Linear Regression by Hand

Explanation on how to model a linear regression by Hand and with Code for Python and R. Calculating Line Regression by Hand. When there are more than 2 points of data it is usually impossible to find a line that goes exactly through all the points.

PyCaret —Prepare your Machine Learning model in minutes

We would run through all these steps in PyCaret and would be using the Titanic Dataset for a classification problem. PyCaret can be used to model both supervised and unsupervised problems. Here we would cover supervised — classification to get a gist of the PyCaret library.

Content-based Movie Recommender System

In this project, we attempt to build a specific kind of recommendation system by extending the RELMDB oracle database. We attempt to build a recommender system that identifies the best movie, based on the number of IMDb votes and the average IMDb rating, and suggest movies with similar content to the user.

Simplified KNN Algorithm using Python with coding explanation

K nearest neighbor, one of the simplest classification algorithm in machine learning. Machine Learning is all about identifying patterns, creating its own algorithm, and consistently evolving. Patterns are usually created by the machine and it uses various techniques and algorithms for it. K nearest neighbor is one the simplest and yet effective algorithm for a classification problem in machine learning.

Analyzing sentiments and topic modelling for customer tweets on twitter

Following are the problems I am addressing in this post: Can we do topic clustering to find related topics? Can we improve campaigns run on this social media by this insights? Can we identify how many customers are unhappy and what are they unhappy about?

Logistic Regression -Practical Approach

This article will not just cover logistic regression , the main aim of this is to talk about key approach to address a business problem in brief.

A case for altruism on the High seas and other interesting stories

New inferences from a decade old Titanic dataset at Kaggle

Improving upon Rosenblatt’s perceptron

Adaptive Linear Neurons and the Delta Rule

Logistic Regression Demystified

In this post, we’ll see how to apply and how works the Logistic Regression Algorithm.