Observe and Measure the Availability of Kubernetes Applications

Observe and Measure the Availability of Kubernetes Applications. The goal being to help organizations to define Service Level Objectives (SLO) and/or Service Level Agreements (SLA) while be able to track them through factual KPIs.

Performance Considerations for an Enterprise Application

I would like to write a series of performance optimization techniques that help to design the best performant enterprise applications.

Microservice and Serverless With Micronaut + GraalVM

Micronaut is creating a buzz around cloud-native application development due to its enriched features and optimizations based out of modern Polyglot JVM.

GraalVM — Byte Code to Bit Code

Modern Microservices Framework - GraalVM & Micronauts — takes MicroServices to Native , Serverless to 2.x .

How To Develop And Deploy Micro-Frontends Using Single-Spa Framework

In this article, we're going to develop an app composed of micro-frontends using single-spa and deploy it to Heroku. We'll set up continuous integration using Travis CI. Each CI pipeline will bundle the JavaScript for a micro-frontend app and then upload the resulting build artifacts to AWS S3.

The Service Mesh in the Microservices World - DZone Microservices

In this article, take a look at the service mesh in the microservices world. The software industry has come a long journey and throughout this journey, Software Architecture has evolved a lot. Starting with 1-tier (Single-node), 2-tier (Client/ Server), 3-tier, and Distributed are some of the Software Architectural patterns we saw in this journey.

Create an API Gateway with Load Balancer Using Java

Java, API Gateway, Load balancer, Rest API, microservice architecture, sample of microservice architecture, simple API gateway, Netflix Eureka naming server.

Distributed Saga and Resiliency of Microservices

Sagas are typically used for modeling long-lived transactions like those involved in workflows. It is not advisable to use two-phase transaction protocols to control long-lived transactions since the locking of resources for prolonged durations across trust boundaries is not practical, rather is not at all advisable.

Testing Microservices Applications

In this article, look at different ways to test microservices and how you can have a suitable testing strategy to begin with.

The Principles of Planning and Implementing Microservices

See the trees for the forest. Get practical and actionable insights into what you need to know to plan and implement microservices effectively.

Initial Anypoint Runtime Fabric Troubleshooting and Hints

When installing runtime fabric on the server, you need to monitor a few points to be sure that the tools is being deployed with all the required packages.

Microservices for Java EE/Jakarta EE Developers

With this article, our intention is to illustrate that microservices are a valid option for Java/Jakarta EE developers with the help of Payara.

What Is Kubernetes and How Does It Relate to Docker?

What Is Kubernetes and How Does It Relate to Docker? Learn more about the ins and outs of container orchestrator Kubernetes and how it fits in with Docker in a microservices application.

What Is a Microservice Architecture? Why Is It Important Now?

Microservices are growing as the default architectural design pattern. But why has it become such a point of emphasis? Find out here.

The Anatomy of a Microservice, Java at Warp Speed

The Anatomy of a Microservice, Java at Warp Speed . Taking a look at Quarkus build artifacts with initial impressions of runtime performance and memory consumption. Does a native Java application outperform the JVM?

Game of Microservices

This article covers some fundamental aspects of microservices and some of their patterns, including SAGA based design patterns. Microservices a paradigm that is one of the most discussed and debated topic in many phases of application development and delivery.

Microservice, Miniservice, and Macroservice

Are organizations really creating microservices or just a series of smaller applications they like to think fall under the category.

SOA Governance to API Management — A Pragmatic Approach

SOA Governance is not API Management. But it is making a comeback through microservices, this time along with API Management.

Security Best Practices for REST APIs

In the modern era, REST APIs become an integral part of the applications. Check out some of the best practices for securing APIs.

Explaining Microservices and Service Mesh with Istio

Learn more about the benefits and components of service mesh when used with microservices, and take a deep dive into Istio.