Building a Microservice in Perl (Part 1): Designing the API

Building a Microservice in Perl (Part 1): Designing the API - A brief description of microservices, then jumping into defining one with OpenAPI for building with Perl and Mojolicious.

How to Make Microservices Communicate

In this article, you will learn how to make Microservices Communicate. A discussion of the various microservices architectures, such as the brokerless and messaging bus designs, and how they are used to make microservices talk.

The Service Mesh in the Microservices World - DZone Microservices

In this article, take a look at the service mesh in the microservices world. The software industry has come a long journey and throughout this journey, Software Architecture has evolved a lot. Starting with 1-tier (Single-node), 2-tier (Client/ Server), 3-tier, and Distributed are some of the Software Architectural patterns we saw in this journey.

Sign Off the Chip (ASIC) Design Challenges and Solutions at Cutting Edge Technology

Take a look at some timing closure, pdv closure, testing, and packaging challenges and techniques, which can be used to sign off the design in an efficient way.