Apache Maven is a build automation and project management tool used primarily for Java projects.

A practical of applying Java Modules in a Hexagonal Architecture

A practical of applying Java Modules in a Hexagonal Architecture. We'll discuss the APIs provided by Java that can help us understand the several aspects related to Java heap space.

How to Install and Configure Gradle

How to Install and Configure Gradle - What is Gradle? Gradle is a high-performance open-source build automation tool that makes it possible to build just about any type of software. It is

How to Install and Configure Apache Maven on Ubuntu 18.04

What is Apache Maven? Apache Maven is one of the most popular build management tools for Java projects. It employs a Project Object Model or POM utilizing

[小ネタ] GitHub Pagesを使ってMavenの簡易的なリポジトリを作ってみた

はじめに Javaのプロジェクトで使われるビルドツールであるMavenのリポジトリについて調べる機会がありました。 その際、GitHub Pagesを使ってリポジトリを作れることがわかったので、試してみました。

How to Configure an MRJAR File using Maven

Learn how to configure an MRJAR file using Maven. Learn about Maven's support for multi-release JAR files. Java 9 brings us is the capability to build Multi-Release JARs (MRJAR). As the JDK Enhancement Proposal says, this allows us to have different Java release-specific versions of a class in the same JAR.

Maven Tutorial For Selenium Test Automation

Maven Tutorial For Selenium Test Automation . Maven plays a crucial role in managing project lifecycle and dependency. In this Selenium Maven tutorial, learn how to install, setup, and create projects in Maven.

How to Install Apache Maven on Ubuntu 20.04

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Apache Maven on Ubuntu 20.04. Using the 3 easy steps you can install Maven on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop.

What Is Maven And How It Works? | Maven Tutorial For Beginners

What Is Maven And How It Works? | Maven Tutorial For Beginners will help you understand the basics of Maven, and all the critical terms needed to have a clearer picture of this DevOps tool. Help you understand the need for Maven today and what exactly Maven does. Towards the end, we shall also see different companies that use Maven today.

How to Create a Maven Plugin

Learn more about how to create a Maven plugin.

How to Insert Volley using Android Studio

In this article, we will learn how to perform CRUD in Volley using Android Studio

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In this article, we discuss how to pack Angular 8 apps on war files to make the application compatible with NetBeans, IntelliJ, Eclipse

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In this tutorial, you'll learn the basics of the Gradle build system. You saw that Gradle is super flexible and customizable and can be used with a Groovy DSL or Kotlin DSL

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In this article, we will explore the steps used to build a web application using Spring Boot with Angular and Maven and then launch it on a Tomcat Server.

JPA with Eclipse and MySQL: Using Java Configuration

In this tutorial, we learn more about the Java Persistence API and how to effectively configure it with EclipseLink and MySQL.

Top 10 Essential Tools Every Java Developers Should Know

Top 10 Essential Tools Every Java Developers Should Know. A developer is only as good as their tools.

Error: Could not find or load main class - .jar file execution

I've been digging and digging trying everything I can to resolve this but nothing seems to be working. I just installed Intellij IDEA on my machine and created a new maven project. I am simply attempting to execute a hello world program to verify everything is setup correctly. However, something is not right.

Hadoop Library is imported but cannot set the “get” method in FyleSystem

I'm trying to setting up a call to HDFS to get a file from it using FileSystem to do so:

log4j2-slf4j-impl duplicate dependencies

I have a Maven project where I would like to use log4j2 with slf4j. So I add this dependency:

Spring boot with maven multi modules not working

I'm trying to create,parent pom which will hold all the child spring boot modules, But when i build parent pom, I'm getting the below error.

Maven shade plugin relocate file to main folder

I am using maven-shade-plugin version 3.2.1 to include/exclude some classes. I am trying to relocate files inside a folder to main folder in a jar.