How AI Voice Assistants Can Revolutionize Health

AI voice assistants can transform speech into a vital sign, enabling early detection and predictions of oncoming conditions. Similar to how temperature is an indicator of fever, vocal biomarkers can provide us with a more complete picture of our health.

How I became a Software Developer during the pandemic without a degree or a bootcamp

Leverage your previous experience, whether you are changing career or you worked in the service sector put it in your resume and mention it during your interviews, even if not technical previous occupations prove other important skills like being able to handle clients or interact with colleagues.

How to Engineer Artistic Catharsis

Learn to complete your work rather than wait for it to be perfect. How is catharsis incorporated into artistic content and artistic production? Traditionally, catharsis is defined as the emotional discharge that accompanies the ...

How AI Voice Assistants Can Revolutionize Health

How AI Voice Assistants Can Revolutionize Health. Siri, Alexa, Google and the future of voice and health technology

How to Start the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Taking steps to complete happiness is a road less traveled; however, The roads with less traffic tend to lead to the most beautiful places.

How AI Voice Assistants Can Revolutionize Health

How AI Voice Assistants Can Revolutionize Health. Siri, Alexa, Google and the future of voice and health technology

What I Learned From the Last Five Years of Writing

An essay about the lessons and the expeditions I found myself experiencing over the last five years as both a man and a writer. Konstantin Stanislavski — the Russian theatre practitioner and one of the leading theater directors of his generation — once said, “Love art in yourself, not yourself in art.”

Tech Addiction and Smartphone Dependency: Latest Science and Statistics

How do we choose to have our new and rapidly evolving tools and capabilities impact our lives as individuals, organizations and as a global society? In order to make a smart choice, it is imperative that we have a good understanding of the impact digital technology already has or can have on our lives.

This Is Your Brain On ADHD

ADHD is more common than ever, and nobody knows why. In 1997–1998, 6.1% of under-18s were diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

The Fight Over Free Will

There is still no peace in the war over free will. Philosophers and scientists regularly talk past each other, and it can be difficult to know exactly what someone means when they say “free will is an illusion!” or “free will is real!”.

How to Give Your Voice Depth & Why it Matters

Although, these proportions tend to change over the years because the jury is still out on this one; it is too simplistic to explain such a complex matrix but it did provide a nice framework for life coaches everywhere.

How to Build Meaningful Relationships in a Disconnected World

This is the age of information — where dissemination is rapid and accessibility is right at our fingertips. Communication has been made easier and possible with just a few taps on our smartphones.

6 Networking Tips for Those Who Are Anxious as Hell

If you’re as anxious as me when it comes to networking, you’re gonna need these tips.Do you know what I’m not looking forward to coming back when we return to (almost) normal?

Data Science and Disability: Enhancing Care With Innovation

Data science has presented new possibilities for greater independence, improved care, and better outcomes for people with disabilities. Here are some examples of this kind of innovation.

I Chatted With a Therapy Bot to Ease My Covid Fears. It Was Bizarre.

Makers of therapy bots say they can help manage the ‘tsunami’ of latent mental illness emerging with the stress of the pandemic and unemployment. But are they ready?

Can Social Platforms Detect Mental Illness Using Deep Learning Models?

Can Social Platforms Prevent Mental Illnesses Using Deep Learning? Recent university research out of Korea suggests that they can. But should they?

4 Lies You Need to Stop Believing About Your Ability to Learn

What you need to know about FFTs, vulnerability, and new things. Many a person has set out to learn something new — with little success.

We need to break the rules to reduce suicide

UX and Behavioural Economics principles can be turned on their heads to discourage dangerous behaviours

Deep Learning’s Rapid Progress Leads Us to Feel Overwhelmed

Publicly available resources make deep learning accessible to anyone. But the vast amount of it leads us to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, you should learn slower and focus just one resource only.

How COVID-19 Affected My Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Inspecting our personal data can uncover many different ways COVID-19 has affected our wellbeing. Here are a few findings from looking at…