Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in Microsoft Edge: A New Experience

PWA is seeing some welcoming improvements in the new Edge browser, and we think this serves as a necessary step for the future.

Watch out Chrome, Microsoft Edge is All set to Have an Edge on you

How to stay unique and still give a hard time to competitors? Well, we can learn something about it from Microsoft. With “Meet Now” (a new video-calling feature of Microsoft Edge), you can begin a video call with almost 50 people.

The Best Web Browsers of 2020

Every day, we turn on our computer and the first thing most of us basically do, is click on that one specific piece of software that has become an integral part of our digital life; and that is, the web browser.

The Most Exciting Part of Microsoft Edge is WebView2

Finally there’s a consistent way to host the Chromium engine in your Windows applications