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Machine Learning Course in Pune - SevenMentor | SevenMentor

Machine Learning Course in Pune teaches optimization techniques & master algorithms via industry experts

How do ML and AI help you settle medical claim insurance faster?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence both are trending technologies for the health insurance sector, and we discuss the effective pointers of it.

Machine Learning Training in Noida, Machine Learning Training Course in Noida

The training is provided by professionals and Corporate faculties holding ample Machine Learning Training in Noida experience, to guide students with the work traditions of most IT companies.

Top 7 Golang Machine Learning Libraries To Use In 2021

Best golang machine learning libraries in 2021. List of top 7 golang machine leanring libraries. Which golang machine learning library is best?

Fake News Classifier to Tackle COVID-19 Disinformation

An effort to tackle one of the most pressing problems faced by the world currently, Fake News. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease that has resulted in an ongoing pandemic.

Modern Challenges of Predictive Modelling

Machine Learning allows you to make products that adapt to consumer’s needs based on predictive modeling. Innovative organizations across many industries are already investing in building their own predictive models to solve specific business problems.

Top 7 Machine Learning And AI Trends In 2020 - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Know the top 7 machine learning and AI trends in 2020 that you must follow for better security. 7 Important mahcine learning and AI trends in 2020.

Meet Silq- The First Intuitive High-Level Language for Quantum Computers

Programmers have hit a goldmine with Silq, a new high-level programming language for quantum computing.

How AI & Machine Learning is Infiltrating the Fintech Industry?

A Brief History of Algorithms and their Impact on the World

What would the world be without algorithms? In this digital age, algorithms are ubiquitous! From your phone to your computer to even your microwave.

Recommender System — Advanced Matrix Factorization

Walk Through Recommender System of Advanced Matrix Factorization for implicit dataset. In this article, you will learn the algorithm of advanced matrix factorization of the recommender system: (1) Introduction to Neighborhood models (2) Introduction to Latent factor models (3) Introduction to Model for Implicit Feedback (4) Hands-on experience of python code on matrix factorization

Machine learning and deep learning in one liner using Libra

The complete guide to understanding Libra for automated machine learning and deep learning. With the rise of machine learning, we have seen the rise of many great frameworks and libraries like sci-kit learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch. These frameworks have made it easier for users to create machine learning models easily. But still one needs to follow the whole procedure that includes Data preparation, Modelling, Evaluation.

Neel Mitra — Bring IoT and AI Together

Machine learning and IoT have become commonplace words in the enterprise workplace. Even in our homes we have ML-enabled IoT devices (we’re looking at you, Amazon Alexa). But what does it look like to combine ML and IoT in a production environment?

Understanding How Machines See the World!

Understand how machines see the World and how we enable machines view the world as we humans do, perceive it in a similar manner and even use the knowledge for multiple tasks such as Image and Video Classification, Segmentation, image generation, Recommendation

Chronic Failure Stories for Better Component Reliability using Python

Chronic Failure Stories for Better Component Reliability using Python - How NLP can be applied to component reliability analysis in aviation or other machines

The stupidly easy way to predict stock prices using Machine Learning

I show the step-by-step method of making stock price predictions using the R language, using Machine Learning with the Framework. The Framework is also available in Python, however, as I am more familiar with R, I will present the tutorial in that language.

Indoor positioning using Arduino and Machine Learning in 4 steps

In this Arduno Machine learning project we're going to use the nearby WiFi access points to locate where we are. For this project to work you will need a Wifi equipped board, such as ESP8266 or ESP32. The task of detecting where you are when GPS or satellite localization is not an option is called …

Word classification using Arduino and MicroML

In this Arduno Machine learning tutorial we're going to use a microphone to identify the word you speak. This is going to run on an Arduino Nano (old generation), equipped with 32 kb of flash and only 2 kb of RAM. In this project the features are going to be the Fast Fourier Transform of …