Microservices are a software development technique—a variant of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services

Distributed Request Logging in Golang with Context API

This article presents a simple HTTP pipeline in Golang, paired with a request-id shared between all services. Distributed Request Logging in Go with Context API

Understanding Aggregates in Domain-Driven Design

The main issue is: how should we represent every conceivable relationship possible in our object model? In domain driven design, a domain model’s structure is composed of entities and value objects that represent concepts in the problem domain. But, handling associations between domain objects is the main reason for complexity and confusion. If you've ever worked on large applications, you should see lots of complex domain objects.

Commands and Events in a Distributed System

Understanding the difference between the two will make it far easier to design your microservices. As we build out the components in our distributed systems, we can find ourselves bombarded with seemingly unique use cases. Each one can seem like a new problem that needs to be individually analyzed and debated before it can be solved.

Microservices Implementation: Software Stacks and Concepts

This article on microservices explains which tools and software stacks can be used to resolve specific microservices implementation concerns. Microservices Implementation: Software Stacks and Concepts

MuleSoft (Event-Based Process) With Enhanced Execution Engine - DZone Microservices

To opt benefits of asynchronous processes, MuleSoft has introduced thread management which has no dependency on the configuration.

10 Challenges and Solutions for Microservices — Tips and Tricks

The ten major challenges of microservices being addressed by IT companies and open source communities include implementing DevOps support, monitoring, and more.

Microservices vs. Monoliths: An Operational Comparison

Since microservices need to be independent of one another there will often be code duplication. A single call in a microservice architecture can hit multiple services. These can be on different servers or even in different geographic locations. In a monolith, logging is as simple as viewing a single log-file.

Two Ways to Dockerize Spring Boot Applications

This article looks at two common options for Dockerizing Spring Boot applications. We will use a simple REST application as a running example.

How to Deploy MicroServices via Ansible in Cloud Platform

Learn how to Deploy MicroServices via Ansible in Cloud Platform. You'll understand how Ansible orchestrates Docker containers at least for a dev environment. Ansible orchestrates Docker containers at least for a dev environment with Automating Infra with Ansible

Event-Driven Architecture as a Strategy

Event-Driven Architecture as a Strategy. A deep dive into EDA and how you can implement it in your stack.

Microservices Orchestration Tools

Playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLT5Jhb7lgSBPe8gEcbT65pPtX5L0UNTSM Full Stack App https://github.com/tkssharma/fullstack-apps-for-beginners Fu...

Jakarta Security Et REST Dans Le Cloud Partie 1 : Hello World De La Sécurité

Bien qu'elle soit un aspect essentiel, la sécurité est un sujet peu discuté dans l'industrie du développement logiciel. En conséquence, de nombreuses décisions sont prises sans tenir compte de cette question. Il s'agit d'une série d'articles qui parleront de la sécurité dans le monde Jakarta EE avec Jakarta Security avec des microservices dans le cloud.

Microservices Orchestration Tools | Microservices | Podcast

Full playlist nodejs microservices https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIGDNOJWiL1_-i0DjC69qr4gRUOkpTvRQ Full Stack Development Playlist https://www.youtu...

Building Go Services with Domain Driven Design (DDD) Approach

We will review Domain Driven Design briefly, and concentrate on how to apply that approach to building microservices in Go. My focus will be on providing an array of best practices to allow the developer to build microservices that are easy to extend and maintain.

How to use AWS: SNS and SQS

An intro example to using AWS SNS and SQS

The Concept of Domain-Driven Design Explained

Microservices are completely disrupting the way we build applications nowadays. This is one of the hottest trends when it comes

The Concept of Domain-Driven Design Explained

Using microservices means creating applications from loosely coupling services. The application consists of several small services, each representing a separate

Consuming Microservices - Ian Cooper

Don't forget to check out our links below! https://ndcporto.com/ https://ndcconferences.com/ So you went from a monolith to microservices, and now you need

Handling eventual consistency

Recently I wrote about the challenges of event sourcing and CQRS in this article “What they don’t tell you about event sourcing”.

Introduction to Deno - The Next Level of NodeJS Runtime

Introduction to Deno - The Next Level of NodeJS Runtime. Deno is a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. It is developed by same person, Ryan Dahl who developed NodeJS runtime as well…