macOS is the desktop operating system from Apple, found on Macintosh computers. Use this topic for your question relates to using macOS APIs or macOS-specific behavior, not because you happen to run your code on macOS.

How To Set Up and Use The Liquid Web CLI Interface 

What Is the Liquid Web CLI Interface? This is the official command-line interface for the Liquid Web API. CLI stands for the “command-line interface”

New features of macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur brings a refined new design, powerful controls, and intuitive customization options to the most advanced desktop operating

The prospects of WWDC20. We will talk about hardware, software, and the future.

The prospects of WWDC20. We will talk about hardware, software, and the future.

Apple Jailbreak Zero-Day Gets a Patch

The zero-day vulnerability tracked as CVE-2020-9859 is exploited by the "Uncover" jailbreak tool released last week.

How to Install Node on a MacOS, Linux, or Windows Machine Using NVM

Before you can start making super awesome apps in NodeJS, you have to install it. Fortunately, installing NodeJS is super simple. In this tutorial we will cover how to install NodeJS/NPM in * macOS/linux * Windows Once you install NodeJS/NPM, you can easily upgrade/downgrade to any Node version with one command. The following video tutorial shows you how to download NodeJS on your machine. Installation guide for Mac OS & Linux Open a new terminal. Type the following and hit enter: curl -o

PostgreSQL Tutorial For Beginners

This article walks you through installing PostgreSQL on a MacbookPro, creating a user, database and, granting privileges to the freshly created user. Later we will create a schema and add an example table to this schema.

Install Serial Drivers for ESP32 (macOS, Windows, Linux)

Before you can program the ESP32, you need to install a driver for the USB-to-UART chip. Depending on your board that might be the CH340 or CP210x chip. 🔗 Dr...

How to Install and Configure Gradle

How to Install and Configure Gradle - What is Gradle? Gradle is a high-performance open-source build automation tool that makes it possible to build just about any type of software. It is

How to Install Flutter and VSCode for MacOS

How to Install Flutter and VSCode for MacOS After investing in myself a little, and getting a Mac .

Seven Aliases You Need

Seven Aliases You Need - Aliases are great. Even for those who are not software developers, here are some aliases that will make your life easier, increase your…

Swift 5 Tutorial 2020

I have a Table of Contents pinned in the comments section that allows you to easily jump to what ever you want to learn about.

How to Use the Command Line for Apple macOS and Linux

How to Use the Command Line for Apple macOS and Linux - You might be like me - I used computers for twenty years without ever touching a command prompt. I didn't know anything about it, and it…

How to Make the Title Bar Transparent on macOS with Flutter

Hide Title Bar on macOS with Flutter - Learn how to make the title bar transparent on your Flutter application running on macOS.

How to Install OBS on Linux, Windows and MacOS

How to Install OBS on Linux, Windows and MacOS - What is OBS? OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a free and open-source video recording and livestreaming software program that is written in C, C ++, and

How to Install Java on Ubuntu, Windows, and MacOS

What is Java? Java is considered one of the most popular programming languages. Java is a typed object-oriented programming language developed by Sun

How to Install Golang on MacOS?

Learn how to Install Golang on MacOS. We must have first-hand knowledge of What the Go Language is and what it actually does? Go is an open-source and statically typed programming language developed in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google but launched in 2009. Golang programs can be written in any plain text editor like TextEdit, Sublime Text, or anything of that sort. One can also use an online IDE for writing Golang codes or can even install one on their system to make it more feasible to write these codes

macOS Catalina: 5 Things Web Developers & Designers Should Know

macOS Catalina is here and available for download, and you’ve no doubt heard all about the breakup of iTunes and the new consumer-oriented entertainment apps shipping with the system. But what do developers, designers, and other tech professionals need to know? We run through the key points.

Connect to Microsoft SQL Server database on MacOS using Python

Connect to your MS SQL using python. The first thing you need is to install Homebrew. You need the copy the content in the square brackets which in my case is “ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server”. Replace “ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server” with the content you copied in the square brackets.

How To Use PostgreSQL with Your Ruby on Rails Application on macOS

In this tutorial, you will set up a Ruby on Rails development environment connected to a PostgreSQL database on a local macOS machine. You will install and configure PostgreSQL, and then test your setup by creating a Rails application that uses PostgreSQL as its database server.

Getting Started with macOS Programming

Let’s go together to build our first macOS application!