Mean,Median and Mode — Data Science

In this blog we will learn about Mean, Median, Mode. We will understand these three topics through this data.

Best way to Impute categorical data using Groupby 

We know that we can replace the nan values with mean or median using fillna(). What if the NAN data is correlated to another categorical column?

Statistical Measures of Central Tendency

With use cases of mean, median and mode. In statistics, measures of central tendency are a set of “middle” values representative of the data points.

The Most Ignored “Regression” — 0 Independent Variables

A tutorial on linear regression typically starts with some dependent variable “y” and one independent variable “x”. This is usually followed.

Statistics: Mean / Median /Mode/ Variance /Standard Deviation

Mean / Median /Mode/ Variance /Standard Deviation are all very basic but very important concept of statistics used in data science.

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