Loops are a type of control flow structure in programming in which a series of statements may be executed repeatedly until some condition is met.

Iterable vs Enumerable in JavaScript

Iterable and Enumerable are different things in JavaScript. When you add properties to an object they can be defined as enumerable or not. Some object types ...

Anatomy of Sequential Data Processing With Java Streams

It takes an array of integers as a parameter, and very simply sums all the values and returns the sum. We can use recursion for this.

ES6 Iterators and Generators by example

ES6 introduced a new iteration mechanism for traversing data and corresponding protocols that define a uniform approach to iterating structures in JavaScript. This article describes it.

How case statements should be used and the best practices for writing loops in JavaScript

JavaScript Best Practices — Cases and Loops. We look at the correct ways to use case blocks and while loops.

IF Statements in Python - Cndro

Conditional Statements are used to decide the flow of execution of a program or code in Python. It's like telling your program, "Hey, do this particular thing if it meets this condition, or if it doesn't". In Python, conditional statements are handled with "IF"

Proper way to loop for a promise response

I have a primary and secondary sms service for my app. If the primary fails, for any issue, I want to default to the secondary service.

Rename files with loop variable name

I am trying to download a bunch of files and rename them as I go. the download portion works correctly, but i can't get it to rename the files. This is the script I'm using:

For loop with a mathemtical expression involved

I am trying to utilize the Math.Cos() function in c# to print a range of of values from 0 to 2pi increasing by .1pi, so 20 iterations. The problem is I cannot get my x value to change as the for loop is executing.

Firebase database value keeps changing instead of adding itself

What I want to do is to first check whether there's a value in my Firebase database, if there isn't then add it. My database looks like this:

R Loop over unique values in a dataframe column to create another one based on conditions

My dataset consists of scores and total respondents for questions asked in a survey, over a number of fiscal years (FY13, FY14 & FY15) and in different regions.

Bash: Array empty outside of the for loop

I'm creating a script to rotate my backups, one important part of this script is to find the files based on certain criteria and then move them or erase them.