Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is the scientific study of algorithms and statistical models that computer systems use to progressively improve their performance on a specific task. Machine learning algorithms build a mathematical model of sample data...

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6 Minutes to Know What Big Data is

Introduction.Nowadays we always hear about Big Data. We know what data is but why “big” data?

Beginner’s guide to Model Deployment

Deploying Machine Learning Model to Heroku using Flask. Are you a beginner in the field of machine learning and wondering how to bring your project to life. I was in the same situation when I started learning ML.

Learn how to use ML with Python and R

In this video, you will learn the fundamentals/basics of machine learning using the programming languages Python and R.

You should really learn about graph databases. Here’s why.

Denise Gosnell and Matthias Broecheler on the TDS podcast.One great way to get ahead in your career is to make good bets on what technologies are going to become important in the future, and to invest time in learning them. If that sounds like something you want to do, then you should definitely be paying attention to graph databases.

Weka Tutorial – GUI-based Machine Learning with Java

GUI-based Machine Learning with Java. Weka is a Graphical User Interface-based open-source package. It can be used in order to perform common Data Science tasks just by using the graphical interface. Using the Weka AutoML package, you can easily test different Machine Learning models on the fly. Weka also offers a command line interface to use Java code.

Expert Q&A: Cloud AI and Machine Learning

Community Connections experience - Interested in Cloud AI and Machine Learning? Meet the team and discuss AI Solution Design, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Azure Machine Learning, and Cognitive Services.

Imagine there’s no… mess in your “data” folder!

Imagine there’s no… mess in your “data” folder! It’s easy if you try. Thinking of ways to improve your interactions with datasets.

Machine Learning on Mobile and Edge Devices with TensorFlow Lite

Learn how developers can use TensorFlow Lite to build machine learning applications that run entirely on-device, and how running models on-device leads to lower latency, improved privacy, and robustness against connectivity issues. He discusses workflows, tools, and platforms that make on-device inference possible.

A Practical-ish Introduction to Data Science

What is Data Science? What has Machine Learning got to do with all of this? Mark will share insights and knowledge that he has gained from building up a Data Science department from scratch: Defining what Data Science is, how it is related to Machine Learning. Some commonly used Machine Learning algorithms used by Data Scientists, Learn how you can quickly get started with Data Science and Machine Learning using Python and the Open Source scikit-learn Library.

Virtual Drum Set using OpenCV

Virtual Drum Set using OpenCV. Learn to build a virtual drum set using computer vision concepts with OpenCV and Python.

Machine Learning in Dask

Using Dask for more efficient data processing on local machines.Processing a couple of gigabytes of data on one's laptop is usually an uphill task, unless the laptop has high RAM and a whole lot of compute power.

Data Structures : Linked Lists Using JavaScript

Data Structures : Linked Lists Using JavaScript. MicroDegree is working towards teaching emerging technologies such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain in vernacular.

5 Books That Will Teach You the Math Behind Machine Learning

A guide to the beautiful world of mathematics for machine learning. the explosive growth of open source machine learning and deep learning frameworks, the field is more accessible than ever.

Why use deep learning for chatbots?

By using neural networks with many hidden layers known as deep learning, generative chatbot models can build sentences that are completely

End-to-End Machine Learning Project: Part-1

End-to-End machine learning is concerned with preparing your data, training a model on it, and then deploying that model. The goal of this…

My Reading List for Deep Learning

Recommended literature for those looking to get started in deep learning, and those looking to fill in some gaps in their

Building Better Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps with TensorFlow Hub

One of the best things about AI is that you have a lot of open-source content, we use them quite frequently. I will show how TensorFlow Hub makes this process a lot easier and allows you to seamlessly use pre-trained convolutions or word embeddings in your application. We will then see how we could perform Transfer Learning with TF Hub Models and also see how this can expand to other use cases.

How to Time Series analysis on multivariate data in Tensorflow

In layman’s term, a time series analysis deals with time-series data mostly used to forecast future values from its past values. In this post, we'll learn how to Time Series analysis on multivariate data in Tensorflow (Time Series Analysis by implementing LSTM in Tensorflow)

How to Build a Data Science Portfolio that can get you a Job?

There are people who are working hard day and night and still looking for a job and then landing with nothing in hand! This has been one of the most common questions by job applicants looking for a career in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning.

AI Chatbot for Sentiment Analysis on Fake Messages

The aim of this article is to understand the architecture for building an AI chatbot for sentiment analysis. Fake news spread through social media has become a serious problem.