Caching.jl: Memoization Mechanism


Memory and disk memoizer written in Julia.


The installation can be done through the usual channels (manually by cloning the repository or installing it through the julia REPL).

Reporting Bugs

Please file an issue to report a bug or request a feature.




For other caching solutions, check out also LRUCache.jl, Memoize.jl and Anamnesis.jl

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Author: zgornel
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License: MIT license

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Caching.jl: Memoization Mechanism

Memoization and How to Memoize Functions

Memoization is an optimization technique that can be used to reduce time-consuming calculations by saving previous input to something called cache and returning the result from it.

Memoization and how to memoize functions are concepts that can be applied to Javascript and many programming languages. In this Javascript Memoization tutorial you will learn how to memoize functions and combine memoization with other JS concepts like closure.

#memoization #memoize #javascript 

Memoization and How to Memoize Functions