Most Influential IT Trends for 2021 on Ensuring Business Success

Learn how to build your project with most Influential IT trends for 2021 on ensuring business success. New and emerging technologies, as well as the tech solutions that are tried and tested, shape the future of companies operating in every industry in the world.

A Quick and Practical Example of Kafka Testing

In this tutorial, we learn some of the fundamental aspects of Kafka testing in a declarative way and how to test microservices involving both Kafka and REST.

Microservice and Serverless With Micronaut + GraalVM

Micronaut is creating a buzz around cloud-native application development due to its enriched features and optimizations based out of modern Polyglot JVM.

The Service Mesh in the Microservices World - DZone Microservices

In this article, take a look at the service mesh in the microservices world. The software industry has come a long journey and throughout this journey, Software Architecture has evolved a lot. Starting with 1-tier (Single-node), 2-tier (Client/ Server), 3-tier, and Distributed are some of the Software Architectural patterns we saw in this journey.

Testing Microservices Applications

In this article, look at different ways to test microservices and how you can have a suitable testing strategy to begin with.

Game of Microservices

This article covers some fundamental aspects of microservices and some of their patterns, including SAGA based design patterns. Microservices a paradigm that is one of the most discussed and debated topic in many phases of application development and delivery.

An Overview of Health Check Patterns

In this article, I'm going to go through each type of health check and investigate what kind of issues can be resolved with each of them. Many developers have some existing health check mechanisms implemented, especially nowadays, in the "microservices era" of backend development. I really hope that you also do