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Social Media Marketing Tutorial for Beginners

Social Media Marketing Tutorial aims to educate one on New Social Media Marketing Strategies to help boost brand awareness over social media networking sites. This video on Social Media Marketing Tutorial will give tips to improve your social media marketing strategies.

👉 00:00:00 Introduction - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 00:00:28 What is Social media marketing? - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 00:02:02 Social media marketing advantages - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 00:04:54 Social media marketing tips and tricks - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 00:23:28 Trends - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 00:31:30 What is Social media marketing? - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 00:39:36 Importance of Social media marketing - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 00:43:38 Social media strategies - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 00:53:36 Social media marketing platform - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 01:21:20 Pros and cons - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)
👉 01:23:27 Frequently Asked Questions - (Social Media Marketing Tutorial 2023)

❓ What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the utilization of social media—the platforms on which users create social networks and exchange information to develop a company's Brand, boost sales, and drive website traffic. Also, Social media marketing (SMM) has purpose-built data analytics that permits marketers to monitor the progress of their efforts and identify far more opportunities to involve.

❓ Why Social media marketing is important?

Social media has enabled us to connect with customers like before. There are numerous ways to connect with target audiences, ranging from YouTube, a content platform, and Facebook, a social site, to Twitter, a microblogging service.

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Social Media Marketing Tutorial for Beginners

Mautic: Open Source Marketing Automation Software

About Mautic

Mautic is the world’s largest open source marketing automation project. With over 200,000 organisations using Mautic and over 1,000 community volunteers, we empower businesses by making it easy to manage their marketing across a range of channels. Stay up to date about initiatives, releases and strategy via our blog.

Marketing automation has historically been difficult to implement within organisations. The Mautic Community is an example of open source at its best, offering great software and a vibrant and caring community in which to learn and share knowledge.

Open source means more than open code. Open source provides equality for all and a chance for everyone to improve.

Get Involved

Before we tell you how to install and use Mautic, we like to shamelessly plug our awesome user and developer communities! Users, start here for inspiration, or follow us on Twitter @MauticCommunity or Facebook @MauticCommunity. Once you’re familiar with using the software, maybe you will share your wisdom with others in our Slack channel.

Calling all devs, testers and tech writers! Technical contributions are also welcome. First, read our general guidelines about contributing. If you want to contribute code, read our CONTRIBUTING.md or Contributing Code docs then check out the issues with the T1 label to get stuck in quickly and show us what you’re made of.

If you have questions, the Mautic Community can help provide the answers.

Installing and using Mautic

Supported Versions

BranchRC ReleaseInitial ReleaseActive Support UntilSecurity Support Until*
2.1527 Sep 20198 Oct 20198 Oct 20198 Oct 2019
2.1630 Jan 202013 Feb 202015 June 202015 December 2020
3.x27 Jan 202015 June 202015 June 202115 December 2021
3.117 Aug 202024 Aug 202023 Nov 202030 Nov 2020
3.223 Nov 202030 Nov 202016 Feb 202122 Feb 2021
3.316 Feb 202122 Feb 202117 May 202124 May 2021
4.x17 May 202124 May 202124 May 202220 Dec 2022

*Security support for 2.16 will only be provided for Mautic itself, not for core dependencies that are EOL, such as Symfony 2.8.

Software Downloads

The GitHub version is recommended for both development and testing. The production package (including all libraries) is available at mautic.org/download.



Install from source only if you are comfortable using the command line. You'll be required to use various CLI commands to get Mautic working and keep it working. If the source/database schema gets out of sync with Mautic releases, the release updater may not work and will require manual updates. For production, we recommend the pre-packaged Mautic which is available at mautic.org/download.

Also note that source code outside of a tagged release should be considered ‘alpha’. It may contain bugs, cause unexpected results, data corruption or loss, and is not recommended for use in a production environment. Use at your own risk.

How to install Mautic

You must already have Composer available on your computer because this is a development release and you'll need Composer to download the vendor packages.

Also note that if you have DDEV installed, you can run 'ddev config' followed by 'ddev start'. This will kick off the Mautic first-run process which will automatically install dependencies and configure Mautic for use. ✨ 🚀 Read more here

Installing Mautic is a simple three-step process:

  1. Download the repository zip then extract the zip to your web root.
  2. Run the composer install command to install the required packages.
  3. Open your browser and complete the installation through the web installer.

If you get stuck, check our our general troubleshooting page. Still no joy? Join our lively Mautic Community for support and answers.

User Documentation

Documentation on how to use Mautic is available at docs.mautic.org.

Developer Docs

Developer documentation, including API reference docs, is available at developer.mautic.org.

Download Details:

Author: Mautic
Source Code: https://github.com/mautic/mautic 
License: View license

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Mautic: Open Source Marketing Automation Software
Sahil Khan

Sahil Khan


5 Goals of Social Media Marketing

Whether you're boosting brand awareness, engaging with customers, gaining leads, or building a strong online presence, your social media content should always fulfill your business objectives

Our digital marketing team helps you to grow your business, sales, organic traffic, etc.

Contact us for FREE of cost consultation. https://bit.ly/3cLXIOy

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5 Goals of Social Media Marketing
Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor


What are Crypto Ad Networks | Top 7 Crypto Ad Networks

In this post, you'll learn What are Crypto Ad Networks. Top 7 Crypto Ad Networks for Marketing Blockchain products

What are Crypto Ad Networks? 

Crypto ad networks are also ad networks, just like Google AdSense and other networks. The only difference is that this ad network type supports crypto-related projects. The networks approve only those businesses and websites that are blockchain-oriented.

If you have one, try crypto advertising industries. You can run highly efficient ad campaigns by using native ads and banner ads through this type of network.

If you want to attract your desired traffic in masses towards your crypto projects, you should monetize such content with crypto ad networks and use advertising strategies accordingly. In this way, you can achieve maximum benefits.

And how are they important?

There is a list of useful and best Crypto Ad networks that will help publishers and advertisers promote their business. Some of the Networks are also the Best Ad Networks for Small Publishers.

No Matter, even if you have very small targeted crypto Traffic, you can monetize your website with these Ad Networks and earn bitcoin from your blog or website.

Most of the Networks are based on the Cost per click model. You can find more Best CPC Ad Networks that you can use to monetize your website. 

These networks are the best source for growing traffic towards the website as it delivers targeted traffic to your website and saves you time. In this way, by interacting with the real people who are really interested in viewing and purchasing your product.

In this write-up, we will review the top 7 cryptocurrency ad network.

1. Coinzilla: Best Crypto Ad Network

  • Website: https://cointraffic.io/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 4.1M+ traffic
  • Popular: Indonesia, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey, India

Established in 2014, Coinzilla is a bitcoin advertising network that provides merchants with a viable option for displaying and promoting cryptocurrency-related services. Managed by Sevio Solutions, Coinzilla works with over 200 companies and 400 publishers to deliver high-quality advertisements for bitcoin-related websites.

With a strong reputation in both the bitcoin and blockchain industries, Coinzilla is committed to helping merchants increase revenue and reach their goals. As a result, advertisers can rest assured that their message will be seen by a wide audience of interested individuals. Whether you’re looking to promote a new website or raise awareness of an existing service, Coinzilla can help you achieve your objectives.

  • Payment Method: Credit card, BTC, ETH, and Web money
  • Pros: Referral program, Reliable and quick payments, Quality advertisers
  • Cons: Strict website requirements

2. A-ADS

  • Website: https://a-ads.com/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 2.0M+ traffic
  • Popular: Russia, Slovakia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam

A-ADS is known as one of the first crypto advertising networks in the market. It was mainly started in 2011 and can maintain an awesome business reputation. In the present time, these ads, which are known as, are extremely famous. A customer might be able to look in some open and clear statistics that they can gain around 80 million impressions daily if we view their core and central proficiency, which can take as crypto traffic and advertising of crypto-type projects.

If a client can be involved in the sense of crypto-gambling, exchange, and ICO of any sort, then a customer can probably select A-ADS.  We can also take this network most reliable and convenient for advertisers. Here in this platform, campaign creation is quite easy and simple, as well as the overall approval process is fast and furious. There are many options to adjust campaigns for the sake of desired performance. A client might be able to use geotargeting.


  • Great anonymity.
  • Non-intrusive advertising, not annoying banners, “ethical advertising”.
  • Payments are always on time.
  • Publishers can filter undesired ads.
  • Advertisers can filter undesired sites.
  • A-ADS doesn’t put cookies on publishers’ websites.
  • High CPM for Bitcoin traffic.

Cons: You may have to wait a while for your website to be reviewed

3. Bitmedia.io

  • Website: https://bitmedia.io/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 1.5M+ traffic
  • Popular: USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey

Bitmedia.io is an AI-based Ad networking company launched in 2015. Bitmedia attracts a whopping 1 billion impressions each month along with over 20 million unique visits. Currently, 5,000 crypto-based websites are running over 20,000 campaigns on Bitmedia. 

Bitmedia provides several targeting options to advertisers, such as geo, device, timing, and frequency. As for advertisement models, they provide both CPM and CPC. 

As for quality, Bitmedia has strict verification checks to provide only legit impressions to advertisers. First, they verify each seller manually. Next, they have check-ins like third-party traffic control, manual clicks and impression moderation, runtime verification, etc. Thanks to this, all paid traffic, bots, and fraud impressions are removed, and advertisers only pay for quality impressions. 

Regarding payments, Bitmedia offers publishers to withdraw their earnings in Bitcoin or fiat cash. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0001 BTC. 

Pros: Good support, Excellent user interface, Quality traffic thanks to an advanced algorithm

Cons: Only crypto-websites are allowed

4. EZmob: Best Crypto Mobile Ad Network

  • Website: https://ezmob.com/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 940K+ traffic
  • Popular: USA, Germany, Japa, France, Canada

Ezmob is one of the best Mobile Advertising Network For advertisers and publishers as well. EZmob is the best crypto advertisement Network. You can purchase mobile traffic, set up operations utilizing a self-serve interface, and influence the genuine intensity of bidding in real-time. Ezmob is a full package mobile advertising company with both driving edge innovation and profound aptitude in strategy making.

Ezmob allows you to make the right decisions and value your time and efforts. They have Primum publishers and traffic from all over the world, and they can help you to get targeted traffic from over 160 countries.

EZmob has been paying publishers based on CPM, CPC, CPV, and CPI formats. They pay monthly and are always on time, that’s why thousands of publishers and advertisers trust ezmob. This is one of the best ad networks for publishers and advertisers to join


  • Numerous advertisement formats.
  • Bother free Setting up.
  • Quick to respond and sparkling advertisements.
  • Devoted support.
  • Responsive Ads.
  • Real-time statistics
  • Great CPM.
  • Work without disturbing your current existing Ad Networks.


  • They don’t cover blog sites and its administrations are restricted to mobile applications.

5. Lolli

  • Website: https://www.lolli.com/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 200K+ traffic
  • Popular: USA, Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia, Korea

Lolli is a company that advertises by saying they have reinvented shopping and advertising. They are one of the best crypto ad networks available.

They’re trying to change the way brands and customers interact using blockchain technology.

Lolly is a new social media platform that is looking to revolutionize the way that users interact with brands. It enables users to follow their favorite brands, informing them whenever a coupon, discount, or sale is available. Lolly coins – which is where the blockchain comes into the equation – allow users to serve as they add more personal information and interact more frequently with the platform.

In return for their loyalty, users are rewarded with coins that can be used to purchase discounts and coupons from the brands they follow. Additionally, the more active a user is on the platform, the more coins they will earn. As a result, Lolly provides an incentive for users to remain engaged with the brands they love.


  • Available on tons of top brands
  • Easy to add to your browser
  • More stores being added constantly
  • You can earn up to 27% back in Bitcoin on your online purchases
  • Works at over 1000 stores


  • Payouts can be a slow process
  • Withdrawal minimum

6. Cointraffic.io – Leading Bitcoin Advertising Network

  • Website: https://cointraffic.io/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 140K+ traffic
  • Popular: Indonesia, Brazil, Ukraine, Turkey, India

Cointraffic can play an important role in cases of both cryptos and fiat, which can suit everyone’s requirements based on the accounting front. Here the advertisers are usually able to pay€500minimumdepositwith a minimum per day budget of €20, which also expresses that in the case of any website owning a person can be sure that all the ads are rolling in as well as the advertisers are also serious about their products.

Cointraffic has almost a weak geo-restriction in place. Unfortunately, we can also take in the sense of Bitcoin advertisements that can usually show up on your website and cannot be co-related without readers. This might lead in the sense of any negative experience for the sake of readers, but in the sense in which they can offer a CPM plan, a client will still get paid. The webmaster’s payout can be taken as strictly dependent on the availability or presence of a CPM floor.

  • Pros: Platform is quick and easy to use, Support is excellent, Advertisers are on screen
  • Cons: You may have to wait a while for your website to be reviewed

7. AdBit

  • Website: https://adbit.biz/
  • Traffic & Engagement/Month: 40K+ traffic
  • Popular: Russia, Iran, Ukraine, India, Venezuela

AdBit is part of the BitRush network, and it works using a payment per day system. It is similar to Google AdSense in that advertisers are willing to share inventory on their website.

The higher the bid, the higher the participation of a particular advertiser, and the more you can earn.

The only ad format option is a caption, although it can be text, image, or interactive media, depending on the specific ad.

One of the advantages of AdBit is that payments are made to your account in real-time with each impression or click on the ad it receives. As with many crypto ad networks, there is a minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC.

One area where AdBit can be improved is its support, which can be slow. However, it is a reliable option that has the potential to offer a decent return.

  • Pros: Payments are made in real-time
  • Cons: Relatively small, Few ad formats, Customer support can be a bit slow


Cryptocurrency ad networks specialize in promoting ads related to Bitcoin and other fiat currencies on relevant websites. It’s another way to earn extra income from your website.

There are several networks to choose from, some are easier to join, and others are more economical or offer better customer support.

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What are Crypto Ad Networks | Top 7 Crypto Ad Networks

NFT Project Marketing: Solutions to reach the right audience

One needs to effectively plan the marketing strategies to promote the NFTs to the next level. It captures the audience in the best way that makes them want to trade on your platform. Many companies offer the NFT Project marketing service so as to make the tokens reach the maximum audience.

NFT Project marketing solutions:

Marketing is a promotion process of your business products when reaching the right audience will make your project highly profitable.

NFT marketing solutions are not only focussing on one direction but rather reaching all the directions for effective trading of tokens. The only way to survive in this competitive world is to establish an unique marketing solution. 

Reasons why marketing is essential:

  • An effective way of communication: Marketing can be considered as an effective tool for communicating with your customers, where one easily delivers the significant unique benefits of their particular NFTs.
  • Helps to build a strong relationship with customers: Business needs to build a strong relationship with customers so that they trust the project completely. One needs to make sure to retain loyal customers as they use the NFT platform often.
  • A communication channel: Marketing serves the best communication channel, where one can describe the special features of their tokens. 

What are the ways of NFT Project marketing:

  • Email marketing
  • Blog & article writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Telegram promotion
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid advertising
  • Video creation/marketing
  • Community management

One needs to carefully select the best NFT marketing solution so as to successfully launch and sell the tokens. Are you looking for the best marketing company? Then you should select the Blockchain App Factory We have extensive knowledge in the marketing strategy that makes the best deal with the tokens. The investors can get the best marketing strategy from our company. Reach us to make use of the best marketing plan today.

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NFT Project Marketing: Solutions to reach the right audience
Buana Sari

Buana Sari


Unique opportunity for mobile operators to uplift ARPU

moLotus revolutionizes the way you upsell, cross-sell, monetize subscriber data, manage customer lifecycle, optimize costs, retain loyal customers, maximize ROI and achieve quick revenue generation. Connect with us today to explore how we can work together to help you. To know more, visit https://www.molotus.com/ #digitaladvertising #directmarketing #marketing #Mobileadvertising #mobilevideoadvertising #MobileVideoCustomerInteractionPlatform #mobileadvertisingcompany #mobileleadgeneration #telecom #telecommunication #telcos #mobileadsandvideoadsplatform #bestadvertisingplatformfortelcos #bestmobilemarketingplatform #mobilevideomarketingservices #mobileleadgenerationplatform #mobilevideoadvertisementplatform

Unique opportunity for mobile operators to uplift ARPU
Dylan  Iqbal

Dylan Iqbal


SEO 2022: Learn Search Engine Optimization (PDF Book for FREE Download)

Download This PDF Book: SEO 2022: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies by Adam Clarke, for free

Learn SEO and rank at the top of Google with SEO 2022—beginner to advanced!

Newest edition - EXPANDED & UPDATED NOVEMBER 2021

No matter your background, SEO 2022 will walk you through search engine optimization techniques used to grow countless websites online, exact steps to rank high in Google, and how get a ton of customers.

In this SEO book you will find:

1. SEO explained in simple language, beginner to advanced.
2. The inner workings of Google’s algorithm and how it calculates the search results.
3. How to find “money” keywords that will send customers to your site.
4. Sneaky tricks to get local businesses ranking high with local SEO.
5. How to get featured in the mainstream news, for free.
6. Three sources to get expert SEO and Internet marketing advice worth thousands of dollars for free.
7. A simple step-by-step checklist and video tutorials, exclusive for readers.

Now, let me tell you a few SEO marketing secrets in this book...

1. Most search engine optimization advice online is wrong!

If you've browsed through search engine optimization advice online, you may have noticed two things:

- Most SEO advice is outdated or just dead-wrong.
- Google's constant updates have made many popular SEO optimization strategies useless. Why is this so?...

2. Google is constantly changing and evolving.

Some recent changes:

1. July 2021 - Google makes major changes to how search results are calculated, with important new guidelines for businesses and website owners, with the "July 2021 Core Update".
2. July 2021 - Google releases a major "Link Spam Update", with thousands of websites effectively losing their backlinks by having them "nullified".
3. June 2021 - Google starts rolling out the "Page Experience Update", including new factors in Google's search algorithm and new recommendations for all website owners.

SEO 2022 covers these latest updates to Google's algorithm and how to use them to your advantage. This book also reveals changes coming up in 2022.

3. How to sidestep search engine updates and use them to rank higher.

Contrary to Internet marketing gossip, problems caused by Google updates are rarely irrecoverable, in fact, you can use them to rank higher—but you need the right knowledge. This book reveals:

- Recent Google updates—Google's Cookieless Tracking Update coming up in 2022, July 2021 Core Update, July 2021 Link Spam Update, Core Web Vitals Update in June 2021, and more...
- New changes coming in 2022.
- How to safeguard against changes in 2021 and beyond.
- How to recover from Google penalties.

4. Learn powerful link building techniques experts use to get top rankings

Link building is the strongest factor for ranking high in Google. Unfortunately, most widely-used methods suck! This chapter walks you through new powerful techniques that won't get you in hot-water with Google. Now updated with more link building strategies, and extra tips for advanced readers.

5. And read the special bonus chapter on pay-per-click advertising.

In this special bonus chapter, learn to quickly setup pay-per-click advertising campaigns with Google Ads, and send more customers to your site overnight, literally. With this SEO book, learn SEO from a fundamental level, achieve top rankings, and generate a wave of new customers to your site.

SEO 2022 Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies: Learn SEO with smart internet marketing strategies by Adam Clarke




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SEO 2022: Learn Search Engine Optimization (PDF Book for FREE Download)
Buana Sari

Buana Sari


A game-changing opportunity to improve business performance via moLotu

Striving for better customer retention, improved customer lifetime value and ARPU increase? It is the right time for you to embrace the right marketing platform - moLotus and achieve all your marketing goals quickly and seamlessly.

Novosol is a multinational mobile technology company that offers moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform serving brands and telcos to achieve extraordinary success by transforming and automating their customer relationship processes.

Innovate, hyper personalize, interact, automate, integrate your rich media mobile advertising campaigns via moLotus. The platform is supported with powerful analytics and crisp reporting. Revolutionize the way you manage customer lifecycle, optimize costs, enhance ARPU, maximize ROI, earn more profits and achieve quick revenue generation. Connect with us today to explore how moLotus can help you in achieving your business goals. To know more, visit https://www.novosol.biz/  

#marketing #Mobileadvertising #mobilevideoadvertising #MobileVideoCustomerInteractionPlatform #mobileadvertisingcompany #mobileleadgeneration #telecom

A game-changing opportunity to improve business performance via moLotu
Buana Sari

Buana Sari


New Opportunity for Telcos to Transform via moLotus

Telcos are using this unique platform to deliver value to subscribers through mobile customer onboarding, mobile document submission, mobile loyalty cards, renewals & reminders and much more. moLotus is offering high ARPU, enhanced CLVM, agility, cost efficiency, high revenues, instant conversions, automation, digital asset management and more to the global operators. To know more, visit https://www.novosol.biz/
#AdvertisingPlatform #MarketingPlatform #MobileMarketing #digitaladvertising #directmarketing #marketing #Mobileadvertising #mobilevideoadvertising #MobileVideoCustomerInteractionPlatform #mobileadvertisingcompany #mobileleadgeneration #telecom

New Opportunity for Telcos to Transform via moLotus
Gunjan  Khaitan

Gunjan Khaitan


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tutorial for Beginners - Full Course

SEM Full Course for 2022 | Search Engine Marketing full Course | SEM Beginners Tutorial 

In this video on Search Engine Marketing full Course, we'll be covering a number of topics on how someone can make use of platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram for advertising and growing their business. We will cover all the concepts of digital advertising along with hands-on demos.

Why learn Digital Marketing?

Businesses and recruiters prefer marketing professionals with genuine knowledge, skills, and experience verified by a certification that is accepted across industries. Continuous learning for any working professional is not only important for keeping themselves up to date with the current market trends, but it also helps them expand their array of skill sets and become more flexible in the workplace.

What skills will you learn from this Digital Marketing course?
This course will enable you to:
1. Gain an in-depth understanding of the various digital marketing disciplines: search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), website conversion rate optimization, web analytics, content marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, programmatic buying, marketing automation, and digital marketing strategy
2. Master digital marketing execution tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising, and YouTube Marketing
3. Become a virtual digital marketing manager for an e-commerce company with Mimic Pro simulations included in our course. Practice SEO, SEM, Website Conversion Rate Optimization, email marketing, and more.
4. Gain real-life experience by completing projects using Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, and YouTube Marketing
5 Create the right marketing messages tailored for the right audiences
6. Prepare for top digital marketing certification exams such as OMCA, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, and YouTube Marketing certifications

Who should take this Digital Marketing course?
Anyone who is looking to further his or her career in digital marketing should take this course, especially those seeking leadership positions. Any of these roles can benefit from the Digital Marketing Specialist training:
1. Marketing Managers
2. Digital Marketing Specialists
3. Marketing or Sales Professionals
4. Management, Engineering, Business, or Communication Graduates
5. Entrepreneurs or Business Owners
6. Marketing Consultant

#sem #seo #marketing #developer #morioh 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Tutorial for Beginners - Full Course
Buana Sari

Buana Sari


Transform how you advertise with moLotus!

Your advertising and marketing efforts need a boost? The turnaround is possible via moLotus - the truly interactive mobile advertising platform ensuring your reach to customers’ mobile inbox via innovative ads irrespective of phone type or model – 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G smartphones, i-phones and feature phones. No app, no data charges & absolutely no spamming.
Big Brands are tailoring ad campaigns via moLotus to build brand awareness, drive consideration, generate conversions, APRU enhancement, better CLVM and immediate high margin revenues. Connect with us today to know how moLotus is going to help your brand. To know more, visit https://www.novosol.biz/
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Transform how you advertise with moLotus!














  1. あなたのターゲット市場:あなたは誰をターゲットにしていて、彼らはどんなニーズや欲求を持っていますか?
  2. あなたの会社をユニークにしているのは何ですか:あなたの強みは何ですか、そしてどのようにそれらを利用することができますか?
  3. あなたとビジネスを行うことの利点:他の場所では見つけることができない顧客にどのような価値を提供しますか?
  4. USPをどのように伝えますか:デジタルマーケティングまたは物理的な販促素材でメッセージを伝えるためにどのような資料またはスローガンを使用しますか?











  1. ターゲット市場を定義します。ターゲット顧客が探しているメリットを見つけてください。
  2. あなたの製品やサービスがユニークである理由を特定します。あなたの競争、彼らが提供しているもの、あなたの提供がどのように異なるか、そしてどのマーケティングメッセージが他のブランドのために働いているかを特定してください。
  3. USPを配置して、メリットを強調します。あなたとビジネスを行うことの利点を強調します。ターゲット顧客にアピールする方法で。
  4. USPを明確かつ簡潔にします。短く、甘く、要領を得てください。
  5. USPをテストして修正します。それが機能していることを確認し、必要に応じて繰り返すか、新しいアイデアをテストします。
  6. 独自の販売提案を宣伝します。何があなたを違うものにするのかについて、そこに知らせてください。













  • サイトをカスタマイズするためのWordPressエキスパートを探している中小企業のオーナー。
  • 製品やサービスをすばやくオンラインにする必要があるスタートアップ。
  • オンラインでの存在感を高めたい企業。
  • 問題のあるエンゲージメントの後に現在のWebサイト(およびその開発者)を置き換える必要がある組織。













  • あなたの主な競争相手は誰ですか?
  • 彼らはどのようなサービスや製品を提供していますか?
  • 彼らのUSPは何ですか?
  • 動作していますか?人々はそれらについてどう思いますか?(これは、オンラインレビュー、ソーシャルメディア、およびフォーラムで確認できます)






  1. 提供する主なメリットまたは主な差別化要因を特定します。あなたを際立たせる1つまたは2つの重要な差別化要因を選択してください。いくつかのオプションを見つけたかもしれませんが、どのバリュープロポジションが最も魅力的でターゲット市場のニーズに最も適しているかを判断する必要があります。これは、特定の問題、新機能または独自の機能、または無敵の価格に対する解決策になる可能性があります。
  2. シンプルで要領を得た方法でそれを伝えます。調査中に特定されたすべてのメリットや差別化要因を詰め込もうとしないでください。理想的なユニークセリングプロポジションは一文に収まります。ノイズをカットして注目を集めるフォーカシングツールです。
  3. メッセージングがターゲット市場に関連していることを確認してください。すべての人にアピールしようとしないでください。それは不可能であり、当たり障りのないメッセージにつながります。次にこれを改良しますが、最初からターゲット市場の言語を話すときにコピーが最適に機能します。
  4. あなたをユニークにするものに焦点を当てます。競合他社と一線を画す差別化要因を覚えていますか?ここで彼らが活躍します。







  1. あなたとビジネスを行うことの利点を強調します。機能に焦点を当てないでください。顧客にとって何が含まれていますか?
  2. 具体的に。「私たちは最高です」や「私たちは最も安い」などの漠然とした発言は、それを削減するつもりはありません。何が違うのか、なぜ顧客が気にかけるべきなのかを具体的に説明する必要があります。
  3. 冒とく的な言葉と冒とく的な画像を使用します。混雑した市場で注目を集めるのに数秒かかります。感情的な言葉を使って、メッセージを実際に伝えましょう。
  4. USPを簡単に理解できるようにします。パンチの効いたシンプルでわかりやすい言葉を使用してください。メリットは、見込み客にすぐに明らかになるはずです。抽象的、文学的、慣用的な表現に頼って簡潔なUSPを達成しないでください。
  5. 信じられるようにしてください。あなたがとてつもない、または実現不可能な主張をした場合、顧客はあなたを信じようとはしません。USPで正直かつ現実的になります。
  6. 証拠でそれをサポートします。事実、データ、または周囲のコピーの証言を使用してUSPをバックアップできれば、競合他社とは本当に違うと顧客が確信できるようになります。






  • USPを思い出に残るタグラインまたはスローガンと考えてください。USPとタグラインは別々のエンティティですが、USPから作成するのはどれほど難しいでしょうか。
  • 能動態を使用します。 能動態はより直接的です。つまり、理解するための思考が少なくて済みます。受動態はまた、より複雑な言語を必要とする傾向があるため、これは不要な単語を簡単に排除する方法になります。
  • USPから修飾子(「ほぼ」、「より良い」など)を削除して、可能な限り強力で自信を持ってください。
  • 失うものではなく、製品やサービスを使用することで得られるものを視聴者に伝える前向きな言葉を使用します。
  • ユニークにします。ブランドのポジショニングが、業界の誰もが使用する言語を使用して差別化要因を伝える場合、それは明確でも記憶に残るものでもありません。


















広告とウェブサイトでUSPのさまざまなバージョンを試して、どれが最高のパフォーマンスを発揮するかを確認してください。A / Bテストは、メッセージを微調整し、視聴者の共感を呼ぶための優れた方法です。
















  • ユニーク:他の人のようになろうとしないでください。群衆から目立ち、創造的になりましょう。
  • 簡潔:短くて甘く、外側は10〜15語以内にします。
  • 関連性:タグラインが商品やブランドを捉えていることを確認してください。
  • エネルギッシュ:人々の注意を引くために、力強く活発な言葉を使用します。





















  • 利益重視:優れたUSPは利益重視である必要があります。それはあなたの製品やサービスがそれが何であるかだけでなく、顧客のために何ができるかを明確にするべきです。
  • シンプル、明確、簡潔、一貫性: USPをシンプルで理解しやすいものにしてください。これは、複雑な言語で創造性を発揮するときではありません。顧客が提供するものを簡単に思い出せるようにする必要があります。
  • ユニークで差別化可能: USPが競合他社のものと異なることを確認してください。そうでなければ、群衆から目立つのを助けるのにあまり効果的ではありません。
  • 本物: USPが本物であることを確認してください。つまり、それは本当に提供できるものです。長期的には評判を損なうだけなので、守れない約束をする意味はありません。
  • ポジティブでインパクトがあり、記憶に残る: USPは、顧客にポジティブな印象を残し、覚えやすいものにしたいと考えています。




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