Applying Dark Mode in your webpages

Want to be able to change the appearance of your webpage based on the user's OS preference for Dark Mode or Light Mode? The next 5 minutes will explain how y...

Adding Responsive Site Design

Want to retroactively add responsiveness to an existing app? Here’s 6 tips to get you started. While it's easier (and better practice) to design and style your app for various screen sizes from the beginning, it IS possible to add responsive ...

Sass is a stylesheet language that’s compiled to CSS

Sass is a stylesheet language that’s compiled to CSS. It allows you to use variables, nested rules, mixins, functions, and more, all with a fully CSS-compatible syntax. Sass helps keep large stylesheets well-organized and makes it easy to share design within and across projects.

Modifying a Project to Become Responsive With Media Queries

Learn how to take a non-responsive web app, and turn it into something worth opening across a multitude of devices!