded/ filmed live & the video bytes are simultaneously fed to an encoder in the right format & quality to be uploaded on the streaming server.

Streaming Server: The streaming server uploads the live video on the platform which can be accessed by millions of people around the world, at the same time when the activity/event is taking place live.

Online video player: The online video player is connected to the video server & plays the live video to viewers worldwide, on their mobiles, desktops, or tablets.

List of Top 4 Live Video Streaming API Providers for Enterprise Business Communication


(1) Videosdk.live

This is image title

VideoSDK.live is under consideration is truly an innovative solution. It was designed specifically to provide a great ultra-low latency live streaming API for web, android, and iOS, with the support of WebRTC, RTSP, SRT, and RTMP selection of multiple video broadcast options to make sure every company will get their requirements satisfied.

VideoSDK.live is an API that enables developers to build unique live and on-demand video experiences.It’s a cloud-based solution. No one should doubt its credibility and security. Those are only a few reasons to explain the API popularity and demand.

The features of VideoSDK.live

  • Live streaming experience
  • Ultra Low latency APIs
  • Video encoding
  • Video streaming
  • Video APIs
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Video-on-demand services
  • Realtime Audio & Video Cloud API & SDK

Pricing- Pay as you go

Locations- INDIA

Website- https://www.videosdk.live

(2) Api.video

This is image title

Api.video is one of the fastest-growing startups in the industry. It adheres to leading security and compliance standards to ensure that all communication and data are encrypted both in rest and motion.

Api.video helps businesses in developing an effective live streaming video for their business communication. It works on operations on-demand to make video encoding easier and smoother for its users.

The features of Api.video

  • Video Upload
  • Video Encoding
  • Video Analytics
  • Customizable Video Player
  • Video Live Streaming

Pricing- Pay as you go

Locations- Europe

Website- https://www.api.video

(3) MUX

This is image title

Mux is a simple API for instant video publishing, optimized by data. MUX supports live streaming using the RTMP protocol, which is supported by almost all the broadcast software as well as open-source software for mobile applications.

Videos are designed for developers to build video functionality into their software applications. In other words, if you’re building a web application or a mobile application, and you want you or your users to be able to upload or stream video, MUX helps to solve this with their APIs and video built-in experiences. MUX has performed notable on the global platform helping businesses streaming videos for them.

The features of Mux:

  • Video encoding
  • Video storage
  • Video Analytics
  • Delivery of the Video

Pricing- Pay as you go

Locations- United States

Website - https://www.mux.com

Different types of Video APIs

Video APIs generally include a wide variety of services. The following describes three categories specific to video technology:

Live Video Streaming API (ZujoNow,VideoSDK.live,etc.)

A video streaming API is designed to integrate with the backend of a live streaming platform. It encodes the video with proper storage and delivery of the video through CDNs, delivering the best experience.

Video platform API (Youtube, Twitch, Facebook live, Vimeo)

A video streaming API contains a single, simple, highly abstracted API and is used for the ingest and playback of your content. The intricate complexities of how your content is encoded, stored, and delivered are all taken care of by the services underlying API, allowing you to focus on building your product.

A user can get a well-versed idea of how live streaming works in practice with the example of YouTube. When a video is streamed live on YouTube, the viewers get the opportunity to watch it live as well as a recorded streamed version for later. The copy gets saved at the same platform for further playback.

Video player / Client-side

Client-side video APIs operate at both high and low levels of abstraction depending on the control level you need over the playback experience. It works over all the platforms considering Android, iOS, and web. This is how the client-side video player works. There are pre-packaged video players which use their APIs. These APIs render help in converting the low-latency videos to a high-quality for a better experience.

The fact is, that in this generation, live streaming has become vital. It plays a very important role in creating engagement. These days people have considered streaming live as a big move towards boosting their corporate work as well as promoting business. The APIs designed on which live streaming works have been idealistic towards the future approach. There are very few companies who lie into this rare category and believing it to be true, the approach is increasing, engagement is versatile and huge, therefore the demand is more. Live streaming makes life of a corporate, exciting and worth building a client set up.

#video-api #video-sdk #sdk #api #video #live-streaming-api

Top 4 Live streaming  API & SDK  Providers And Comparison | 2021

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How to talk to Someone on Facebook?

Expound on the means you can take on the off chance that you are having an issue in opening your Facebook:

Have you at any point envisioned that you are so exhausted at your home, and you attempt to open your Facebook record to interface socially with your companions, and it isn’t opening? Indeed, this can truly baffle you then you attempt to do whatever it takes to fix the bug.

**Steps Facebook supportive:
Check the web network:

You should check your web network in the event that it is turned out great or not. You will require a steady web association with you.

**Check your username and secret word:
Ensure that the username and secret word that you are composing is right. Attempt to return it serenely.

These are the means that you can take if your Facebook isn’t opening and effectively know their answer here Facebook Live Person with most recent update. You are allowed to associate with the group of specialists who will be accessible 24*7 to help you with this. They will oblige you to satisfy your necessities and prerequisites.

#speak #to #live #person #facebook

How to talk to Someone on Facebook?

Jim Ross


How do I speak to someone at Facebook - anpuhelp.com?

Are you having problems accessing your Facebook account on your iPhone and looking for the reasons as well as the solutions? This is a common problem that many Facebook users face, and it occurs for several significant reasons. Though the Facebook app works well on the iPhone most of the time, there are times when it does not. If you’re in a similar scenario, you can also contact a Facebook customer service live person for help. Although, if you are wondering why you can’t access Facebook on your iPhone, you can find out why and how to fix the problem from below.

Why are you unable to access Facebook on your iPhone?

  • Weak internet connection on your iPhone might be the major reason why you can’t access your Facebook account.
  • Your iPhone’s Facebook app is corrupted, preventing you from accessing your account on the device.
  • Incorrect DNS settings on your iPhone might also make it difficult to access your Facebook account.

What can you do if can’t access Facebook on your iPhone?

  • To resolve the Facebook issue on iPhone, first, check your internet if something is wrong, subsequently switch to a new data plan, and try to login to again.
  • Uninstall the Facebook app from your iPhone since it may be corrupted, then reinstall it and try to log into your account.
  • Make sure that your iPhone’s DNS server settings are right, or fix them, and then try to access Facebook on your device again.

Alternatively, you can dial the Facebook customer service phone number when unable to access your account on iPhone and also failed to fix the problem on your own. Facebook will assign a technical agent from their customer support team who will be able to assist you with a better solution to fix the problem on your iPhone.

#facebook #customer #service #live #person